Do you love watching movies at home? Or maybe you enjoy listening to music like hip hop or EDM, which have amazing beat drops? Maybe you like both, but your home audio setup isn’t giving you the satisfaction you deserve? Your home sound setup needs a subwoofer to experience movies and music as the director and producer intended. But you must be wondering what a subwoofer is?

SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer Review

It is a no-brainer that you will look up SVS sound when looking for a subwoofer. SVS is a top-tier brand when we talk about powered subwoofers. All of this isn’t without reason, as SVS offers you a subwoofer that gives you a lower frequency with increased output. Additionally, these subwoofers are designed such that they fit perfectly in your home theater or sound system.


Many things make the PB-1000 an ideal subwoofer, including the design. The first thing that you see when you look at something is its appearance, similar to your subs. The PB-1000 comes in a size that can easily fit those hard-to-fit spaces in your setup. With its grille on the subwoofer’s dimensions are 18.9”x15”x20” or 48×38.1×50.8cm. You lose about half an inch when the grille is removed.

The exterior is curved around the edges, and there’s also a slight curve to the grille. The grille is made up of a black cloth mesh instead of the standard metallic mesh. This adds to the uniqueness of these subwoofers. Furthermore, you can remove the grille effortlessly. The cabinet has a black ash finish which gives the subwoofers a refined and sophisticated appearance. This design makes them fit into your setup seamlessly.

In addition to that, when you remove the black cloth grille, you have a 10” driver and a high flow 3.5” port. To the top left side, there is a LED light indicator. This light tells you when the subwoofer is ON/OFF and when it is on stand-by. A red light indicates that your subwoofers are on stand-by, while a blue light shows that they are ON and in use.

Although the LED light indicator is helpful, it can be extremely annoying, especially when you want to watch something in a dark room. Generally, you won’t see the light because the black grille will be covering it but to experience HD sound, you will have to remove the grille. A simple solution would be to place some black tape over it, and voila! No more annoying LED distractions.

The bottom of these subwoofers has four feet attached to them. These feet are covered in rubber, so they should offer some isolation to the subwoofers on tiled floors. Moreover, if these legs aren’t your vibe, you can switch them up with something that fits your aesthetic. All you have to do is simply unscrew the legs and replace them.

These subwoofers offer you a minimalistic, classy design that can fit into your home theater or sound system setup without any issues. The dimensions are small enough for you to fit these subwoofers into spaces other subs might not fit into. Additionally, the MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) used in its construction makes these subwoofers durable.


The exterior design of these subwoofers is very minimalistic. This is also true for the control present at the rear side of the subs. The SVS PB-1000 subwoofers come with three knobs. One for volume, one for phase adjustment, and lastly, one for crossover settings. These subwoofers also come with an auto stand-by or ON switch.

The controls also include a trigger input, a line-level out for connecting additional subwoofers, a line-level in for the receiver. Moreover, it comes with a left/right speaker wire connection and a power switch and power connections. These are very basic controls, but the three knobs have markings so you can adjust the controls accurately.

Internal Hardware

The SVS PB-1000 subwoofers are smaller compared to other subwoofers, but no compromise has been made on their quality. They consist of a 10” high performance and high output driver. The PB-1000’s cone is a lightweight treated fiber composite. This sufficiently reduces the overall weight of the subwoofers, making them easy to handle. You won’t have to break your back, moving them around trying to find that perfect spot.

Additionally, the cone’s surrounds are made of rubber. This feature means that they will last longer and will be able to handle even the most bass-heavy songs at the highest volume. The PB-1000’s high output drivers produce low frequencies exceptionally well and with great precision. Furthermore, the subtle music tones in your songs or movies are crystal clear, making you feel as though you’ve been transported into the film.

The FEA optimized motor technology used in these speakers lowers the overall distortion, which means that you get more accurate mid and deep bass. In addition to the vented pole pieces, the dual ferrite magnet significantly reduces overheating of your subwoofer. This means that your subwoofers can be used for an extended period without the worry of them overheating.

The sledge STA-300D amplifiers give you 300 watts RMS with a peak power of 720 watts. This feature of these subwoofers gives them excellent control at all drive levels. This means that you will hear accuracy in your sound no matter the drive level.

The Digital Signal Processors or DSP is an essential component of any subwoofer. DSP is crucial for the subwoofer’s overall performance as it ensures that you can use your subwoofers to their full potential. In addition to that, the DSP also makes sure that all the other components of the subwoofer work in harmony as well.

SVS PB-1000 subwoofer’s DSP allows for fine-tuning of audio playback, making it easy to be set up in your home theaters or home sound system. Furthermore, the DSP helps with making your audio as accurate as possible. Additionally, it has an optimized equalization curve for an enhanced transient response.

