Do you strive how to reset Bluetooth speakers? Bluetooth speakers are now the most popular way to listen to music and pass the time. Bluetooth technology has greatly aided in ensuring connectivity to a wide variety of devices, including smartphones, computers, iPhones, and tablets. However, just as every technology has advantages and disadvantages, not every device is completely efficient.

It can be challenging to pair a Bluetooth speaker with the desired device at times. Even while practically every Bluetooth speaker comes with an instruction manual, it might be confusing at times. To help you out with this, I have reviewed some top brands’ Bluetooth speakers and will share how to reset Bluetooth speakers and connect them easily.

What Is Reset in Bluetooth?

reset Bluetooth Speaker

In the context of Bluetooth technology, a reset refers to the process of restoring a Bluetooth device or its connection settings to their default or initial state. Resetting can help resolve various issues such as connectivity problems, pairing difficulties, or malfunctioning behavior. The specific method for resetting a Bluetooth device can vary depending on the device itself.

How to Reset Bluetooth Speakers in General

Almost every Bluetooth speaker has similar properties and can be connected to the devices in the same way. To factory reset your speaker, you should follow the following steps:

  • First of all, check if your speaker is turned on or off.
  • Make sure that all the previously paired devices are disconnected. In iOS settings, remove the speaker by tapping on the name Bluetooth speaker and then forget the speaker. For Android devices, unpair by simply clicking on the name of the device.
  • To reset the speaker, press and hold the Bluetooth and power buttons (sometimes it can be interchanged with the volume button) at the same time for a couple of seconds, up to 15 seconds.
  • This step resets the speaker to factory settings, and the speaker will be ready to pair when turned on.

Now let’s have a look at individual brands’ speaker settings to reset them properly.

Here’s How to Reset Bluetooth Speakers: All Top Brands

Follow the step-by-step guide below:

1. JBL Bluetooth Speakers

resetting JBL Bluetooth Speakers

In this I am going to talk through how to reset JBL Bluetooth speakers to factory setting:

  • Turn the JBL speaker on, and you can tell the device is on when the led light turns blue.
  • Simultaneously press and hold the volume up and play buttons until the device turns off.
  • By following these simple steps, you can reset your speaker to the default factory setting.
  • Lastly, press the power button to turn on the device, and it will be in pairing mode.

2. Wonderboom Bluetooth Speakers

For resetting Wonderboom Bluetooth speakers follow these steps:

  • First, step in to turn the Bluetooth speaker on.
  • The power button is located on the top of most of the Wonderboom speakers, press and hold it for 15 seconds simultaneously with the volume button.
  • After 15 seconds, the speaker will produce a sound that indicates that the device has shut off.
  • Press the power button to switch on the Wonderboom speaker. The led light on the top will start blinking, and the speaker is set to the default setting.

3. ONYX Studio Bluetooth Speaker

These are the steps to reset ONYX Bluetooth speaker to the default setting:

  • After turning on the speaker, press the power and volume button at the same time for 5-10 seconds.
  • After some time, the speaker will make a little sound and turn it off.
  • Turn on the speaker, and the led light will blink which shows the speaker is in pairing mode, and the speaker is set to default settings.

4. Beats Bluetooth Speaker

guides to reset Beats Bluetooth Speaker

The procedure for resetting Beats Bluetooth speaker is a little different from most other speakers;

  • Beats have a B button on its top.
  • To reset this device, press and hold the power button along with the B button for 10 seconds. 
  • Once you do this, you will see the LED light on the back flash, green and red. It means the device has been reset. 

5. Sonos Bluetooth Speakers

You may reset a Sonos speaker in the same way that you would most other Bluetooth speakers.

  • If your Sonos speaker is plugged into the wall, you should unplug it.
  • Insert the speaker and wait for the indicator light to become orange or white, depending on your device and how long you’ve held the connect or play/pause button.
  • Unplug and reconnect your Sonos speaker.
  • Place your speaker on its stand.
  • Connect and unplug your Sonos speaker.
  • If resetting is complete, it should turn green, enabling you to use the speaker as if it were new.

6. Sony Bluetooth Speakers

Reset Sony Bluetooth Speakers

Like other speakers, resetting the Sony Bluetooth speaker is also pretty straightforward.

  • When pressing the power button, turn on the Sony speaker.
  • At the back of the Sony SRS-XB22, there is a control unit that has a reset button. 
  • Press the button by using a pin
  • After pressing it, the speaker shuts down, and the device is on the default settings now. Lastly, Sony is offering the best home speakers at a reasonable price as well.
  • So if you’ve got extreme troubles just get a new budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker.

7. Ultimate Ears Speakers

The procedure for resetting Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speaker is the same as most other speakers;

  • After turning on the Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speaker, press three buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. 
  • These buttons include a power button on the top, a volume down, and a volume up button. 
  • In this way, the speaker can be reset. Also, check out the excellent speakers under 50 dollars by Ultimate Ears.

