Bluetooth speakers are so popular that their sales are expected to grow by $6.93 billion between 2021 and 2026. For all their newfound fame, they run out of juice fairly quickly. If only there were a way to keep them running, battery or no battery.

Well, at Speakers Daily, there’s always a way.

Here’s how you can use your smart speaker when it runs out of battery power.

Consider the Two Non-Rechargeable Options

Rather than seeking a quick fix to your Bluetooth speaker’s lack of battery power, you could replace it with an alternative that doesn’t depend on a secondary device to keep it in running order.

1.  Smart Speakers with Built-in Battery

Some Bluetooth speakers come with built-in batteries, which might need changing after running for a certain period. However, they tend to run out much later than their rechargeable counterpart.

2. Earbuds or Headphones

Unlike rechargeable Bluetooth speakers, wireless earbuds and headphones can last quite a while. Headphones, especially those by household names like Beats Studio, can tide over for a whole day out and about. If your Bluetooth speaker runs out of battery, whip out your headphones and connect them to your device instead.

Now, keep reading if you want to keep using your Bluetooth speakers.

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Stay Near a Power Source

If you’re near a recharging station or have a power bank on you, plug in your Bluetooth speaker and continue listening to music while the speaker recharges. You could also use a car charger to charge your speakers without ruining the flow.

Get a Solar Charger

Solar chargers have been doing the rounds quite a bit lately. These charging stations are, you guessed it, entirely wireless because they depend on solar energy to recharge themselves and then transfer it to your speakers once they’re connected

If your Bluetooth speaker supports a solar charger, you should get one ASAP to recharge.

Plug Into Your Laptop

Not everyone carries a Bluetooth speaker when out and about, but almost everyone has an electronic notebook. When leaving your house, be sure to take the charging cable of your speakers with you. That way, you can recharge your speaker by plugging it into your laptop and using its battery to get the speaker’s power back up.

Of course, to do that, you need to make sure your laptop’s charged. If not, you’re better off with the remaining battery in your notebook than a fully charged Bluetooth speaker.

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