Review of 4 Best DACs Under 30


It is not that cats don’t love music; they do. But their feline instinct to scratch everything in sight triumphs over their consideration for your expensive gadgets and appliances! Or your love for your speakers, which we at Speakers Daily can totally relate to. If you need reviews of Best Soundbars Under 400 or the Review of 4 Best DACs Under 30, we are here for you.

Cat And Music

No, it is not that they hate the melody even if you play Beethoven on your Amazon Basics Computer Speakers all day. 

Although for cats, music must never be too loud. So, if you have a furry feline roaming your hallways, we suggest keeping the sound low since cats have far more sensitive hearing than humans, especially if you have full-range speakers like the Home Theater Wooden Bookshelf Speakers.  

These come with an audiophile-grade Black Woven Glass Fiber Woofer, and there is also a 0.75mm silk dome tweeter unit. Combined, this awesome speaker delivers strong bass and a much more impactful experience with RMS power of 50W continuous undistorted power. We understand why you would want to turn up the volume on this one, but your cat might not appreciate it. 

That is because aggressive noises, rapid rhythms, and chords do not appeal to your cat – they are not techno, trash, or heavy metal enthusiasts!


But they do like to scratch and if you do not want them to mess with your speakers, here is what we recommend. 

Find Another Bait

Distract the felines from your speakers by finding them another target. Buying scratchable items is the easiest approach to keep your cat from clawing things. It shouldn’t be scratching. 

Install some new scratching posts in your house and persuade your cat to utilize them by positioning them in locations your cat frequently visits.

Use Water Spray

Still not listening? Another strategy is to try training your cat. It may take a while, but it works long term. Every time it tries to scratch your speaker,s say no and spray water on it. However, this may cause some scratching while you are away.

Remove The Grilles

If you’re worried about your cat clawing up your speaker grilles, just remove them. Most speakers perform perfectly without grilles, and many people prefer grille-free speakers anyhow. 

Of course, your cat may still scratch at the woofers themselves, so proceed with caution if you go this way.

Out Of Reach Of The Cat

If your cat enjoys jumping on top of your Polk Monitor XT15 speakers, place a few small items on top of it to prevent this. 

If that doesn’t work, simply place the speaker at an elevated place to prevent the cat from climbing onto it. 

Speakers’ Reviews and Advice 

The bottom line is that you have to protect your speakers from your cat. There is a long list of Bluetooth speakers that you must invest in, and once you have invested in a speaker, you also have to take care of it.

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