Insignia Bluetooth speaker is portable and allows you to experience optimal and powerful audio without any interruption. This pleasant speaker may face glitches, bugs, or pairing issues. You might face the same issues, but do not worry because, in this review, you will be shown effortless steps about how to pair up and reset your Insignia Bluetooth speaker. Nowadays, Bluetooth speakers are preferred over cable speakers as they are handy and offer good connectivity.

How to Pair and Reset Insignia Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker integrates a Bluetooth feature that allows you to play your favorite music by pairing it with other audio Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth speakers can accompany you to beaches and parties. The Insignia speaker sounds as good as any indoor speaker. Insignia Bluetooth speakers are both durable and affordable. It also features good battery life and water resistance.

Pairing the Insignia Bluetooth Speaker with an Audio Bluetooth Device

Pairing up your Insignia Bluetooth speaker with an audio device is a straightforward task. Follow these steps to achieve a good result. The first step is to turn on your speakers by pressing the power button and hold the power button for about a second or two. You will know immediately that the speaker has turned on when the blue LED light starts to blink.

At this stage, your Insignia Bluetooth speaker is ready for pairing. Once your speaker is in the pairing mode, the next step is to ensure the distance of your Bluetooth device from the speaker. The suggested distance should be within 33 ft that is 10 meters. Whatever audio device you are using, be it a cell phone, now it is time to turn on the Bluetooth of the audio device, which automatically enters pairing mode.

Next, consult the manual of your audio device that likely comes with the device to seek further information such as Bluetooth compatibility, etc. Moving forward onto the next step, which is the connectivity of the device.  Your Bluetooth of the audio device will show the option of Insignia speaker with the name of NS-SPBTBRICK. Select this option.

If a password is required from you for the access, then enter the code with 0000. Thus, you have paired your Bluetooth device with the Insignia speaker. When your speakers are paired, the LED lights solid blue on the completion of pairing acts as an indication as well.

If you want to disconnect your device from the speaker, press and hold the Bluetooth option or button visible on the insignia speaker. Hold the button for about three seconds, after which you will listen to a beep sound. After disconnection, your Bluetooth device and speaker again go into pairing mode with blue blinking LED light.

How to Reset Insignia Bluetooth Speaker

If you want to sell your Insignia Bluetooth speaker as an open-box item or fix minor bugs, you need to reset it. Resetting your Bluetooth speaker will make it go back to its default as it will remove all the Bluetooth devices that are paired. Follow these simple steps to reset the Insignia Bluetooth speakers.

First, if your Insignia speaker has a built-in voice assistant feature, remove your insignia speaker from the app’s device list, such as the Google Home app. Next, you can factory reset or default by pressing and holding the button of the microphone. Hold the button for about 12 to 15 seconds, after which you will achieve resetting of the speaker.

Once you have reset the speaker, it will reboot. You can also reset the speaker by pressing and holding the previous button and the volume up button simultaneously. Next, hold down the buttons for about 5 to 12 seconds, after which you will hear a warning. The LED light will start to blinks power off the Insignia speaker. Once you turn it back on, your Insignia Bluetooth speaker would have been reset.

Many people make mistakes when resetting the Insignia Bluetooth speaker by pressing and holding the power button rather than the microphone or previous and volume up+ buttons. As a consequence, the speaker is not reset at all. Therefore, ensure that you follow the steps mentioned above keenly to avoid such errors.


If you are having issues connecting with a Bluetooth device, you can do the following things to avoid them in such cases. The first is to minimize the distance between your Bluetooth device and the Insignia speaker. Then, turn your speaker off and turn it back on and reconnect them. If you are asked for a code to grant access, then enter password 0000.

Also, make sure you check the battery life of your speaker and Bluetooth device. If either of them has low battery life, you will have a problem pairing up the devices. So, recharge the battery of the speaker. Finally, ensure that your speaker is not connected to some other device and both the speaker and Bluetooth device have entered into pairing mode.

You need to pay attention to another issue that is compatibility. You are unable to establish a pairing due to a lack of compatibility with the Bluetooth device. If your Bluetooth device supports Bluetooth 4.0 or below, then you are good to go. If your speaker is connected to an AUX cable, then disconnect it and re-enter into pairing mode.

If the option of Insignia speaker with NS-SPBTBRICK does not appear on the screen, then while your speaker is in pairing mode, refresh the list of devices that appear on the Bluetooth list. Shorten the distance between the speaker and the Bluetooth device. These steps will allow you to pair up your speaker with a Bluetooth device.

To Conclude

This was an in-depth review of how you can pair and reset your Insignia Bluetooth speaker to offer you uninterpreted, non-stop music and audio. The resetting of the speaker will store its setting to default. It is pretty helpful If you are interested in selling your Insignia Bluetooth speaker. However, if you are having minor bug issues, resetting will solve the problem, but it will remove all the data that the speaker has saved. If resetting does not help you solve the problem, then you need to seek professional help.

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