You are going to enjoy owning a Beats pill if you love playing music on a device that is easy to carry around. The lightweight and the low price factor of a Beats pill make it more appealing, especially to a crowd of the young generation. However, owning a Beats pill is all fun and games till the device starts lagging, and you can’t figure out what is wrong with it or how to reset it.

How to Reset Beats Pill

Not every person is tech-savvy, which is why even a minor inconvenience can quickly become a source of headache when you don’t have any sort of technical know-how. If your Beats pill is having problems, then the safest solution for you is to reset the device. You are going to find two methods that will help you to reset your Beats pill in this article, along with some other issues that you may face in the future and the reasons behind them.

Methods for Resetting

Knowing how to reset your Beats pill is necessary for many reasons. If you are having any connectivity issues or just want to get rid of all the saved settings such as paired devices, resetting the device once will help you deal with all these issues. There are two ways to reset a Beats pill, and both methods have been listed below.

First Method

The first method to reset your beats pill can be used if you want to reset the device without deleting all the settings. What you will need to do is press the power button for precisely 8 seconds and then release it. After releasing the power button, press it one more time. When the LED light will flash from white to red three times, know that your Beats pill has been reset without getting rid of the paired devices.

Second Method

This method is used when you do not want to merely reset the Beats pill but are looking for a way to delete all the previously saved settings from the device. In order to reset your device back to the factory setting, you will need to plug your device into a power source with the help of a cable. Once connected, turn the Beats pill on. Press the ‘b’ button and the power button together for 6 seconds and then release them. The LED light present on the device will flash red six times, which signifies that your device has been reset to factory settings.

Major Charging Problems With A Beats Pill

If you own a Beats pill, you are aware of all the issues that start arising in the device if it is not taken care of properly. To make sure your Beats pill does not die after a few uses, you need to keep an eye out for some issues. If your device is showing any of the problems listed below while charging, then get it checked before it gets fried and you lose all your money.

Power Issue

Connect your Beats pill to the charging outlet on the wall with the help of a cable. Make sure you are using the cable that came in the box with the device and not an old one. If the power indicator lights up and the device starts getting charged, then well and good. However, if the power indicator does not light up, then either you are dealing with a faulty cable or the device’s motherboard has been damaged. To be sure which issue you are dealing with, try using a different cable. If the power indicator does not light up with a different cable, it is time to change the motherboard.

Defective Battery

The second reason behind your Beats pill not getting charged properly is a defective battery. When your charging cable has been connected to the device, and it does not start charging, then first try a different cable. If it remains dead with a different cable rather than getting charged, your device’s battery may be dead. In this case, you will need to get a new battery for your Beats pill.

Reasons Behind the Pill Not Getting Connected

Owning a Beat spill is fun as you get to play music at a mini speaker by connecting the device to your phone. It can even be used to answer calls on your phone. However, when the device starts to give you a hard time, all the fun goes down the drain. There can be many reasons behind a Beats pill not working properly. Some may be technical, and you will need to consult a tech specialist for them. However, there are many other minor reasons that can hinder the pill’s performance, and you may be doing them unintentionally.

Long Distance

This is the first mistake that we all are guilty of and have made at some point in our lives. When you purchase a device that gets connected to your phone via Bluetooth, you need to keep both in close proximity for the device to function properly. When you have connected your Beats pill to your phone through Bluetooth, make sure there is not a long-distance between both. Both devices should be within 30 feet range for the speaker to work efficiently without getting stuck.

Physical Barriers

Physical barriers often hinder a Bluetooth device’s functionality. Metal objects are known to interfere with Bluetooth and Wi-fi signals. From something as big as a metal door to something as small as metal nails in the wall can interfere with Bluetooth signals, especially if the signal is weak already. If your Beats pill is getting disconnected from your phone, check if a metal object is nearby.


Having a small speaker that you can play music at a loud volume while you carry it around in your hand sounds fun, and it sure is! Especially if you are going on camping trips or hikes, you can take the Beats pill with you and enjoy the trip even more than usual. However, when the speaker starts lagging and you have no clue what to do, the safest option is to reset it. The methods for resetting have been discussed in detail in the article above. I hope you found a solution to your problem in this article.

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