SVS has already built all these features into their subwoofers, so you don’t have to do any extra work. All you have to do is plug them in and enjoy! To set it up in your room, take it out of the box and plug it in. Play some music and move it around till you find a spot that gives you the best sound quality.


The SVS PB-1000 offers you incredible sound for an amazing price. They give you a balanced sound with accurate mid and deep bass. These subwoofers might be a tad bit better when it comes to mid-bass compared to a deeper bass. Nonetheless, the overall sound is exceptionally well balanced.

In addition to that, these subwoofers accurately deliver frequencies of 20Hz! This is remarkable as no other sub in this price range can do this. Also, this shows that SVS delivered with their accuracy when they said that these subwoofers offer frequencies from 19 to 270 Hz. This also means that your dogs and cats can enjoy watching things with these subs as well.


Before you connect your subwoofers, you need to find proper placement. Your subwoofers won’t be able to deliver sound properly if they are not placed correctly. For this, you will have to do some work. Plug your subs in and play some music and move them around till you find the place they sound best. After finding the best-sounding place for your subwoofers, connect them to the rest of your audio system.

First, you have to connect them to the AV receiver via a standard RCA cable. The upstream bass will be managed by the receiver, and it will send your subwoofer a pre-filtered mono signal. When all this is happening, you need to set your low pass filter to LFE while your phase should be rotated to zero. The volume knob needs to be right in the middle like a compass facing North. Lastly, turn the AV on and run the auto-calibration routine.

You should be able to set your SVS easily through this method, but there are many other ways you can set it up as well. For instance, your PB-1000 also has a left/right line-level output so that you can set it up in a multi-channel application as well. For this method, connect your subwoofer’s left/right line-level inputs to the left/right line-level outputs of the processor or pre-amplifier. When done, adjust the low pass filter to make your subs blend seamlessly with your loudspeaker’s frequency.

Afterward, you have to adjust the knobs accordingly, so there is no clash of sound between your subwoofer and the other speakers in your home audio setup. For this, adjust the gain so the subs harmonize with your loudspeaker’s level, and make sure to adjust the phase control so there is a smooth transition of sound from your loudspeaker to the PB-1000. Other ways to set-up your SVS PB-1000 can be found on their official website, which you can check out here:


What is a Subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a speaker specifically designed in a way so it delivers you lower frequency sound. They generally produce frequencies from 20Hz to 200Hz. Without a subwoofer, your home audio system will be incomplete. Sounds like bass, kick drum, and special effects in movies are properly delivered through subwoofers thus can correctly be received by you.

As subwoofers handle all the low frequencies, the rest of the speakers in your setup can focus on giving you accurate acoustics. This is the reason why the overall performance of your audio system increases sufficiently. Which gives you more reason why an excellent subwoofer is a necessity for your home theater or audio system.

But then, how do you select the best subwoofer for your setup? There are so many available options to choose from. How does one choose a subwoofer that will provide deep bass and also fit-in your setup seamlessly? Well, you have to look no further as the SVS PB-1000 is the subwoofer just for you!

Are SVS PB-1000 subwoofers good for listening to music?

The SVS PB-1000 subwoofers provide you with an excellent mid-bass and deep base. They also deliver frequencies as low as 20Hz. But because it is inaccurate at times, it’s not the best for listening to music. For listening to music, you should consider the SB-1000.

Are SVS PB-1000 better for listening to music or watching movies?

The SVS PB-1000 subwoofers offer you high performance due to their high output driver. These subwoofers also give you a low distortion which makes them ideal for watching movies. Although great for movie watching, these aren’t so great for listening to music.

What to do with your PB-1000’s LED indicator?

Although the LED indicator is a nice feature to show you your subwoofers’ connectivity status, it can get a bit annoying. If you have the grille covering your subs, it should be no issue, but you need to remove the grille when you want a complete audio experience. To solve this issue, simply place black tape over your subwoofer’s LED indicator.

In Conclusion

Subwoofers are a necessity when it comes to setting up your home theater or home sound system. Without subwoofers, you cannot enjoy the deep bass in hip hop and EDM, and what’s a party without either of these. Furthermore, you won’t FEEL the scenes in your movie without subwoofers, which the director intended you to feel. That’s why you need to have the best subwoofers.

SVS PB-1000 is a suitable subwoofer for you if you’re looking for a classic design and a deep bass. These subwoofers offer you a bass as deep as 19Hz. This is astonishing as no other subwoofers within the same price offer you this. Furthermore, these subwoofers are durable, and the markings on the control knobs help you get a precise and noise-free adjustment.

Additionally, these subwoofers give you increased output power in a ported box design. Moreover, these subwoofers are made of MDF which makes them highly durable. The curved edges and black ash finish makes them look sophisticated, and they fit seamlessly in your home theater or sound system setup.

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