Are you looking to enhance your sound system? Or are you creating a home theater for your movies? The perfect sound system depends completely on speakers that can produce sounds with every frequency without any hindrance.

Where to Place the Subwoofer with Soundbars?

Before trying to figure out the right spot to place your gadgets, you need to understand how they differ and why it’s important to place them correctly.

Subwoofers and Soundbars

The subwoofer is a type of speaker that delivers the lower frequencies. The frequency range is between 20-200 Hz. Kick Drum, Bass Guitar, and Pipe Organs. It can add great bass and polish low pitch audios. When you start making your home theater systems, the first thing you go for is a subwoofer because of its outstanding functioning with sounds and television. You can say the subwoofer attached with the sound makes you feel the sound. The subwoofer is basically the loudspeaker that handles the low frequencies.

Soundbars are tight speakers that are normally attached to the TV for loud and clear sound. They increase the audio quality of your television or any other sound. Soundbars can be used alone because they include a series of speakers enclosed in a box.

A great subwoofer speaker properly combined with soundbars gives you the ultimate sound destination you want for your home theater, hip hop music, or some action movie. They help in producing 3-dimensional effects we love and want in our soundtracks and movies. They enhance the overall movie listening experience and sound quality.

What is the Need for a subwoofer?

The most important need of a subwoofer is when your home theater speakers or other speakers are unable to produce all the sounds with different frequencies. You will unintentionally eliminate some sound if you do not have a subwoofer in your home. Similarly, adding an extra subwoofer device in your full-range speakers can give you a full, rich environment of sound for music and movies.

Why is the Placement of a Subwoofer Important?

Finding the right placement for your subwoofer is an important factor to get all of the benefits from it. Subwoofer placement in your room can make a great difference in your bass, loudness, and quality of the sound you are listening to. If they are placed at the right location, you will get the quality sounds, whereas if you place them the wrong way, you will have to face the distorted sounds.

It is an important factor to keep in mind because the quality of a subwoofer depends on room sets, furniture locations, and room size and shape. This is basically because of the phenomenon of the traveling of sound waves. The sound produced by the subwoofer is wide and travels along with the room. They hit different objects and get distracted. Human ears receive these distracted forms of waves as a low-quality sound.

In order to avoid all this hustle, you need to focus on where you have to put your subwoofer to get quality sound.

How to Find the Correct Spot?

Here are some of the most important concerns and factors that will help you in placing your subwoofer in a tight place.

Look of the Subwoofer in Room

The first question you need to ask yourself is how the subwoofer will look in your room after getting placed. Will the wiring show or not? Answer the above-mentioned questions honestly and select the most appropriate place to the setting of the room. You should definitely go to a cleaner and convenient place.


Make sure to place the subwoofer, soundbars, and television in proper coordination with each other. If there is much space between sound bars and subwoofers or television, it will hinder and interfere with the sound. More organized, compact, and coherent sound will be produced when the distance between them is made accurate and less.

No Enclosed Places

The subwoofer should not be placed in an enclosed area such as a cupboard or a small tightly packed bag, or something like this. This will not allow the sound to move easily and vibrate between the walls. The subwoofer needs a standard amount of air to travel and produce the desired base. When you enclose it in a container or a cupboard, it will produce unnecessary and unwanted vibrations. Subwoofers can also get overheated when not placed in an open environment.

Some Right Placements for Your Subwoofers

Right placement is a science and art. To get a perfect sound, you need to get perfect placement. The right placement also depends on whether you are making a set-up for a home theater, living room, or just for a movie night. Keep all the above factors in your mind while setting up your subwoofer and soundbars.

Moving on towards the best placement for the subwoofer, we are writing below the most appropriate places according to our research to give you the desired sound.

In Front of the Room

It is suggested to start with the front of your room, facing towards the room. Most of the time, this place becomes ideal for tour subwoofers to work effectively and efficiently. If you start with trying the front of the room, try placing it at the sides of the television, both right and left to get the beat out of it.

Corner of the Room

The corner in the room is the best place for the adjustment of the subwoofer. It will give you an additional benefit. The corner will make the sound waves easily travel and bounce to get the best clear sound without any hurdles. Make sure to place the subwoofer a little bit away from the wall to get easy flowing sound waves for easy clear sounds.

Next to Couch

It’s another suitable place for the placement of subwoofers. Near the armrest of your couch is considered another good way to get good quality sounds. You can easily feel the tremble and bass just as you are in a cinema. This subwoofer placement will dominate the other sounds and give you a rich and perfect sound environment.

Behind the Sofa

Placing your subwoofer behind the sofa is another suitable place for you. Putting the subwoofer behind the sofa can make its vibration more obvious as your ears will be at the back of the sofa directly in contact with the subwoofer. Make sure there is some distance between the sofa and subwoofer.

On a Carpet

Placing it directly on a carpet is not always suggestible, but placing it on a carpet with a little elevation is always suggested. This will make the sound more compact and organized. Placing it on the carpet gives it a perfect surrounding to make sure the sounds are clear and without disturbing hindrances.

On a Shelf

You can place it on a shelf near the television if you want to but make sure to test the place first because the vibrations may interrupt the glass or ceramic shelves you are having. For the smaller subwoofers, shelves near the television are best suited.


Should a subwoofer be on the floor?

No, it’s not recommended to place it on the ground. Instead, you should place a subwoofer a little elevated from the ground. This gives the best sound output.

How far should my subwoofer be from my soundbars?

They should be placed in cooperation with each other. Wireless subwoofers are ideally placed at 10 feet distance on the same wall as the soundbar is placed for the best results.

What is the best location for a subwoofer?

The most appropriate place in the corner of the room. It is the place where the Subwoofer can make loud sounds. Try at least once placing it in the corner and observing the sound. But make sure the listening area isn’t very far away.


The placement of a subwoofer with a soundbar depends on the size of your room and your subwoofer. Mostly they are placed at the front of the room, but it depends where you get to listen to the best sounds for your movies and music. Try different places and select the one where you get the best bass and clear sound. Make sure to place the subwoofer and soundbars in accordance with each other to get the best results.

You should have to keep many things in mind, including whether you are placing the subwoofer for a home theater setting or enhancing the sounds of your living room television. The placement of a subwoofer depends on your room and your subwoofer. Choose the most appropriate and accurate place for the placement of a subwoofer so you would be having great bass and clear sounds for your home.

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