10 Best Car Subwoofers In 2022 [ Top Rated Picks ]

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When buying a subwoofer for your car, you’ve to keep much more in check as compared to buying a Home Theater Subwoofer. Along with the specs, you have to think about the space as well as the budget. To make it a lot easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of the best car subwoofers in 2021 based on my experience and testing, it takes into consideration the size, specifications, and budget. It’s a lot easier to choose from this list for your car rather than searching the web. So let’s have a look at the quick bit.

Quick Answer: Top-Rated Best Car Subwoofers in 2022

Comparison Chart

Kicker 44DCWC122 CompC Dual 12-Inch 1200 Watt Single 2 Ohm Terminal Vented Loaded Compact Vented Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure for Trunks or SUV, Black
51EEWlAi3VL. AC SL100
Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Enclosed Subwoofer for CAR
JBL GT-BassPro12 12-Inch (300mm) Car Audio Powered Subwoofer System, black
41W QaDPU0S. SL500
Rockville RW8CA 8″ 600 Watt Low Profile Under-Seat Active Powered Car Subwoofer
MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Sub Enclosure
518Eq65XA0L. SL500
10TW1-4 – JL Audio 10″ 300W RMS 600W Max 4-Ohm TW1 Subwoofer
51ZsQYikQML. SL500
Rockville RVB12.1A 12 Inch 500W Active Powered Car Subwoofer+Sub Enclosure Box
41j5uoqgv7L. SL500
Rockford Fosgate P300-10 Punch Single 10″ 300 Watt Amplified Subwoofer
41ARazu6shL. SL500
Orion HCCA122 12″ 2 Ohms Series HCCA Subwoofer Dual VC RMS Power Watts 2500 Black Coil
41J10pUu4jL. SL500
Kicker 10″ 600 Watt 4 Ohm Vented Thin Profile Subwoofer Enclosure | 44TCWC104

Best Overall: KICKER 44DCWC122 Car Subwoofer

The kicker was founded in 1973 in Oklahoma and is still based there. They are known to manufacture excellent quality audio products. The company produces a range of products that also include speakers at all the power ratings. They even produce amp, DSP, and marine audio equipment. All the products by the company are of high quality, and talking about their, speakers these are a combination of a lot of power with high built quality.

Moreover, the 44DCWC122 has a rugged build cabinet that features two speakers, and the construction of the cabinet boasts of having MDF fiberboard. The box on the inner side has a bracing that is strengthening and anti-vibration, adding to the overall durability of the subwoofer. Rounded corners make the design more attractive and offer the unit a complete look with the help of the grey colored carpet. The box is ported, and it boasts slots at the rear side. The subwoofer is quite large in size, and the dimensions of it measure 36 x 24 x 18 inches.

Also, it’s not among the lightweight subwoofers as it weighs over 60 pounds, and it is not the one easy to move around. In addition, the enclosure also has two 12 inches speakers with an RMS rating at 600 watts of power. This power peaks at the maximum and jumps to 1200 watts.

Furthermore, the cones have a polypropylene construction, and this is stabilized further by the addition of polyurethane—these materials aids in reducing the distortion and noise in the sound. The unit, on the whole, is a really powerful setup. The subwoofer seems a bit underpowered, which won’t let you get the fullest from the powerful speakers. The box is covered in plush charcoal gray colored carpeting that has a yellow branding.

Additionally, the slot vents are present, and this helps to create a beautiful volume. The molded propylene cones are tough, and these ensure that you do not get any flex or distortion. At the bottom line, this model forms a great unit that is really well made and owns an attractive design. However, the unit is heavy and large, and you have to make sure that you can fit this one in the proper place.

Best Enclosed: Kenwood KSC-SW11 Car Subwoofer

51EEWlAi3VL. AC SL500

If you are someone who wants to have a punch of bass in your car audio system but also do not want a unit that takes all the interior space and storage of your vehicle, then you should consider getting the subwoofer by Kenwood called the KSC-SW11. The subwoofer is designed to add some bass to your music, but you should not expect this one to rumble or shake your windows that is enough to soak your bones with low frequencies.

Moreover, the built-in amplifier of this subwoofer rates at only 75 watts, so you should know already that it is not a powerhouse. This sub by the company forms a sleek addition to their already present audio system. It has a casing that is made up of Aluminium, and the look of it is great even if you want to toss the unit anywhere out of your sight. Moreover, like many others all in one option, the installation is really easy, and you also get a remote control so that you can adjust the output of sound according to your wish.

