Are you still settling over the boring and dull sound effects while watching movies? If that’s the case, you direly need to get over that and amp up your movie experience. Time to add a good subwoofer to your home theatre system, which will give the necessary ‘oomph’ to the movies you watch and make you fall in love with them.

It might have you thinking about which subwoofer you should buy for the best of experience, without being too hard on your wallet. Well, JBL LSR130S is one the best out there and with a great price point. If you own a JBL LSR 300 series monitor, LSR310S is the ideal studio subwoofer pick for you as they are designed as a perfect companion to these studio monitors. Even if you are building a home sound system, consider adding these subs to it.

Subwoofers are an important component of an audio system, one that will make it more exciting and interesting. Most people are not sure whether a subwoofer is necessary or not and are indecisive about investing in them. You might be unsure, too, about the necessity of having subwoofers for your audio system; let me convince you here. Below is your answer about why subwoofers are worth investing in, followed by a detailed review of JBL LSR130S subwoofers.

What Does a Subwoofer Do?

Subwoofers are speakers specifically engineered to create low audio frequencies, hence delivering more bass. The frequency range they reproduce is between 20 Hz to 80Hz. They give a perfect bass sound that speakers are not able to offer, making them an important component of your home audio system. The specific range of frequencies a subwoofer can play varies from company to company. Also, there is more to a subwoofer than just producing bass; let’s delve into details of why you need to have a subwoofer in your home sound system and why aren’t your floor speakers sufficient.

Why Do You Need a Subwoofer?

Most people wonder why aren’t their speakers enough to produce more bass on their own and why they would need a subwoofer. The thing is that speakers are not engineered to deliver the lowest frequencies, not without distortions in the sound; if you are willing to compromise the sound quality, then you can unhesitantly consider having subwoofers useless. Most speakers can produce low frequencies limited to 50 Hz, while a good subwoofer can deliver frequencies going as low as 20 Hz, which is the level of human hearing.

If that is not enough to convince you and you feel like arguing that you are not so much of a bass player or action flicks are not your thing, why else would you need a subwoofer? Then know that it isn’t just about bass. Some speakers are not designed to operate at low frequencies, rather ideal for higher ends, so you risk their potential burning or failure if you try to have them do it. Subwoofers take the load off of your speakers, producing low frequencies and consequently enhancing their performance.

Subwoofers give you the rich, deep, and three-dimensional sound effects that are necessary to enjoy a movie. If you think that you are just fine without that, then trust me, you are missing a lot more than you realize, and you will not realize that until you actually let yourself experience that booming, punchy bass and that ‘rumbling’ sound effect once.

You will never be satisfied with the dull and plain sound effects that your sound system offers while lacking a subwoofer, whether it’s a movie or song. Adding a subwoofer to your home theatre might surpass your expectations; it will exalt your listening experience to a higher level, making you understand what you didn’t know but wanted.

JBL LSR310S Review

JBL introduced their LSR310S subwoofer to be perfectly coordinated with their LSR 300 series monitors, but it can work with any system. JBL LSR310S is packed up with a host of outstanding features that guarantees an unforgettable listening experience. The best thing about it is that it offers all this at an affordable price since you deserve to spoil yourself without breaking a bank! Below are the features of these subwoofers, mentioned and elaborated for you, so go through them and decide for yourself.

JBL Patented Slip Stream Port

The ported enclosure makes the JBL LSR310S able to give an efficient bass performance. It delivers a louder and more punchy bass. It gets more output than a sealed enclosure from an amplifier of the same power, offering more bass output loudness. The movement of the sub’s cone is also minimized, which means the lowest chances of distortion in the sound.

The port redirects the sub’s rear output (sound coming from the back of the cone) and uses it to optimize the sub’s front output, adding the sound from the rear to that coming from the front. Hence, giving a powerful booming bass. These ported subs are designed to give an optimal low-frequency performance, with lower disruptions even at higher volume levels.

JBL LSR310S features the patented slim stream port, which is engineered to reduce irregularity in airflow and significantly decrease port noise at high sound pressure. This port design renders JBL LSR310S drastically different from normally ported subwoofers. It produces deep and strong bass with higher accuracy regardless of the volume level. The port is double flared, ideally designed to minimize turbulence and enhanced low-frequency extension.

High Excursion Low-Frequency Driver

JBL LSR310S has a custom-built driver, which is engineered to perform at a frequency range as low as 20 Hz, which is an incredibly low frequency even for subwoofers and produces great bass. You can turn the volume louder without fretting about the sound getting distorted since this 20 Hz driver guarantees low compression and lower distortion.

Thus this low-frequency driver will allow you to not actually hear but feel the sound, which is required by most movies if you are to enjoy a totally immersive and thrilling experience watching them. Since most movies and songs aren’t just about listening, rather they are losing a lot of impact and excitement if you are not getting the feels right.

In most movies these days, low frequencies that are dealt with range from 20 Hz to 30 Hz. so it’s clear that you are missing out on a lot if you are not using a subwoofer or using one with a frequency range not as low as needed. Those subwoofers that don’t produce a frequency range this low can be good but still insufficient since you can not get the feels of low-frequency sound effects totally.

With the deep bass and accurate low-end performance JBL LSR310S delivers, you will not be left deprived of those low notes and the true excitement of a movie-watching or song listening experience. The peak output that the driver gives is 113 dB, without any risk of failure for a long period of time.

Down Firing Woofer

This sub has a 10-inch down-firing woofer, which further enhances the bass performance. The bass produced by the woofer strikes the floor and travels along with it, and consequently produces a deeper bass. Being a down-firing woofer, JBL LSR310S offers more output for the same amount of power than a front-firing woofer.

This bottom-firing woofer produces notes that ripple along the floor surface and are responsible for the deepest and rich low-end notes. The longer waves produced as a result provide a smooth and even bass that remains indifferent to the increased volume levels.

XLF Extended Low Frequency

JBL LSR310S features an specially designed XLF, Extended Low Frequency, setting. This is perhaps the most fun feature these subs have; you can bring the dance club to your home through this. This setting, when activated, switches the subs to produce a specifically engineered tune that imitates the one used in dance clubs with booming bass. It enhances the low-frequency performance of the subs, alters the bass and frequencies to match those used in most of the dance clubs.

Extended Connections

The connections that JBL LSR310S features include dual balanced XLR outputs and XLR and TRS balanced inputs. Through these, you can link these subs to any studio monitor system to extend the low-end audio performance of the subs. The balanced XLR makes sure that the connections extend longer without any distortion and interference and hence there is no compromise in the sound quality.

200W Class D Amplifier

These subs are powered by a 200W powerful class D amplifier. Class D amps are considered highly efficient for subwoofers; they produce a certain interference in sound at higher frequencies but are excellent for subwoofers. That’s because subs operate at low frequencies, the amp’s distortion is reduced, making it ideal for subwoofers.


The JBL LSR130S subs are designed ideally for LSR active studio monitor series by JBL, but they can be well integrated into any system. They don’t just give highly accurate, booming bass performance but also free the speakers of the burden of creating low-end frequencies. The 10-inch bottom-firing woofer produces smooth and even bass.

The customizable crossover settings help you reach the low-end frequencies that you want. This subwoofer will enhance the performance of your studio monitors to the next level. The broad options of connections enable these subs to link to your studio monitors quickly and easily. To top it all, these subs with a lot of incredible features are available at an affordable price range. Add the perfect amount of bass in your tracks with JBL LSR130S and enjoy a movie and music experience like never before.

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