Wondering about how to install a subwoofer in your car? For enjoying crazy car rides, first, you need a subwoofer that will amplify your sound system. A subwoofer is a speaker that has a low pitched and impressive sound. Once you get an ideal subwoofer system, the next thing is to install it in your car.

Steps To Install A Subwoofer In A Car

You don’t need to spend your money by hiring someone, nor do you need an expert for it. Because the process of installing a subwoofer is a simple and easy task, all that you need is to follow certain steps to install without spending extra money successfully. Here are some of the steps to help you through the whole process of installing subwoofers in your car.

1. Get all the Required Equipment

First of all, you will have to get all the required items and tools. Such as speaker wires, amplifier wires that consist of remote wire and fuse holder, good quality electrical tape, different sizes of cordless speed drill, a metal coat hanger for wire pulling, etc., screwdriver, and other hand tools.

Despite this, you will also need different types of electrical connections, like a 12V battery connection along with a fuse and audio signal source. And lastly, a solid and strong connection for the metal car body. These are the key tools that will be needed constantly throughout the process.

2. Read the Manual

After arranging all the tools and putting everything in place, you have to read the manual thoroughly at least once. As every woofer comes with an installation manual, it is important to go through the instructions even if you know what needs to be done. The purpose is to ensure that you don’t miss anything in the process of installing the subwoofers.

3. Create Space for Subwoofers

Start with creating the space to install the subwoofers. Measure the face of the box, and don’t forget to leave some inches below and above the outer dimension of the speakers. After that, cut all three sides of the box. Utilizing the speaker as a guide creates a way to place the subwoofer.

4. Install the Amp

This is a tricky step to complete the installation of the subwoofers in your car. After creating a space for woofers, now it’s time to install the amp. To handily align every part, you should know where the amp’s bottom sits after fitting the spiked feet. It is easier to locate the bottom with a subwoofer because it has an opening for spikes. For instance, if the hole isn’t accessible, you will need to check the manual.

You should first install the subs of the amplifier modules. After this, you get the amp and all the three inputs, phase switch, parametric equalizer, and the low pass crossover. Also, you have to check for the LED power light placed at the low pass filter. The underside of the module has a rubber gasket, so you don’t have to waste your time tightening it.

Following the procedure, use the star crew for tightening and screwing down the amp after placing the module correctly. Tighten it efficiently to airtight the seal. Along with this, connect the remote wire to the remote lead, i.e., connect it to the 12V accessory wire.

5. Set Up the Subwoofer

Just when the amp is placed safely and correctly. You should set up the subwoofer. Securely place it by using the screws that come in the box. The purpose is to stop unwanted noise while driving. Also, to add protection, attach the grill. Once you are done with the subwoofers, connect it to the amplifier and wire the amplifier in the bridge mode resulting in giving it more power and strength to the sound system.

6. Connect to Signal Source

Depending on the stereo you are using, you will need to connect the wires precisely for a better sound outcome. If you have installed a factory stereo system, it is better to tap off the rear speaker wires using the speaker adapter level. On the other side, if you are using a market stereo, you should connect it to the subwoofer RCA jacks. It will deliver the desired sound after the completion of its installation.

7. Tune the Crossover And Gain

At this stage, the process is almost completed. Set the crossover and gain by playing the stereo at an average volume. Don’t play any music you are not familiar with that might result in turning it wrong. At the medium volume adjust the low pass crossover till you can feel the base.

Lastly, start the amp from zero. Adjust the unit continuously to the point you get a bass that best suits your sound system. These are just simple and safe steps that will help you to install the subwoofer in your car successfully. The maximum time the process takes is 30-40 minutes. After this, you will definitely rock your music without paying out any extra cash.

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