Furthermore, In terms of performance, this little unit is capable of filling the voids of the mid-bass that the usual factory speakers can not handle. The subwoofer sounds decent but it is not able to reproduce the lower frequencies without getting muddied. So you can also use 150-hertz wiring bass blockers to eliminate the lower rates. Adding this unit fills the voids nicely and will vibrate your car mirrors in parenthesis.

Additionally, it is also capable of hammering the double bass kicks from the metal drummers, and this is will leave you beyond pleased. The downside is that this subwoofer is not able to put out what a pair of 12-inch subs do having tons of power behind them. This product is for those people who want a quick and straightforward way to enhance their audio system. However, it is not the go-to option for an audiophile, but it would add to round up to give depth to your audio. So if you want a good sound that does not have any bulky or gaudy visuals of audio, this must be your pick.

Overall, KSC-SW11 is an excellent unit that performs nicely at an affordable price.

Best Budget: JBL GT-BassPro12 Car Subwoofer

The JBL GT-Bass Pro 12, is a powered subwoofer that is capable of producing a high-quality output with smaller distortion bass for your car audio experience. The subwoofer has a slipstream port design that is put together to generate a deep, tight, and rich bass that has the minimum noise and distortion.

Moreover, you also get an improved structure of the motor that features venting for thermal protection. With the addition of a progressive spider, the subwoofer provides you with enhanced mechanical reliability. The amplifier has greater flexibility in terms of power. If you are hunting for a unit that has a rugged enclosure, then this subwoofer is the best choice due to its heavy-duty design. It is not a sleek unit, but it is the one that is able to hide the raw power.

Also, the oversized unit has bars that are really cool in appearance and are also really functional as well. When you load your truck or the car with some luggage, you will be pleased to have the bars for protecting your subwoofer. The GT-bass pro12 has a 150-watt built-in amplifier together with the 12-inch polypropylene cone speaker and the patented Slipstream port that eliminates the noise at higher volumes. The design is open and has vented pole pieces, which means that the motor of your speaker will remain cool. This feature adds to the overall output of the unit and also helps to reduce the distortions at high volume levels as well.

Additionally, the process of installing this subwoofer is straightforward, and it also includes signal sensing to get an automatic operation when it has some audio signals. The subwoofer is worth the cost you pat, and this works amazingly above 40 hertz. It is really awesome for metal, and if you put this one directing towards you, you will literally get violent massages due to its vibrations. However, attaching the cables to the amp is a bit awkward, but overall the installment is not a big deal. The boast of bass is nice, and it brings out the notes nicely neat 40 Hertz. You also get a remote control that allows you to adjust your bass level easily while you are driving.

At the bottom line, if you want an all in one subwoofer that adds an incredible performance with easy installation and sturdy features, the JBL GT-Bass pro 12 forms the best option to go for. Although it is not the cheapest option but it is quite reasonable in price, for its features and performance.

Best Active: Rockville RW8CA Powered Car Subwoofer

41W QaDPU0S. SL500

This subwoofer by Rockville has a slim and low profile design as well as it has been engineered to produce a potent and responsive bass at optimum space. While choosing a subwoofer, the space also forms a main consideration. This model RW8CA is capable of delivering the sonically lower frequencies so that you get a booming and thumping music. Due to the slim size and design of the subwoofer, you can easily slip this one under the seat of your car, for example, the front passenger seat.

Moreover, as the subwoofer covers only 2.7 inches of thickness, so you will be able to fit this one anywhere. The subwoofer has a built-in amplifier, so you should be expecting your interior to be shaking. Also, the Rockville provides you with streamlined installation, so you get the ease of wiring the high-level input and pair with the already existing speaker in your car.

Furthermore, the installation process for the subwoofer is straightforward from start to the end. Due to the addition of the high-level inputs, you do not have to remove the wire from the receiver to set up the off and on the feature of the subwoofer. Additionally, the sub also features to have a smart circuit that has an audio signal which turns on your unit whenever the signal is present around. Moreover, when you have to turn off the music signal built in the amplifier automatically turns it off. Using the inputs at a high level makes the easiest and the fastest way to install any amp subwoofer combination, as you do not have to remove the receiver as well.

Additionally, it is suggested to use the high-level input and wire this one to one of your speakers. Moreover, you get all the outputs and the inputs at one side, adding to your ease of use. This also helps to make the wiring neater and easier as there are many other competitors in the market that are really challenging when it comes to installation.

