Due to their larger size, floor-standing speakers, often called tower speakers allow more air to pass through their drivers than desktop or bookshelf speakers. This typically produces deeper, more impactful bass than standalone bookshelf speakers. Also, towers typically have more woofer drivers, which produce more bass.

tower speakers

Are tower speakers outdated? The answer is no. Floorstanding/tower speakers, bookshelf speakers, etc. are not outdated, and good sound quality is worth the investment. Even high-end soundbars can’t deliver the sonic penetration that lower-end speakers and center channels can. This is due to the simple physics going on here.

Do tower speakers sound better?

Definitely has a quality sound. In the world of speakers, usually, the best audio quality comes from floor-standing/tower speakers. Larger and boosted drivers not only make it louder and more powerful than other speakers, but it also delivers a richer, more powerful sound.

Here’s Our Best Picks of Tower Speakers

If you’re searching for your first pair, or probably you’re building a sound system from scratch, or want to spend your penny on high-end speakers, to narrow down the options Speakers Daily is here to help.

Klipsch RP-6000F Floorstanding Speaker

top Tower Speakers

Leveraging more than 70 years of acoustic technology, the Klipsch RP-6000F tower speaker delivers amazing acoustic clarity for a premium listening experience. The Klipsch RP-6000F floor-standing speaker delivers incredible cinematic sound by leveraging our proprietary Tractrix horn-loaded technology and copper-spun Cerametallic woofers.

Hybrid Tractrix Horn TechnologyKlipsch proprietary Tractrix horn loading technology ensures high-frequency energy of the Reference Premiere floor-standing speakers are aimed directly at the listener and reduces unwanted, artificial reverb caused by indirect sound bouncing off walls – meaning you experience the clearest, detailed, lifelike sound possible.


  • 1” Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid Tractrix Horn
  • Dual 6.5″ Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofers
  • Bass-Reflex via Rear-Firing Tractrix port
  • Dual binding posts for bi-wire/bi-amp

Wharfedale Diamond 12.3

Good Tower Speakers

The all-new Diamond 12 Series is the best Diamond range yet. Created in collaboration with Karl-Heinz Fink, one of the most successful loudspeaker designers in the world. Classic Diamond price points, industrial design that’s cool and contemporary yet still distinctly Wharfedale, and sound that delivers a new budget benchmark through outstanding acoustic design and engineering.

Key Specs
Speaker Type: Surround Sound, Woofer
Mounting Type: Floor Standing
Audio Output: Mode Surround
Item Weight: 48.06 Pounds

Focal Aria 926 Floorstanding Speakers

One of the best Tower Speakers

This Aria 926 represents the home 3-way floor standing loudspeaker. This musical and expressive loudspeaker is effortless to install. All kinds of music lovers will be delighted with its acoustic qualities. The Aria 926 is by definition a cost-effective audiophile loudspeaker. It is ideal for rooms measuring from 215 ft² 20M² and from a recommended listening distance of 10ft 3M.

Key Specs

Product Dimensions: 14.38 x 11.88 x 40.75
Item Weight: 55 pounds
Speaker Amplification Type: Active
Speaker Connectivity: Wired

Polk Signature Elite ES50 Tower Speaker

Top floor-standing speaker

Have fun with movies, gaming, and multi-channel music in high-resolution cinematic sound with Polk Signature Elite ES50 high-performance, compact floor-standing loudspeaker. Polk’s Patented Power Port Bass strengthening technology extends the overall bass port and gives greater surface area for distortion-free, louder, more musical bass impact.

It is Hi-Res Audio Certified and guarantees accurate sound reproduction from even the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound AVRs and amplifiers. The Signature Elite Series is created with quality, timbre-matched Polk components to allow you to mix and match models and build your dream home theater or music listening environment.

Key Specs

Speaker Type: Tower, Tweeter, Woofer, Satelite, Surround Sound
Speaker Amplification Type: Passive
Speaker Connectivity: Wired
Audio Output Mode: Stereo
Product Dimensions: 9 x 11 x 37 inches
Item Weight: 32 pounds

Triangle Borea BR08 3-Way HiFi Floor Standing Speaker

outstanding Floor-standing speaker

This Triangle Borea BR08 3-Way HiFi floor-standing single speaker is an elegant three-way floorstander with 4 transducers. It embodies a new 25mm EFS silk dome tweeter; a new 16cm midrange with a brand-new profile, and two new 16-cm bass drivers in fiberglass. The three-way configuration diffuses all frequencies with no interference between the transducers, producing precise voices and instruments. This floorstander will fit absolutely in rooms ranging from 20 to 40-meter square.

There are two main categories of speakers:

The active speakers have a built-in power amplifier. They just need a power source or battery to operate. The other one is the passive speakers, which draw their power from an external amplifier and are connected to that amp via speaker wire or cable. And take note, almost all of the floor-standing speakers available in the market are passive speakers.

Tower Speakers Pros & Cons:

  • It sounds the finest by giving a big and a full sound range
  • It has an improved bass response
  • Floor-standing loudspeakers are top-of-the-line products
  • Its design of most free-standing or tower speakers is meant to be striking and eye-catching
  • It occupies a decent amount of space
  • It is heavy and bulky
  • Difficult to hide in the room because of its size

The Bottom Line

Tower speakers have been the cornerstone of home audio systems for decades. Also known as floor-standing speakers, they deliver a big, rich sound like no other. Regardless of your choice, pick the one that suits your style.

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