8. Portronics Bluetooth Speakers

Follow these steps to reset Portronics Bluetooth speakers;

9. Mpow Bluetooth Speakers

The method for resetting Mpow Bluetooth speaker is the same as that of many others;

10. Bose Bluetooth Speakers

steps to reset Bose Bluetooth Speakers

To reset the Bose Bluetooth speakers all you have to do is follow these simple steps

  • Like other speakers turn the Bose Bluetooth speaker on
  • Press and hold the power button for 10-12 seconds
  • On doing this, all the LEDs, including aux, battery, and Bluetooth led will blink once, and the speaker is on default settings now.
  • Turn the speaker on now and pair it to any device. 

11. Altec Bluetooth Speakers

To reset Altec Bluetooth speaker ( 859 ) follow these steps:

There are certain brands covered in detail, such as how you can reset Sonos Bluetooth speakers as well as resetting Samsung soundbars on Speakers Daily.

12. Chinese Bluetooth Speakers

  • To reset a Chinese Bluetooth speaker, press and hold the power button for approximately 10 seconds.
  • The speaker will then go into deep sleep mode and must be turned back on.
  • All Chinese speakers have different Bluetooth modes; some require that all associated devices be removed by pushing and holding the power button for 5 seconds.
  • The multi-colored indicator light will pulse multiple times, indicating that it is no longer connected to the Bluetooth network.

Why Bluetooth Connection Fails and How Can We Fix It?

Bluetooth connection or pairing may fail due to some malfunction in hardware or software. The Bluetooth connection can fail due to different reasons and mostly can be fixed easily. The most common causes of Bluetooth failures could be interference, compatibility, and obstructions. Before pairing Bluetooth to devices, check if the two are compatible. 

To connect the Bluetooth speaker to your desired device, ensure that both devices are placed close to each other. Because most Bluetooth devices have a certain range in which they can transmit signals to other connected devices. Even then, if the speaker faces difficulty connecting, check if it has enough battery as some devices have trouble connecting when the battery is running low. Before connecting the speaker to the phone, make sure both devices are discoverable. Go to the phone’s settings and click the Bluetooth option and make it visible, then turn on the speaker and press the Bluetooth button to set it into Bluetooth mode. 

Another thing that can cause a problem in connecting the Bluetooth is excessive wifi connections or radio signals, as any electronic device can face interference if there are unnecessary and too many signals. Try to remove all the extra signals from the area or change the location of the speaker.  Lastly, if you are looking for cheap alternatives check our guide to the best Bluetooth speakers under 30 dollars and you can find something cool without needing to spend too much.


How to fix the Bluetooth pairing problem?

To fix Bluetooth pairing problems, check compatibility, turn Bluetooth off and on, restart devices, ensure proximity and minimize interference, remove previous pairings, ensure discoverability, update software, and consider clearing the Bluetooth cache on Android devices as troubleshooting steps.

How to reset Bluetooth on Android devices?

To reset Bluetooth on Android devices, navigate to the device’s Settings, select “Connections” or “Connected Devices,” locate the Bluetooth option, tap on it, and then tap on the settings icon or three-dot menu. From there, choose “Reset” or “Reset Bluetooth” to initiate the reset process and clear any existing Bluetooth settings.

Why would I need to reset my Bluetooth speakers?

Resetting your Bluetooth speakers can help troubleshoot various issues such as connectivity problems, pairing difficulties, audio quality concerns, or if the speaker is unresponsive.

How do I know if my Bluetooth speaker needs to be reset?

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, it’s worth considering a reset: inability to pair with devices, sudden disconnections, distorted audio, unresponsive buttons or controls, or if the speaker isn’t functioning as expected.

Are there different methods to reset Bluetooth speakers?

Yes, different speaker models may have varying reset procedures. However, there are a few common methods that can be tried, including power cycling, factory resetting, or using specific button combinations.

What is power cycling, and how can it help reset my Bluetooth speaker?

Power cycling involves turning off the speaker, disconnecting it from the power source, and then turning it back on. This process can clear temporary glitches and restore the speaker to its default state.


Resetting Bluetooth speakers is a simple yet effective troubleshooting method to resolve various issues. By following the correct steps, such as disconnecting power, clearing pairing history, and performing a factory reset, users can often overcome connectivity problems, audio distortions, or unresponsive behavior. Resetting Bluetooth speakers offers a convenient way to start fresh and ensure optimal performance, allowing users to enjoy seamless wireless audio experiences once again.


  1. Hello.
    I have a bush classic speaker. It has a on/off toggle switch. And a volume, bass, trebble knobs. No Buttons to hold ! Any guesses on how to reset it. No notes in manual & online support hasn’t a clue !. Please help. Thanks

    • Hi Sean, would you be able to provide more details regarding the model (pic/no) etc (to better assist you). Thank You.

  2. Hello.
    I have a bush classic speaker. It has a on/off toggle switch. And a volume, bass, trebble knobs. No Buttons to hold ! Any guesses on how to reset it. No notes in manual & online support hasn’t a clue !. Please help. Thanks

    • Hi Sean, would you be able to provide more details regarding the model (pic/no) etc (to better assist you). Thank You.

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