Lastly, the controls allow you to adjust the sound according to your wish. You get a volume level control, a subsonic filter that is made to filter out the frequencies at a deficient level. Also, you get phase control, low pass cross over the filter, and bass boost as well. At the bottom line, the P300 by Rockford Fostage forms an all in one answer that adds a deep rich bass to your car audio experience. This provides you with a significant benefit in the context of price. However, you will have to somewhat give up on power and sound quality. Lastly, if you are participating in some healthy booming competition, then you should choose some other unit.

Best Buy: MTX TNE212D Car Subwoofer

The MTX Audio is a company based in the United States, and this is well known to be specialists in making car audio systems. The company is especially famous for manufacturing good quality speakers and subwoofers. So if you are searching for a good quality subwoofer for your car, your hunt is over. This subwoofer is a powerful and big unit that performs amazingly when it comes to the production of good quality sound with tight and rich bass. It is designed sturdily by using a thick MDF enclosure, which is further covered by an aircraft-grade carpet to add further protection. So the overall built of the unit is such that it is able to withstand all the shaking and bumps in the car or truck.

Moreover, this subwoofer has the dimension measuring 14 x 29 x 13 inches, which means that it has quite a big size. The size also means that you have to put the unit on the back seat considering the size, and it is also quite substantial and weighs 30 pounds. The sole purpose of getting a subwoofer for your car is to get better sound output. This sub has the power to take your audio game to a new level with excellent sound quality. The bass you get is so real to the source, tight and deeply throbbing bass, which can also be overpowering at times.

Additionally, the frequency response of the subwoofer ranges between 10 Hertz to 150 hertz. On the inside of the cabinet, you get two 12 inch subwoofers, and each of the speakers is capable of handling 200watts RMS. This woofer also has a voice coil, which is two inches in size, and it is made up of aluminum. The fittings of the speakers are done by using rubber surround so it is able to cushion and endure any sudden vibrations. The cones the speakers have are made of Polypropylene, and it is designed to dissipate heat and move the fresh air. This phenomenon uses the courtesy of the new coil design and adds to the overall life span of the unit.

At the bottom line, the MTX audio terminator series TNE212D forms a perfect unit, especially in the context of price. The only downside that I have discovered about it is that it does not have the grilles that are meant to protect the speakers. Other than that, it has a sturdy built and provides you with amazing features at an affordable price.

Best Compact: JL Audio 10-Inch Car Subwoofer

518Eq65XA0L. SL500

The company JL Audio was established in Floride US in 1975, and this company grew from a local store to a name that is now known worldwide. Many of the products from the brand are still assembled in the US, while others are manufactured overseas. This subwoofer model is a high-quality unit that generates a powerful and precise bass, which also has a significant effect on the audiovisuals and forms one of the best subwoofers. The housing of the coil, which is a basket, also holds the terminal flame and cone as well is made up of a cast alloy, which is stiff in construction. This rigid frame also aids in affecting the sound production by the speaker, and this also helps to decrease any potential distortion drastically.

Moreover, the 10-inch speaker is capable of delivering 600 watts RMS. Also, the cone has a durable and sturdy polypropylene construction that adds more durability to the whole unit. This also helps in resonating and deep production of bass, which is really clear and very well defined even when the volume of the subwoofer is very high. Moreover, the range of frequency response lies between 22 Hertz to 200Hertz, and this also enables the sub to deliver an excellent transient response.

Furthermore, if you are familiar with the details about the sound, then you might also know that the transient response is a critical factor. It is the essential operation of the speaker when it starts and stops; in short, its the starting and the stopping of the unit. Here you get no sound overflow, and the cabinet or bass woofer is more alive when it has a good transient response.

Additionally, the sound quality provided by the unit is excellent, and you get an amazing sound bass. The unit weighs 22 pounds, and it is not a heavy option, and you can move and place this one easily. In addition, as the sub is a fitted option so you will not have to spare a lot of space to keep this one. At the bottom line, this unit by JL audio forms a unit that is really well made in the construction combined with good bass and transient response at an affordable price. The only downside is that some people may not like the fitted option for the woofer other than that it is a really good option to go for.

Best 12-Inch: Rockville RVB12 Car Subwoofer

51ZsQYikQML. SL500

Rockville is a company based in the United States, and they are well known for manufacturing the right sound products that are meant for home, car, and marine use. The Majority of the products put together by the brand are assembled in China. This model by Rockville is called the RVB12 forms an all in one unit, which generates a great sound to enhance your experience of the audiovisuals in your car. This unit features to have a 12 inches subwoofer that can generate 300 watts of RMS, which at the peak reaches 500 watts.

