Most people throw away the old wired speakers after continuously using them for a long time. These outdated tools are often neglected and are considered useless by the majority of consumers. However, now you can convert these expensive tools into wireless speakers without exerting much effort. Thus, this article provides you guidelines through which your wired speakers can be transformed into wireless units that are not only performance efficient but budget-friendly as well.

How to Convert Wired Speakers to Wireless

The process of converting these speakers and upgrading them is relatively simpler and cost-effective. Therefore, you do not need to spend a lot of money to achieve the desired results. Instead, you can purchase the necessary equipment required for the purpose and generate a high-quality product.

Wireless Speaker Kit

In the case of wireless speakers, a Bluetooth adapter is required to perform the task. Similarly, a wireless speaker kit is also extremely significant in this regard and performs most of the work by itself. Thereby offering high-quality audio output. This wireless speakers kit makes the work a lot easier and enhances the portability of your audio device.

In addition to this, these gadgets are highly admired by those who love to keep their old tools but want to remain up-to-date at the same time. But, one thing that should be considered in this regard is the wired nature of most units that makes it difficult to convert them into the wireless mode directly. Thus, for such materials, an additional amplifier and RCA cables are required.

Working Mechanism or Signal Transfer

The process involves the signal transfer between speakers and the audio source. This means that speakers are not directly attached to the audio device. Instead, the air is used as the medium of signal transfer. The signal is generated by the television or mobile and is transmitted to the AV receiver with the help of an intermediate transmitter. After the AV receiver receives the signal, the signal is passed down to the speaker. Through which consumers can hear the loud audio.

Steps Involved in the Conversion

  • Purchasing the Wireless Speaker Kit

The first and foremost step in the conversion mechanism is purchasing the wireless speaker kit. These tools are readily available in the market at a reasonable price range. In addition to this, these materials are highly efficient and make the process of upgrading the speakers easier. Most commonly used speaker kits include Bluetooth adapters, which receive radio signals from the environment and convert them into audible sound.

Similarly, do keep in mind that despite their name, most of these come with cables and wires and are not completely wireless. This is attributed to the lack of real amplifiers in wired speakers, and therefore, it is impossible to send signals from one source to another. Hence, for signal transfer, an amplifier is necessary for the system.

Along with this, the amplifier should also be available with wires so that it can be connected to the power source. Thus, wires are an integral component of the speaker kit and provide ease of use. Apart from this, converter kits are also essential and are capable of connecting around two speakers.

However, the overall system is still wireless because the wires are only used for connecting the equipment. The signal still travels wirelessly using air as the medium between the source and the receiver. Lastly, the radio signal is transformed into audible sound by the receiving end. Hence, improving the overall functioning of the product.

  • Connecting the Amplifier

The second step involves the integration of the amplifier into the device. Most of the wired speakers do not have this apparatus, and therefore consumers need to install a new one for better output. The amplifier is associated with the amplification of sound produced by the speakers.

So, after you have purchased the equipment, plug it into the power source and then use RCA cables to connect the unit to the speakers. There are three important components of a wireless kit and include receivers, transmitters, and AC adapters. Furthermore, wires are also available with the main apparatus for connection.

  • Joining the Transmitters

As discussed earlier, the wireless kit consists of a transmitter that is used to transmit radio signals from the source to the receiver. The transmitter can be linked to the amplification system via cables. For this purpose, it is advised to connect the device to the Out or Stereo Out port located at the backside of the sound system.

Furthermore, the user can connect the other side to the transmitter. Afterward, on the other end of the transmitter, connect the AC adapter through cables. This will lead to the connection of the system to the transmitting gadget. Another prominent step in the process is the removal of speaker wires from the speakers so that they can be converted into wireless mode.

  • Connecting the Receivers

After the transmitters have been carefully integrated into the model, the next step involves the incorporation of two different receivers. In this step, the consumers are required to remove the remaining wires from the audio devices. Later on, the receiver cables can be used to include receivers in the whole process.

It is advised to connect one end of the AC adapter cable to the power source and receiver through various ends. A similar step can be performed to connect the other speaker and both receivers. The signal received by the receivers is then further analyzed and converted into audible sound as a radio signal is inaudible by the human ear.

  • Turning On the Wired Units

The last step is associated with turning on the wired speakers. It is recommended to test your upgraded speakers by turning them on and listening to the sound produced by the gadget. You should also check other important components such as the receiver light, the whole setup, and transmitters.

If the receiver light is steady and is not blinking, it means you have successfully installed all the products, and your speaker is receiving the signals. Hence, the most important task has been completed successfully. Therefore, now you can use these speakers as the wireless-tools without any hassle or disturbance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn Wired speakers into wireless?

Yes, wired speakers can be easily converted to wireless speakers. But, certain tools are required in the process, such as adapters, receivers, and transmitters. All this equipment can be attained in a single product, i.e., a wireless speaker kit, which is not only performance-oriented but cost-efficient as well.

How do I connect old speakers to my wireless stereo?

It is effortless to connect old speakers to the wireless stereo system. This can be achieved by connecting the system via Bluetooth transmitter and receivers. These gadgets can be connected to the audio source and the end product for generating a remarkable output. Adapters are also significant in this regard and improve the overall capabilities of the device.

How can I stream music to my stereo cover?

Most stereos can be connected to music streaming devices such as mobile phones, iPods, and other related models. The only thing that should be considered in this regard is the unused stereo analog input. The user needs to connect the streaming device to the speakers with the help of cables, and they can achieve uninterrupted high-quality results.

What is the difference between Wi-fi speakers and Bluetooth speakers?

Wifi speakers and Bluetooth speakers are both types of wireless speakers. The major difference between both gadgets is that wifi speakers transmit and receive signals over wifi whereas, Bluetooth speakers involve the transfer of radio signals from the source to the receiver. The latter uses Bluetooth technology and services to achieve the task.

Are wireless speakers worth it?

Indeed wireless speakers are worth the try. These materials relieve the consumers from the hassle of organizing all the wires and enhance the portability of the unit. Along with this, wireless speakers can be easily connected to a diverse range of other products, including mobile phones, laptops, and associated gadgets, and provide an outstanding output.

What is the best Bluetooth speaker 2021?

The best tool in 2020 includes Photograph Ultimate Ears Best Overall UE Boom 3 speaker, which is followed by the Photograph Tribit Best Bargain Tribit StormBox speaker. Both these units are highly efficient and provide high-quality and loud output.

Wrapping Up

Most of your unused wired speakers can be effortlessly converted into wireless products. Wireless gadgets are not only portable but also easy to carry and are less prone to damage. Therefore, they are highly admired by a wide variety of users. The essential components involved in the process include AC adaptors, transmitters, receivers, and cables to connect the apparatus. Thus, by connecting these units and removing the original wires from the wired set, effective wireless speakers can be created.

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