Looking for ways to reset the soundbar device? Problems in the soundbar might be irritating to most users and might affect the performance of the whole product. The best solution to the problem is factory resetting the system. It is a time-efficient solution and can be performed at home.

Performing a reset will resolve the problem from its roots and relieve the consumers from unwanted future troubles, which might not be achieved by a simple troubleshoot or reboot. However, the method to reset the soundbar varies among brands and is usually simple. This article deals with various methods to reset the soundbars of different brands.

How to Reset a Soundbar

Resetting a soundbar is not difficult and generally can be done at home without any expert supervision. However, the process differs from device to device among similar brands or different brands. Moreover, some devices also require a remote control to perform the task, hence providing enhanced convenience to the consumers.

However, sometimes even the factory reset might not be able to fix the issue, and consumers might need to seek expert guidance. Nevertheless, it is not a bad idea to try and resolve the problem at home before contacting a skilled technician. Some methods to reset soundbars of various famous brands are as follows.

Resetting the Samsung Soundbar

Resetting a Samsung soundbar is relatively easy and can be achieved by following the steps mentioned below.

  • First and foremost, locate the power button on the control panel and press it until “INIT OK” is displayed on the soundbar.
  • Make sure that the soundbar is turned off before proceeding with the above-mentioned step. Afterward, turn on the device and pair it with the soundbar.
  • Identify if the problem has been resolved. If not, seek expert guidance in this regard.

Resetting the Philips Soundbar

In order to reset the Philips soundbar apart from the device, remote control is also required to perform the task efficiently. Follow these steps to complete the task.

  • Firstly, press the bass up, volume down, and treble up button, located on the remote control, simultaneously.
  • This step should be performed within 3 seconds in the strict order, as mentioned above.
  • Next, identify if the soundbar has turned off and on after you have performed step 1.
  • Now, you will observe that most of the settings have been changed to default.
  • Lastly, connect the soundbar back to the television by following the Philip user manual available with the product.

Resetting the Bose Soundbar

Contrary to its market counterparts, the Bose soundbar requires a very complicated procedure to reset the system, which might be difficult for some users.

  • The first step involves the removal of the voice assistant integrated into the soundbar if any. If no voice assistant is embedded in the system, directly move towards powering off the soundbar as mentioned in step 4.
  • In order to eliminate the assistant, access the voice assistant application, and remove the device from the list of attached gadgets.
  • Afterward, open the Bose app and remove the voice assistant account in the setting menu.

Once the voice assistant has been removed, users can proceed towards the factory reset.

  • Initially, power off the soundbar and then press the power and forward skip button for 5 seconds simultaneously.
  • Next, the release of amber light on the display panel will indicate the successful completion of the reset.
  • If the light does not glow, it is advised to contact a technician for guidance.

Resetting the Yamaha Soundbar

Yamaha soundbar can be reset in two different ways; one is using the control panel located on the soundbar, while the other involves the use of remote control. Steps are similar in both methods and are discussed below.

  • Similar to most devices, the first step focuses on turning off the device.
  • After powering off the soundbar, press and hold the power and volume up button.
  • Keep holding until the lights located on the display screen start flashing.
  • Keep in mind that light will not flash if the gadget is compatible with Amazon Alexa.
  • Last but not least, power on the device and reconnect with the television.

If the problem persists, contact the Yamaha customer support service or an expert in this regard.

Resetting the Vizio Soundbar

Steps for factory resetting for Vizio sound bar are as follows;

  • Open the control panel and locate the Bluetooth button.
  • Now, locate the volume down button and press both the buttons together, and release them after holding for five seconds.
  • Mostly, both buttons are present consecutively and are not difficult to identify.
  • Similar to the Yamaha soundbar, once the factory reset has been performed successfully, the display lights will flash three times.
  • However, the lights and their working mechanism varies among different Vizio soundbars.
  • Lastly, connect the soundbar back to the television.

Resetting the Sony Soundbar

The method of resetting a Sony soundbar varies from model to model, but most steps are similar in all devices. For resetting a Sony soundbar, follow these steps,

  • Press and hold the volume and power button simultaneously and release after 5 seconds.
  • Make sure to unplug the power cord from the soundbar.
  • Replug the soundbar after several seconds.
  • Check if the system has been restored to its default settings.
  • Try connecting it with the television. If the problem is not resolved, contact the customer support service.

Performing a reset always deletes the device data and resets its functionality back to default mode. In addition to this, in most cases, it also leads to disconnection of the wireless devices paired with the soundbar, and consumers might need to reconnect them. However, whether this will occur or not is highly dependent on the type of Sony soundbar used by the consumer.

Resetting the LG Soundbar

Following steps need to be performed while factory resetting an LG soundbar.

  • First and foremost, locate the sound effect button along with the volume down button on the remote control and control panel of your soundbar, respectively.
  • Press both buttons together and hold them until the reset screen appears on the display screen/menu.
  • Reset the soundbar based on instructions and try reconnecting it with a television device.
  • Check if the problem has been resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my soundbar?

To reset a soundbar, press and hold the power and volume button for at least five seconds before releasing them. Afterward, unplug the power cord from the device and reconnect it after several seconds. Check if the issue has been resolved, and try connecting the soundbar with your television.

Why is my soundbar not working?

There might be several reasons for a soundbar to stop working properly. Most common among them include the off ARC feature, problems in device settings such as issues with television output setting, etc. It is essential to troubleshoot the soundbar in order to identify the potential reasons for its malfunctioning.

How do I reconnect my Samsung soundbar?

Follow these steps to reconnect the Samsung soundbar to your television. Firstly, pair both devices by using the television remote control. Navigate to sources and select the connection guide option. Select the device for pairing and follow the instructions to connect the devices. Once paired, go to settings and select Bluetooth audio device in the sound output option. Select your soundbar, and you are done.

How do I update my Samsung soundbar?

Use a smart thing app to update the soundbar firmware. Open the app and select the soundbar. Once you have gained access to the control panel, navigate to information, and move towards the firmware update option. Select it and scroll down to the update now option. Click it, and the rest will be done by the gadget.

Why does my soundbar volume go up and down?

There are many reasons for problems in the soundbar volume. This might be due to the conflict between the device and television advance audio settings. The problem can be solved by turning off the SRS TruVolume feature in the television audio settings.

Wrapping Up

Soundbars are performance-oriented and remarkable technological devices popular among the majority of consumers. But, these gadgets also malfunction sometimes and might require a factory reset to solve the issue. Mostly, troubleshooting and rebooting are preferred over a factory reset.

This is because the latter leads to the deletion of all the existing data on the system and changes the device back to its default setting. However, the method guarantees a complete eradication of most software related issues of the gadget. Performing a reset is simple and, therefore, can be performed at home without any expert guidance.

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