Gone are the days when you would put your hand in the bag only to find your wire headphones tangled like a deformed pretzel. After spending minutes trying to remove the knots from the wires, you would notice that the plastic was coming off. 

And after you finally managed to detangle them, you would realize the wire had been damaged, and now only the headphones’ right or left earpiece works. 

You try to look at the bright side and go about your day. But then an accidental jerk to the wire unplugs them. 

Before you can hit the pause button, your office has heard you listening to Britney Spears’ “Oops, I did it again.”  You toss the headphones and plop on a grocery bag to hide your face. 

True Wireless Technology: 

Fortunately, our taste, or lack thereof, in music can now remain a secret thanks to 

True wireless technology. This technology refers to earpieces in which sound is wirelessly delivered using the Bluetooth feature. 

To explain it in simple terms, here is how it works: A tiny chip placed into the phone emits the sound received by the wireless communication devices. 

When we say “truly wireless” headphones, we mean that there isn’t any connection or link between the earpieces. One example is the AirPods 2.  

And yes, the music stops immediately if the Bluetooth connection breaks. 

The Pros Of True Wireless Technology 

Not only does True Wireless Technology look cool, but it is also convenient because it allows you to move freely. This is great for people who run or go to the gym and want to listen to music. 

The devices are easy to pair, and with advances, the sound quality has become better than what wired headphones offer. 

Noise Cancellation 

The best feature of true wireless technology like AirPods pro is their noise cancellation features. Other speakers also offer bass-boosting technology, thus making them ideal for music lovers. 

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