If you are on the lookout for the best waterproof and dustproof portable speakers for outdoor use, we have one of the best options for you. UE Wonderboom 2, with an IP67 waterproof rating, offers reliability, long-term performance, and great value for the money. As far as the sound quality is concerned, it is one of the best portable speakers, featuring an incredible bass response, amazing outdoor sound experience, and unmatched loudness.

This article reviews in detail what this little pod actually brings to you. From design to sound quality and construction to reliability, we will discuss every feature in detail.

UE Wonderboom 2 Review

Let’s begin with specs.


Sound: 360-degree stereo + outdoor boost
Speaker Type: Outdoor/ Portable
Dimensions: 3.8xx3.8×4.1 inches
Weight: 14.81 oz
Design: Athleisure-inspired-two-tone fabric
Connectivity: Wireless Bluetooth A2DP profile
Bluetooth Range: 98 ft
Amplifier/ Amplification: Integrated/ Active
Number of drivers: 2
Driver Type: Active + passive radiator
Driver Size: 40mm, 46×65 mm
Battery Life : 13 hours
Recharge Time: 2.6 hours
Waterproof: IPx7
Dustproof : IP6x


If you had the original UE Wonderboom ever, you might not feel any difference except a few minor changes. The volume up and down controls and the plastic chassis in cylindrical shape remain unchanged. Two brightly colored “+” and “-” shapes are arranged vertically to the side, as they were in the original EU Wonderboom. The main control panel is on the top.

These controls include a power button, pairing, and playback. The Playback button is in the center, that function to pause, skip and play the tracks. However, if you want to return to the previous song, the playback button won’t work, and you will need your phone to do so.

While at the bottom, there is a volume boost button which was not present in the previous UE Wonderboom. This button ultimately works as a noise canceller, as it boosts the volume in noisy outdoor environments.

An LED light indicator on the top works as a power indicator and a battery or charging indicator.  The control buttons feel more like a membrane type, as they are made waterproof and dust resistant. You might feel these controls a bit softer but they work fine once you get used to them.

Plus, it features a micro USB port at the bottom panel. This port is protected by a door at the back. Users might be expecting a USB C-type charging port in this newest version, but unfortunately, they skipped it. However, there are few new design features, like a rubber strap and new color combinations. These colors include Bermuda blue, ice gray, and red.


The UE Wonderboom 2 uses two 40mm active drivers and two 46×65 mm passive drivers to produce a full sound of 360-degrees. Plus, a wraparound grille helps in equal sound distribution in all directions. The frequency ranges between 75 kHz to 20 kHz. If we talk about output, it is around 87 dB that boosts up to 100 decibels or around 97 decibels in outdoor boost mode.

However, in boost outdoor made, the sound gets distorted, and you will get the sound quality and response when the output is managed between 87 decibels. This amazing frequency response makes it one of the best outdoor speakers.

Waterproof Rating

Another standout feature is the IPX 67 rating. Ip67 rating means it can be submerged up to 3.3 feet in water for up to 30 minutes. Plus, it also promises complete dust protection. Additionally, it also features a drop-proof rating and promises stability and durability if dropped from a height of 5 feet. The unit was tested for that and stood by its promise.

These amazing features give you the confidence to take these speakers out for challenging adventures like hiking, cycling on dusty tracks like beaches, kayaking, swimming, and fishing.

Battery Performance

The unguarded Li-ion battery is something different in this newest version. The previous UE Wonderboom offered a playtime of only 10 hours. However, this UE Wonderboom 2 claims to provide a playtime of up to 13 hours. The good news is that it is true. The battery lasts for up to 12 hours if you play the speaker at low and mid-volume levels.

However, if you enable the outdoor boost mode, that battery time will be limited to only 7 hours or maybe 6 hours—the LED light on the top acts as a battery and charging indicator. Plus, pressing “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously produces a tone indicating battery life. However, it is not much help, as it is not clarified that a particular tone corresponds to which battery level.

The visual battery indicators are more helpful than audio ones, especially in such outdoor portable gadgets. The battery takes around 2.6 hours to get fully charged, and you can even play the music during the charging.

Pairing and Connectivity

For audio input and wireless pairing, the Wonderboom two only offers Bluetooth connectivity. For that, it features a Bluetooth A2DP profile. It quickly connects to phones and other input devices like laptops and tablets. The good news is that you can connect up to two input devices simultaneously and it gives you the freedom to play from the device of your choice.

Plus, you can pair two UE Wonderboom 2s together by pressing a pairing button on the top. This will help you get an enhanced and even louder sound experience. When paired with another EU Wonderboom 2, it supports both mono and stereo modes.  The Wonderboom 2 is also compatible with the original Wonderboom for a mono mode but not with ears boom, mega boom, and blast, which is pretty disappointing for big party lovers.

The UE Wonderboom 2 is amongst the finest Bluetooth speakers for the price along with excellent Bluetooth signal range. The signals are pretty strong and saturated within a range of 30 meters and maintain strength despite hurdles like walls etc.

Features it Missed

The most disappointing thing about this Bluetooth outdoor speaker is the absence of an integrated microphone. It means you won’t be able to get voice assistance on these Bluetooth speakers. Although you won’t be using these outdoor speakers for zoom and conference calls often, sometimes you may need to do that. So in that way, it won’t help you. So google assistant, Siri and Alexa are something that you really miss on these Bluetooth speakers.

Another surprisingly disappointing fact is that there is no app for UE Wonderboom 2. The experience of mega boom and boom apps has been amazing, so it is pretty disappointing to omit this feature in this newest Wonderboom version.


Sound quality and performance are something that decides whether a particular set of speakers is worth buying or not. Although we cannot say that Wonderboom 2 is a dealbreaker, it offers a great sound quality. Having a 360-degree stereo system, Wonderboom 2 is exceptionally louder and has a remarkable soundstage as compared to its size.

Especially in the outdoor boost mode, it sounds great. The outdoor boost mode is the real advantage of wonder boom 2 on the original version. It focuses on the frequencies you can hear in outdoor environments. This welcome feature makes it a great option for picnics, beaches, and outdoor adventures.

However, at maximum loudness, the sound may lose clarity and feel a bit distorted. To get the best out of it, it is recommended to adjust the loudness to around 80%. As far as the dynamics are concerned, we will give 7/10 to Wonderboom 2. At the maximum volumes, the speaker has minimal compression and sounds pretty clean and clear.

The speakers fail at max volume to reproduce the low-bass frequencies, resulting in poor sound results. Other than low bass frequency, the frequency response is pretty good. If you want to play heavy-bass genres on Wonderboom 2, the outdoor boost mode will help you a lot. It responds great to the heavy-bass frequencies and will assist in bass reproduction.

Final Verdict

UE Wonderboom 2 is a great option at this price point. Although in terms of sound quality, it is not a deal-breaker but sounds better than the original Wonderboom. The most welcome feature of Wonderboom 2 is the outdoor boost mode which helps with reproducing bass and enhances the loudness.

Moreover, the IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, impact-resistance, and drop-proof rating make it a great choice for adventure enthusiasts and beach lovers. The battery playtime is another feature you would love. 30% longer battery life and fast charging make it a great outdoor option.

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