Moreover, the range of the frequency response put out by the unit lies between 30 Hertz and 150 Hertz. The enclosure that holds the unit has the dimensions measuring 17 x 17 x 16 inches, so you do not have to spare a lot of space to keep the unit. Despite the fact that the sub has a small size, it is still able to provide you with sufficient power output. The cabinet also boasts of having a built-in amp, which is really powerful as well. Moreover, the pulp cone of the unit has a size of 12 inches, and it is made up of reinforced Kevlar. Additionally, the dust cap which is molded has been made by using the carbon graphite.

Furthermore, the overall built of the subwoofer is rugged, which is because of the MDF fiberboard that also has an internal bracing aiding to decrease any of the internal vibrations. This unit is further covered by an Aviation grade carpet, which is black and blue in color. Moreover, the design of the cabinet is such that its cabinets angle easily fits against the rear seat of your car. This is further covered by the help of a protective speaker grill, which has a shape of a wheel cap and adds more to protect the unit. This also adds to protect the unit from any possible damage. On one side of the subwoofer, you get controls that are meant for adjusting the sound levels according to your wish.

Additionally, the RVB12.1A also features an adjustable bass and EQ that has both RCA line in and speaker level input adding more to the versatility of the sub. With the help of the high-level input, you would not need to have any pre-amp output already. This will allow you to install the unit and get signals via your already to present speakers. Overall, this subwoofer by Rockville forms a great option that provides you with simple connectivity and installation at a very reasonable price. Lastly, Rockville has produced some excellent boat subwoofers as well if you’re interested in getting one.

Rockford Fosgate P300-10 Amplified Subwoofer

41j5uoqgv7L. SL500

The car subwoofer at the most basic level are the speakers having low frequency. To get a good sound of the sub, the thing you need is to deliver them with power unless they do not have an onboard amplifier. The Fostage P300 by Rockford is such a model that features a great amplifier that is capable of producing great sound quality. This P300 subwoofer has a sealed enclosure that offers you an accurate, tight, and rich bass.

Moreover, the built-in amplifier that comes with the unit can deliver 300 watts of peak power, and this means that you need to pair a source of energy and connect a source and you will get a good sound. The design of the unit has a sleek and chic design, and this feature adds to the ease of installation combined with a balanced and powerful performance. Moreover, the enclosure of the sub is such that it fits perfectly on the back seats of the trucks. Also, this can also fit into the trunks of a small car as well. The design of the enclosure is really sturdy and has been made by using MDF, which is covered further by the vinyl, which is activated by the help of heat. Despite the fact that the subwoofer is very well and solidly made, it also comes with features that enable you to take your audio game to a new level.

Furthermore, the subwoofer features a built-in converter, which means that you do not need additional Loc boxes that many people buy for the amp kits and the subwoofers. Moreover, the cables that come along might make you think that you need another one as these are RCA female to high-level speaker input. But you get a bride within the amp, and you will need to cut and splice the R positive and the L positive into to cars and get a T tap. This also enables you to connect quickly connect with the source. A tip to get the best sound output is to tap the high-level input into the already existing subwoofer of your car.

Additionally, try to break into the subwoofer slowly and do not turn ant setting up for a few days and let the speaker move the air without making it go crazy. Once it has been broken in for a few days, this little lightweight sub will turn into a small powerhouse. The addition of this unit would fill your car with rattling and crystal clear and tight bass without being overwhelming. This subwoofer also includes the remote bass control, which you can adjust according to your wish.

For a fully powered and loaded subwoofer with true plug and play functions, it is a hard task to beat the Rockford Fostage P300. If you are hunting for a simple car subwoofer, you can easily get your hands on this unit. The only downside of the sub is that it is a bit hefty for the size. At the bottom line, the P300 by Rockford forms an option that works excellently without breaking your bank account. Here are some fantastic 4-inch speakers for your car if you want to replace.

Orion HCCA12 12-Inch Car Subwoofer

41ARazu6shL. SL500

This subwoofer by Orion called the HCCA 122 is a unit that is a bit expensive, yet it is made decent. The performance delivered by the unit can make you feel that you can replace your speaker with this unit, keeping it under the hood. The unit is designed so that it can handle 5000 watts of power at peak. The subwoofer has been engineered to feature advanced coil cooling systems that are four in number and make use of four-voice coils. The model we have here today has four voice coils and their model that has a 10-inch size feature three voice coils. More importantly, the 15-inch model also has four voice coils, so this one makes the best choice in terms of price.

