It feels like ages ago when you had to pop in a CD or cassette and then go through the strenuous task of connecting it with wired headphones that seemed tangled in a knot. You had to push up the volume to hear the music and risk damaging your eardrums.

Times have changed.

We have better speakers and speaker systems. But now, the challenge of choosing the right device presents itself. While the gadgets were simpler then, they were limited in options. Now purchasing a pair of headphones or portable speakers requires a small investment and extensive research.

Should you opt for Bluetooth or WiFi speakers? Which is better?We are here for you. Our speaker reviews site makes it easy for you to choose the best. Plus, We bring you the best Bluetooth speakers to buy in 2022.

Bluetooth Over WiFi

First off, there is a difference in the functionality of Bluetooth and WiFi speakers. Bluetooth speakers are much smaller than WiFi speakers;think AirPods. This makes them more suitable for smaller settings and hence, more portable.

For example, the JBL Clip 3 is a small speaker that offers smooth Bluetooth streaming.It is equipped with a speakerphone and runs on battery. The IPX7 waterproof is by far its best feature for people who love their music at the beach or near a pool.

The only problem? You need to connect it to a device that should be close to it in range.


WiFi speakers, on the other hand, offer a greater range. Plus, they also have a bettersound quality and come with smart assistants.

Don’t you hate it when the Bluetooth connection goes weird sometimes? Well, that doesn’t happen with WiFi speakers. That’s because they have a better connection and don’t get their signals disrupted. 

But they must be powered at all times or connected to an electrical outlet. And they are also pricier than Bluetooth speakers.

And The Winner Is…

The bottom line isthat Bluetooth and WiFi speakers are quite different and vary in their range, portability, and sound quality

But your choice should depend on your use. Go for the JBL Clip3 if you plan to use them for your beach trips. If you need one for the lounge, choose both and opt for a WiFi / Bluetooth Wireless Speaker like the Sony SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio. 

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