If you are a hardcore music lover and want the sound output in the best forms, then you ought to have a speaker or a subwoofer. Both of the sound output devices are equipped with transducers that convert electrical energy to sound energy. A music enthusiast would truly understand the importance of quality sound output produced by speakers or subwoofers. Both of the devices are widespread and are popular among all age groups for different purposes. They can be connected to your computers, cell phones, installed in cars, and connected to other sound sources. Both of them require a plug-in connection with the sound source to produce amped sounds.

The basic purpose of a speaker and a subwoofer is to amplify sound energy. For a general understanding, a speaker is a loudspeaker that would convert the electromagnetic waves into audible sound energy with amplification. Subwoofer, also commonly known as bass, deals with low-frequency sounds. Subwoofer converts the audible sounds with low frequency and pitch into a clear and amplified sound energy. Which of the amplifying devices is better is the real question. It generally depends on the person’s preference. However, there are some traits in both of them that give them a lead on each other. Let us discuss the comparison between the subwoofer and speaker so you can decide which one is better.


Subwoofers provide a great deal of entertainment. If you want to listen to the bass tunes with good quality, you should get your hands on subwoofers. You can connect subwoofers with the sound system of your home theatre to give you some real theatre feels. Moreover, you can install them in your game space to enhance your gaming experience to a thrilling level. Not only that, there are several manufacturers that produce subwoofers for cars. You can install them in your cars to enjoy the ride while listening to your favourite bass tunes.

What is a Subwoofer?

A subwoofer is an output device that is specifically manufactured for lower frequency sounds. In an audible frequency spectrum, sound waves with the lowest frequency cannot be interpreted by ordinary speakers effectively. Subwoofers are here to amplify lower frequency and low pitched sounds. These lower frequency sounds are also called bass or sub-bass. The frequency range that is compatible with the subwoofers is 20 to 200Hz. For better understanding, frequencies of explosion sound in movies or kick-drum frequencies can be converted and amplified by subwoofers.

Structure and Working

Subwoofers have a complex structure; if you look closely, you will find a loudspeaker installed in one or more woofers. The reason for placing one loudspeaker in one or more woofers is to create subwoofer derivatives. All the variants created by a subwoofer have their own efficiency, sound handling, and power specific to them. Subwoofers come with different frequency ranges. The type of subwoofers you buy greatly depends on your requirement. A subwoofer having 20 to 200 Hz is suitable for home use. On the other hand, a subwoofer with a frequency range lower than 100Hz is for professional purposes.


Subwoofers are great for handling the home theater. In a home theater, the audio output sends multiple frequency ranges that an ordinary speaker cannot handle. Therefore, subwoofers will do the job of controlling various frequencies. Moreover, you will have a wonderful experience each time you watch a movie with lots of acoustics.

Why is it the Best Option?

Imagine you are completely immersed while listening to hip-hop or electronic dance music. The entrancing music that comes with a real feel is produced by the subwoofer. Who doesn’t want to listen to quality music by immersing themselves completely in it? Everyone does! Right? Subwoofers allow for producing high-quality bass tunes with ultimate perfection. Subwoofers have gained a lot of popularity in the gaming realm. They give hyper-realistic feelings while you are playing intense games. In addition to that, subwoofers allow you to feel every bit of the sound in its truest sense.

Why is it Better?

A subwoofer is a great invention in the realm of music as it provides high-quality depth. Moreover, it provides you with a variety in terms of amplification. Speakers connect directly to the sound source and are mainly used for vocals. At the same time, subwoofers are better to be used for the music as it creates better effects. It connects to the sound source through an amplifier, so you have a variety of amplification options.

In addition to that, subwoofers offer a better bass quality as compared to the speakers. To enhance the overall acoustics of your mini theater, you can use them for better effects. In short, subwoofers provide full customization and high-quality bass tunes with minimal to no reverberations. The downside of a subwoofer is that it’s more expensive than speakers and produces only bass sounds.


Speaker is the most conventionally used sound output device that works as a loudspeaker to amplify vocals. There is a wide variety of speakers known to the world connected to computers or other sound sources. The general purpose of a speaker is to amplify the electromagnetic sound waves generated by the sound source.

Like the subwoofers, speakers are equipped with transducers that convert electromagnetic signals into sound energy to be heard by people. Speakers come in two different types that are analogue and digital speakers. The general rule is to convert analogue electromagnetic waves into sound waves and then louden them. A digital speaker takes digital speakers and converts the digital sound input into analogue form and then sound waves. Both of these types have many uses in a vast number of fields.

Why are Speakers Better?

Speakers serve a lot in the whole sound output producing process. The primary focus of the speakers is to take the electromagnetic waves and convert them into sound energy. The primary work is done by the speakers, and they are also called electro-acoustic transducers. Speakers allow for comparison in audio systems to a greater extent. The reason for that is its ability to create maximum distortions to distinguish one sound from another. Also, a speaker takes its lead because it can produce sound output, including bass. However, the quality wouldn’t be as good as that of subwoofers.

Importance of Speakers

Speakers can deal efficiently with higher frequency sounds and their amplification. They are the sole output devices to cause maximum distortion in the signals they receive. That helps in distinguishing audible differences and much more. In addition to that, speakers are of great importance in many fields of life. For instance, you can make your voice audible in a big room full of people. Moreover, you can deliver a presentation backing it with sound effects produced by speakers. Also, speakers prove to be an essential device for differently-abled people, for instance, those with visual impairment.

Subwoofers Vs. Speakers

On the technical ends, both the output devices are technologically advanced enough to serve people differently. You can say for sure if a subwoofer is better or a speaker. The difference only arises in their frequency range handling. Subwoofers provide a more realistic sound effect for the lower frequency range. In contrast, a speaker allows for multiple uses by amplifying the sound waves. The decision at the end is yours to make which of the devices is better for you.


Which is better: a subwoofer or woofer?

Subwoofers handle frequencies that are much lower and produce a continuous bass. On the other hand, woofers are made to control frequencies ranging from 40Hz to 2500Hz. Therefore subwoofers produce more realistic sound effects.

Does a subwoofer improve the sound quality?

Subwoofers do increase the sound quality by making it more dimensional. They help the composer promote the music he/she truly means to convey. If you listen to hip hop music and other bass tunes, you feel it in a more realistic way. Besides, subwoofers also enhance the home theatre ambience.

Does a subwoofer only play bass?

Yes, a subwoofer only produces bass tunes. Subwoofers are manufactured for the specific purpose of playing lower frequencies to make the music more immersive.

Can you use amplifiers with a subwoofer?

Amplifiers will louden the sound output resulting in loud, deep, and thumping music. So, yes, you can connect an amplifier with a subwoofer.

Final Thoughts

The final opinion about which sound output is hard to make as both of them provide their fair share of service. Speakers effectively amplify the sound waves to make them clearly audible. In comparison, subwoofers are famous in the world of music and theatres. They are popular for producing realistic bass sounds. Sometimes a speaker and a subwoofer work in coherence to create top-quality sounds. In a nutshell, both of the output devices have their own features to offer.

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