The Vizio soundbar is perfect for improving the sound quality of your TV by delivering deep bass and delivering a great home theater experience. It does not take up space and is easy to assemble. If you’re short on space, these soundbars are a great tool to pair with other devices. Do you have a Vizio soundbar at home?

Then it’s important to know how to reset your Vizio soundbar, as it’s an easy way to fix some issues you may be having with your soundbar. The problem you’re having with your soundbar is less serious, but it can be annoying. So let’s see how to reset the soundbar. It’s very simple.

3 Simple Steps To Reset Vizio Soundbar

guide to reset the Vizio soundbar

Before moving on to the first step, please note that factory resetting the Vizio Soundbar is permanent and cannot be undone. This will erase all your custom settings and preferences and reset them to the original factory settings.

First Step: The first step is to turn the Vizio Soundbar sideways. You will see some buttons that control the soundbar. Press and hold the volume up button and the Bluetooth button at the same time for 5 seconds.

Second Step: Press and hold the button and the twelve LEDs on the back of the Vizio Soundbar will start blinking. The twelve LEDs will blink three times.

Third Step: When the LED stops blinking, your Vizio Soundbar will be restored to factory settings. Kudos! You have now successfully reset your Vizio Soundbar.

Another Way To Reset Your Vizio Soundbar

How Do I Reset The Volume On The Vizio Soundbar?

  • Press and hold the power button on the top of the soundbar to reset the Vizio Soundbar volume for a total of 13 seconds.
  • Or press the reset button on the back of the device for 15 seconds.
  • Release the button when you hear the factory Vizio soundbar effect.
  • A small tone is heard after the loud tone.
  • Releasing the button after the second soft tone resets the volume.

How To Troubleshoot The Vizio Soundbar Using The Remote Control

step by step guide to reset Vizio soundbar

All kinds of Vizio soundbars come with remote control. Turn the soundbar on and off, adjust the volume, and change settings here. Anyhow if the soundbar does not respond to the buttons on the remote, then there is a problem with the remote or the soundbar itself.

Nonetheless, the majority of these cases can be resolved promptly and easily by pursuing these few simple steps below.

1. Check The Line Of Sight Between The Remote Control And The Infrared Sensor – The Vizio remote must have a direct line of sight to the soundbar’s ultrasonic sensor. The ultrasonic sensors are the Vizio soundbar’s eyes that detect signals from the remote control. When the IR sensor detects the signal from the remote control, the soundbar will perform the function.

Secure that there are no obstructions on top of the soundbar. Other things can block the remote control signal and cause the soundbar to stop responding to the remote control. Remove any interfering objects.

2. Restart Your Remote – Remove the batteries from the remote control and press each button twice. Since most soundbar remotes only have a few buttons, this takes quite a little time. Then replace the remote control batteries and try again.

3. Get New Batteries – A new set of batteries may be enough to get the remote working again. Replace the batteries in the remote control, especially if they have not been replaced for a long time.

4. Reboot The Soundbar – Unplug the power cord from the soundbar. Then press and hold the power button on the soundbar. The power button is located on the top or left side of most Vizio soundbars.

Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Then disconnect and reconnect the soundbar. Press the power button to turn on the soundbar. Then try again with the remote control.

These Issues Can Occur With The Vizio Soundbar

No Sound From The Soundbar:

If there is no sound coming from the Vizio soundbar, start pressing the volume up button to increase the volume from your external audio source.

Make sure your soundbar connection is set to the correct device. If none of these methods work, the final step is to reset your Vizio soundbar using the last step.

Buzzing Sound:

If you hear a buzzing noise, the first thing you should do is move your wireless device, including your smartphone. Try changing your connection cable or input selection to see if that solves the problem. The last used input type may have been wrong. If none of these solutions work, restart your Vizio soundbar.

Blinking LEDs And Other Issues:

If there is a problem with the settings, the LED may start blinking. Problem identification becomes difficult. Other problems of similar nature are also caused. The only way to fix these issues is by resetting the Vizio soundbar.


Above is a step-by-step guide on how to easily reset your Vizio soundbar. While the Vizio soundbar is a great tool, it can sometimes run into issues, and resetting the soundbar is an easy fix.

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