Moreover, the majority of the car subwoofers have only two of the voice coils, and this makes the Orion be the star of the show. Additionally, if you are the person who is all about the bass, then you would need a separate enclosure. This means you would also need power generated by an appropriately rated and designed amplifier. Also, if you are planning to use the full blast of the sub every now and then, you might need to tweak your electric system once. After you have dialed in and set everything up, you can change this sub into your own earthquake device.

Furthermore, it is suggested that if you are an audio savant, then do not try to install this one on your own, as this might lead to risk some of the drops in voltage. So makes sure that you are getting the unit installed by a skilled professional. However, if you want to get into some car stereo competition and win it, then Orion is your ticket to get it. At the bottom line, the HCCA122 by Orion forms an impressive unit that fulfills your wish to have earth-shaking bass. The Orion HCCA 122 is a monster that will take your car audio experience to an entirely new level without making your bank corrupt. So it is a highly recommended option to go for.

Kicker 10TC104 RMS Truck Audio Subwoofer

41J10pUu4jL. SL500

If you are looking for a subwoofer that has a solid bass along with a carpeted enclosure that matches an amplifier, but you are short of space to keep a box measuring three feet in your truck. Then you should get your hands on a truck styled enclosure. The kicker is a name that has was established back in 1973, and the company has been manufacturing car audio systems specifically. There is no doubt in the fact that the name holds a good reputation and forms one of the best names in the market. This model, called the 10TC104 is a unit that is best suited to fit in your truck.

Moreover, taking about the enclosure, which is not as portable and sleek, but it is slim overall so that it can fit under the seat of your car. However, the performance offered by the unit is such that it is capable of filling your car with tight bass. The subwoofer performs excellently for application with a rock-solid performance.

Furthermore, the unit forms the perfect option for smaller systems, and it is very loud for a low wattage sub. The subwoofer boasts of having a power of 300 watts, so you should make sure to connect it with an amplifier having a range between 50watts to 300 watts. The enclosure has a slanted look and has an eight-inch deep at the bottom, and it is three and a half-inch deep at the top. The construction boasts a 3/4 inches MDF, and it is wrapped further in a carpet. The enclosure box is well made, and it is also substantial, the sub faces on the side of the passenger, and the port faces the driver’s side. This overall adds to balance the quality of sound.

Also, the sound provided by the subwoofer is so accurate and is flat across the range, which means that the other bass tones are not extremely overpowering like many other square subs. The punch is perfect and works excellently with a 250 watts mono amp. It has a 10-inch speaker fitted in a truck-style enclosure and also performs excellently. Moreover, if you have a smaller space to keep the unit, and also want to use your amplifier, then this one forms the best choice for you. Lastly, the subwoofer is an excellent option in a affordable price.

Buyer’s Guide for Car Subwoofers

Subwoofers are designed in order to generate bass for your audio system. No doubt that your stock speakers do carry a bass, and you can also vary the bass according to your desire via using the equalizer. But the fact is that this bass shakes and moves. Many of the conventional car sound systems have small woofers, and these are installed under the rear side of the windows. 

Moreover, these speakers also have low drive frequencies, which provides much sound. However, if you are searching to enhance your audio experience by adding a good car subwoofer with your car audio system, additionally, if your speakers do not work on their own or your order has a lower power then, you can also revisit your system and make sure that you have an amplifier which is appropriately rated. These can range in the context of price, and the final decision depends totally on your personal choice. To learn more about subwoofers you can always visit our HomePage.


Many of the car subwoofers are designed so that these can be installed under the seat of the car, but there are bulky options as well that you need to place on the truck area. These subwoofers form great all in one unit for people who want to add some bass to their sound systems. Moreover, these are easy to install and do not pose an issue for the already present power supplies of your system. 


If you yearn to get some meat for your sound system, you should look for a powerful option. To get a powerful unit, you would need to invest in a good amp and a subwoofer that has an appropriate rating to offer you with the best car bass experience. So if you want to re-catch on your bass, then the best decision os to ditch the factory enclosure and go for a sealed or a vented type of enclosure. Many people can also opt for dual speaker subsystem as it can offer double the amount of thunder. So you can also get the cheap options two in number and enhance your overall bass game. 

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