What makes surround sound speakers a difference? Surround sound creates a more solid and dynamic sound experience. This means that sounds are heard from all directions. With stereo, you can only hear from two directions. This is the main reason people switch to surround sound, especially if their home theater is for watching movies.

If you are a home theater enthusiast, then a surround-sound system is likely what you’re after. The sound is better and more captivating, an asset that is particularly significant in large rooms. In this blog, we’ll gonna show you the most reviewed surround sound speakers in 2022.

Most Reviewed Surround Sound Speakers in 2022

Read on to learn more about the best surround sound speakers on the market and decide which one is the best speaker for your style and budget.

Klipsch Reference R-625FA 5.1 Home Theater Pack

Surround Sound Speakers in 2022

This is the most traditional-looking surround sound system we recommend, but it’s also the most technologically advanced option. And it is the ultimate surround-sound system. Comes up with a set of tower speakers, full size bookshelf speakers, a center-channel speaker, and a subwoofer.

Some companies have opted to make their surround-sound systems smaller to adjust people with space constraints, but Klipsch takes the time to improve audio quality through the highest quality materials and designing tower/floor standing speakers with outward and upward-firing drivers. This is what enables this surround sound system to play music and movies with a Dolby Atmos mix natively.


  • Full-sized speakers
  • Dolby Atmos support
  • Luxe-looking design


  • Pricey

Q Acoustics 3050I 5.1 Cinema Package

Top Surround Sound Speakers in 2022

This surround sound speaker system offers the best overall performance thanks to impressive, musical floor standing speakers flanked by an equally finished center speaker. As a result, the dialogue is crystal clear, no matter how frenetic the soundtrack is.

At the back, two small bookshelf speakers take on the role of the surround, providing a pinpoint effect. Meanwhile, a slim subwoofer is responsible for the bass, giving the blockbuster a big bass impact.


  • Well-balanced soundstage
  • Excellent sonic performance
  • Great looks and build quality
  • Superb value for money


  • The subwoofer could go deeper

Sony HT-A9 7.1.4ch High-Performance Home Theater Speaker System

2022 Best Surround Sound Speakers

While many modern surround sound systems have streamlined their products to reduce living space and increase comfort, there’s still plenty of room for traditional multi-speaker setups that can really enhance your entertainment system.

The Sony HT-A9 home theater system differs from many modern examples in that rather than incorporating a soundbar, it consists of four stand-alone speakers. Immerse yourself in a multi-dimensional audio experience with the HT-A9 home theater system.

Exclusive 360 ​​Spatial Sound Mapping technology tailors the sound of your room to your environment, which appears to extend beyond your walls. With support for 8K HDR, 4K 120p passthrough, and Dolby Vision video passthrough, your favorite movies and games are out of this world.



  • Pricey
  • One HDMI input only
  • The optional subwoofer is sold separately

Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1 Surround Sound System

One of the top Surround Sound Speakers in 2022

A true surround sound system is great for enhancing your home theater experience, but it can get expensive over time to build. If you’re looking for immediate results without having to add rear speakers or anything later, consider this product from Klipsch.

The Klipsch Reference Theater Pack offers excellent acoustic performance in an incredibly small footprint. Klipsch’s exclusive Tractrix Horn technology and aluminum tweeter deliver the cleanest, most natural sound possible.

Downfire wireless subwoofers are designed to deliver room-filling low frequencies without taking up too much floor space. For easy placement of the wireless subwoofer, each satellite speaker is equipped with keyhole mounts and threaded inserts for maximum mounting flexibility.


  • Good price
  • True surround sound system
  • Subwoofer included


  • No Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or smart home compatibility


When choosing the best surround sound system for your needs, there are many things to consider. Speaker systems come in all sizes and shapes for all different types of rooms. But before investing in one of the surround sound systems, make sure you have everything you need to start.

Whether you’re looking for an expensive speaker or investing in one which is right within your budget, these most reviewed surround sound speakers will narrow down your choices to give you an idea of which is best for you.

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