Looking for ways to upgrade your T.V sound system? Can’t decide between a speaker or soundbar? Well, we are here to solve your problem by providing you with all the information you need to know when it comes to differentiating between the two. This will, then, help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a sound system that suits your needs perfectly.

Speaker VS Soundbar

Unlike many questions, it’s just not easy to point out that one is better than the other because it involves preferences & use cases, so let’s have an in-depth look.

What is a Speaker?

When talking about traditional speakers for home theatre systems, they are used to improve the audio quality of your television. This is because the speakers in TVs are quite small and sometimes pushed towards the back. This is due to the lack of space, especially in the slimmer models. Because of this, the sound produced by these speakers is usually tinny and distorts at higher volumes, making it difficult for you to immerse yourself in whatever you are watching. If you want to learn how speakers work then check our guides.

And so, with the help of external speakers, you can ensure high-quality audio from your TV that lets you immerse in whatever you are watching. Also, the volume of the audio in speakers can be turned up to quite a high level. This makes them a great option for TVs that are not able to produce a loud sound even when turned up to maximum. Many of them also have various settings through which you are able to fine-tune your audio so that it perfectly suits your needs.

These speakers usually come in pairs of two, if not more, letting you place them on either side of your TV and around your room. This provides you with the optimal immersion and listening experience rivalling that of an actual movie theater. They also come in two different types, bookshelf and tower speakers. The former being small and compact, letting you place them on shelves or speaker stands if you lack space. While the latter are large and need to be placed on floors, although they do produce outstanding audio.

When choosing speakers for your home theatre system, it is not necessary that you need to pick each component from the same company. This is because external speakers have the ability to work well with various other speakers and components of different companies. This lets you mix and match each element that you think is the best for the job. It also lets you add a pair of additional speakers to your home theater system without having to buy the whole sound system again.

What is a Soundbar?

A soundbar, on the other hand, has a much wider shape and operates as a loudspeaker. It is made up of multiple speakers placed together in a horizontal line in an enclosed box. A soundbar provides you with better sound quality than that of your TV while being less expensive than many home theatre systems. Also, due to their shape, they can be placed quite easily in front of your TV without blocking the screen. And, as they have such a wide base, they are also physically quite stable.

You can connect a soundbar to your tv through a single wire. Because of this, not only does it give a neat appearance, but you also don’t have to deal with tripping over a tangle of wires trailing around your TV set. The lack of extra wires also makes the setup quite easy and straightforward. And so, even if you are not highly competent at jobs like these, connecting it with your TV is an easy feat.

While a soundbar does not produce a deep bass or extreme frequencies, it does produce great stereo audio. And as the audio emitted by it is more spread out due to the alignment of the speakers in it, you are able to hear it throughout a room. A soundbar also has various modes that you can utilize to tune the audio according to your liking. Furthermore, if you have a soundbar with a Bluetooth feature, then you can use it to play music, by connecting it to your smartphone, either at parties or for your own leisure.

Speaker Vs Soundbar

When it comes to the debate of speaker vs soundbar, everyone has different opinions. While some consider speakers to be the better option due to their exemplary audio quality, others prefer soundbars because of their compact design and lower price, and uniform sound. This is why when choosing the best sound system for your TV, you need to be aware of the different qualities that each of these options has and the way these qualities might make one hold an advantage over the other.

Advantages of Speakers Over Soundbars

When looking at the qualities that make speakers a better choice than soundbars, one of them is the ability of customization. This is due to the freedom you have of adding extra components to the sound system to improve audio quality. For example, if you wish to add an amplifier or any other component then all you need to do is to buy one that is suitable for your system and install it. This lets you enhance your audio according to your preference.

On the other hand, soundbars do not provide you with such freedom. While you have the ability to connect a subwoofer to your soundbar to get audio with more bass and lower frequencies, it is usually limited to that. And even though you might be able to connect an amplifier to one, it will usually mess up the device’s sound channels. Therefore, if you wish to improve the audio quality of a soundbar, then the only choice you have apart from subwoofers is to upgrade it.

You can also increase the number of speakers in your home theater system for loud and widespread audio. This serves as a great option for those who have larger rooms and want their audio to be more widespread. Because of this, you are able to add as many speakers as you like to your sound system, even if they are not from the same company. You cannot achieve this with soundbars as the speakers in them are inbuilt; therefore, there is no way to increase their amount for better quality audio.

