Have an impromptu movie night with your friends, but your laptop’s speakers are way too low? Wondering if there is a way you can watch tv without disturbing the rest of your family? Well, we are helping you how to use phone as Bluetooth speaker for your computer and television.

To further explain how you can do this, we have listed some of the ways that show you how to use a phone as a Bluetooth speaker for various purposes. And since this is usually done through different smartphone apps, you need to be aware that techniques for Androids might not work for iPhones and vice versa. But don’t worry because we will show you the best methods on how you can achieve this for both IOS and Android systems.

Here’s How To Use Phone As Bluetooth Speaker

Follow these methods below:

1. How To Use A Phone as Bluetooth Speaker For PC

How To Use A Phone as Bluetooth Speaker For PC

If your laptop’s speaker volume is too low when kept at a distance to watch movies with your friends, or if the speakers are broken altogether, then apps like SoundWire and WiFiAudio can be your savior. What these apps do is that they let you stream the audio of the movie or the video playing on your laptop through your phone, which you can keep near you for a clearer and louder sound.

To convert your phone into a speaker through SoundWire, you need to do the following steps.

  • Browse the SoundWire website to download and install the program on your PC.
  • Install SoundWire on your smartphone by opening the Play Store on your Android device.
  • Ensure that your smartphone and PC are both connected to the precise same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the SoundWire Server application on your computer.
  • Open the SoundWire Free app on your smartphone, then click the Square icon on the page’s middle.
  • Use your Android phone as a speaker for your PC by adjusting the Audio Volume on the SoundWire PC app to your preference.
  • You can locate the Server Address on the computer program if your devices do not connect immediately.
  • On the app on your Android device, type the same Server Address.

Another app that will let your phone act as a speaker for your PC is WiFiAudio. Some people prefer this over SoundWire because there is no audio latency. This program’s setup is relatively similar to that of SoundWire, although there are a few additional steps you have to go through.

  • Firstly you have to download it on your PC from the WiFiAudio website, but unlike SoundWire, you have to register with your email address to download the program.
  • Then, on your phone, you need to download the Wireless Speaker for Android app.
  • After this, open the app both on your phone and PC, and to automatically connect the two devices, click on the AutoDiscover Mobile device option. If it is successful, you will see the indication on both of your devices.
  • But if that doesn’t work, then enter the IP address of your smartphone into the computer program. You can find this IP address by going to the settings and choosing the ‘about the phone’ option.
  • Once you have typed the IP address in the computer program, click Start, and both of your devices will be connected, letting you play the audio of your PC through your phone.

One thing you need to make sure of during this process for these two methods is that your computer and your phone are both connected to the same wifi. Also, this method for audio streaming is only for Android and Windows users. If you are an IOS user, then the app that would work for you is Airfoil.

To connect your iPhone to your MacBook or PC for audio streaming, you need to follow these steps.

  • First of all, download the Airfoil desktop program on your MacBook or PC from the Rogue Amoeba Software website.
  • Then from the play store, download the Airfoil Satellite app. Although the app costs money, you do get a free trial.
  • Then open the apps on your phone and your computer. Make sure that both of the devices are connected to the same wifi.
  • Using the drop-down menu in the PC program, select the audio or the video application (the audio of which you want to stream on your phone).
  • And lastly, select your mobile speaker in the program to set it as the audio device for your computer.
  • And so your iPhone will function as the speaker for your PC

2. How to Use A Phone as Bluetooth Speaker For TV

How to Use A Phone as Bluetooth Speaker For TV

If you have ever wished that you could use headphones with your television or if you are ever at a public place where the TV shows something interesting, but the volume is either too low or muted then there is a way you can fix that. This is by converting your phone into a speaker for the tv through the Tunity app. This app lets you listen to your television through your phone, enabling you to enjoy the audio through headphones. Or if you want to watch the TV in a public place but the volume is muted then this app also lets you play its audio through your phone.

To listen to the TV’s audio through your phone, you have to do the following things.

  • First, download the free Tunity app on your phone from the play store.
  • After that, you need to create an account in the app using your email address.
  • Once that is done, you will be able to scan your television. For this, all you need to do is to open the app, and it will show a screen with a box where your back camera is ready to scan a television.
  • Align the television inside the box and tap the bottom of the screen to scan it. If the scanning does not work the first time, then you can try it again.
  • After the app has successfully scanned, it will play the audio of the channel on the TV.
  • You can also adjust the sync of the audio through the app so that there is no delay.

One thing that you need to know about this app is that there are only a limited number of channels that it supports. So there are chances that a lesser-known channel or many that are outside the USA might not be available on the app, due to which you will not be able to stream their audio.

3. How To Use A Phone as Bluetooth Speaker by Syncing it with Other Phones

How To Use A Phone as Bluetooth Speaker

When talking about how to use a phone as a Bluetooth speaker, another thing that comes to mind is syncing your phone with several others and playing music together at a party. This feature is excellent for when the speakers malfunction during a party, but everyone still wants to dance. There are many apps that let you do this, and one of the best ones, in our opinion, is AmpMe. This is because not only is this app efficient and easy to use, it is available both for IOS as well as Android.

To sync your phone with others through this app, here is what you need to do.

  • First, download the AmpMe app from the app store, and log in using a Google account.
  • After that, open the app and create a party that will let your friends connect their phones with yours when they join the stream.
  • You need to choose the music you want to play from various platforms like youtube, SoundCloud, your music library, etc.
  • And so all the phones will play it in sync, amplifying the sound and replacing the need for a speaker.

It is vital that all the phones have this app downloaded in order to be able to sync up. Also, you need to be aware that even though the app has a free trial period, it requires a monthly or weekly paid subscription for you to be able to access it at any time.


Here are some more frequently asked questions about using your phone as a Bluetooth speaker:

1. How to use a phone as a Bluetooth speaker for my computer?

You can use your phone as a Bluetooth speaker for your computer through apps like SoundWire, WiFiAudio, and Airfoil.

2. Can I use my iPhone as a Bluetooth speaker for my television?

Yes, through the app Tunity, you can double your phone as a speaker for your television.

3. Can you use your phone as a Bluetooth speaker?

Yes, with the right app, you can connect your phone to various devices and use it as a wireless speaker.

4. What are the requirements for using my phone as a Bluetooth speaker?

The main requirement is that your phone must have Bluetooth functionality. Most smartphones have built-in Bluetooth capabilities, but it’s always a good idea to check your phone’s specifications or user manual to ensure it supports Bluetooth.

5. Can I connect multiple devices to my phone as a Bluetooth speaker simultaneously?

Generally, no. Most phones support connecting to one Bluetooth device at a time as a speaker. However, some advanced audio systems or apps may allow for simultaneous connections with multiple devices.

Wrapping Up

Smartphones have changed our lives for the better, and even when we think that we have mastered all the features of these devices, their usefulness still keeps surprising us. And one such feature of our phones that is bound to help most of us at some point in our lives is its ability to be used as a Bluetooth speaker. Through this, we can watch movies on our computers even if the speakers are broken, enjoy loud music at parties without the need for stereos, and watch tv with our headphones. We hope these guides mentioned above will able to help you how to use a phone as a Bluetooth speaker.

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