Let’s be honest. It is fun to talk to Alexa and ask her to play a game or tell a joke.

And thanks to Amazon Skills, it is now even more convenient to ask Alexa to take care of the little tasks for you, like adding a grocery item to your list, checking the weather, or even reminding you to do a task.

 But if given a choice between a smart speaker and a Bluetooth speaker, are those the only criteria to invest in a smart speaker? Is a Bluetooth speaker better than Alexa? 

Before we tell you which is better, let us look at the two. 

Bluetooth Speakers 

Bluetooth speakers like the JBL3 are waterproof portable speakers with over 20 hours of playtime. They boast excellent sound quality and are what you need if there is a party. 

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are speakers that understand voice commands. They can be controlled like a virtual assistant and are perfect for home use as well as home theatres and entertainment systems.

Choosing One Vs. The Other 

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker for use outside the home, opt for one that is portable, and if you want, one that is fitted with LED lights that dance with the music. 

Most smart speakers are also Bluetooth speakers, by the way. Go for a smart speaker if you want something to dim the lights and remind you of tasks. The smart speaker has its perks, but if there is a party, you need to skip the smart speaker and go for the JBL3 instead. 

Our top pick? The Bose Portable Smart Speaker with Built-in Alexa Voice Control.

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