Furthermore, those who love a surround sound experience can highly benefit from installing speakers in the sound system. This is because as speakers can be placed more spread out in your room, you can install them in a way that they encircle you. Because of this, when the audio is produced, you would be able to hear it from all around you. This provides an immersive experience for watching movies and tv shows.

And although soundbars do brag about having surround sound qualities, due to their wide designs with multiple built-in speakers, the quality is usually not even close to that of the speakers. This is because these speakers do not literally surround you, and so you are not able to experience the audio the way you would in a multi-speaker system.

Advantages of Soundbars Over Speakers

While the speakers might seem to hold a lot of advantages over soundbars, the latter also packs quite a punch. There are many people who prefer soundbars over speakers, and one of the reasons for that is the great audio quality coupled with its low cost. Soundbars are usually less expensive than home theatres consisting of multi-speaker systems. And since they produce a great audio quality that is a colossal improvement over that of your TV, it is no surprise why many opt for these instead of speakers.

Another reason why people prefer soundbars over speakers is due to their compact shape. A soundbar is a long, slim bar that can be conveniently placed on your television stand, in front of your TV. And so, for those who do not have enough space for a whole speaker sound system, a soundbar provides a great alternative. This is because it takes up less space even when compared to a single bookshelf speaker.

The design of the soundbar is also a contributing factor in its popularity. Firstly, it has a minimalist design that appeals to those who prefer a more sleek and modern look when it comes to their furniture and decorations. While on the other hand, a multi-speaker system isn’t exactly known for its minimalist subtlety. This is because you have multiple large or medium-sized speakers that are arranged next to your TV or around your room, which does make quite an impression as soon as you walk in the room.

Also, as its design gives the soundbar an extremely wide base, it is impossible to topple one over. This makes it quite useful if you have young kids that like to grab and push things around. Speakers, on the other hand, can be quite easy to tip, even by adults, which can result in them falling and getting damaged.

Furthermore, with a soundbar, there is less clutter as it only needs a single cord to connect with your television. This not only gives it a neat appearance but also makes it easy to set up. While speakers always come with a jumble of wires that look untidy, can be a source of the tripping hazard and prove difficult to set up.

Lastly, soundbars are a great option for places where having a multi-speaker system does not seem appropriate, such as bedrooms. This is because when you are watching TV in bed, you usually don’t care about the high bass or extreme frequency audio required for a perfect movie theatre experience. Therefore through soundbars, you are able to enjoy great quality audio without having to install overpriced speakers in your bedroom.

Speaker VS Soundbar, Choosing the Best Sound System

Now that you know the differences and the various advantages of both speakers and soundbars, the question that arises is, which is the best one? For this, there is no definite answer, as the perfect sound system for you depends on your needs. If you are after the highest quality audio that can be further tuned and customized according to your preferences and doesn’t mind splurging, then speakers are the best option for you. Also, if you want a true surround sound experience, then it is only speakers that will cater to this need of yours.

Speaker systems are also great for those who love to constantly add more components to their sound systems in order to further enhance the audio quality. This is because speakers can be easily connected to various other components, including other speakers, letting you experiment until you find the perfect combination according to your preferences.

Soundbars, on the other hand, are a great choice if you need a sound system with better quality audio for watching movies but don’t really care about the bass or extreme frequency sounds, This is because they can produce quite impressive audio for movies and tv shows rather than music. Also, if you are on a tight budget, then soundbars are a great way you can enhance your audio quality at a much lower cost than standard speakers.

Soundbars are also a great option if you don’t have enough space for speakers. This is because all they need are a few inches of space on your television stand in front of your TV. Also, if you find speaker systems to be too bulky for your liking, then soundbars can provide you with your desired aesthetic of elegant minimalism. And, with their single cord that connects to your TV, they always have a neat look about them.


Is Soundbar better than speakers?

Soundbars and speakers both have their pros and cons because of which some people might like soundbars while others prefer speakers. Therefore, the best option for you depends on the qualities that you deem important in a sound system.

Speaker Vs Soundbar, which option is cheaper?

Soundbars are usually cheaper than speakers and speaker systems.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to speakers vs soundbar, there is no good or bad option; both of them have their own strong and weak points. Therefore, to judge the best option for yourself, you need to look at the advantages and the disadvantages of each while keeping your own needs in perspective. Through this, you will be able to decide the best sound system option for your needs.

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