Are you looking for speakers that are splashproof to use for your summer pool parties? Or lightweight ones, so you can take them anywhere with you? Or speakers that give an impactful sound within a reasonable price? This seems too good to be true, right? But you can get all of these features and more with Cambridge Soundworks’ Oontz Angle 3. These speakers are ideal for you because they are portable and extremely easy to use.

There are so many products available in the market. This surplus of products that perform the same functions makes it very difficult to know which is worth your money and which isn’t. For this reason, you can take a quick look at the basic product specifications to compare and contrast which product works for you and which doesn’t.

Oontz Angle 3 Specifications Table

Type: Bluetooth Speakers
Bluetooth Range: 30m
Power Output: 10W
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Battery Life: ≈14Hr
Weight: ≈400g
Waterproof: IPX5
Power Source: USB Chargeable
Manufacturer: Cambridge Soundworks
Configuration: 2.0 Channel
Dimensions: 7.1×6.6×13.3cm
Warranty: 1 Year

The Oontz Angle 3 is amazon’s number 1 seller in the portable Bluetooth speaker category and has been defending its position for months. It has also been listed among the best Bluetooth speaker picks under 50 dollars on our blog. This isn’t without reason. These speakers are small and lightweight, meaning that you can easily take them with you without a hassle. Furthermore, although they are light, they aren’t cheaply made. These speakers are very durable, and you will probably have them for a long time.


Oontz Angle 3 is designed as such that you can use them horizontally as well as vertically. Due to this design, you can lay them down on available surfaces or even stand them up. You can even place these speakers in the cup holder of your automobile, which significantly increases their portability.

Additionally, their triangular Toblerone design aids with enhancing bass output. The bass output improves because the sound bounces off of the surfaces when these speakers are placed horizontally. Even though you can place them however you want, these speakers sound better when placed horizontally. This is because of the amplified bass.


These speakers offer you a crystal clear sound. This high-quality sound is made possible because of the dual precision acoustic stereo drivers. These drivers give you accurate mids and clear highs. Moreover, you get an increased bass in this small device due to the passive bass radiator.

The design of these speakers further helps in enhancing the sound quality. Because these speakers are made so, the drivers are kept separate from the bass radiators. This gives you an exceptional sound quality as nothing clashes with one another. Thus, you get clarity of sound while using these speakers.


For such a petite speaker, the Oontz Angle 3 is rather loud! These speakers are constructed with 10W (AMP) Volume Booster. This is remarkable, especially when you look at the size of these speakers. In addition to their loudness, these portable speakers provide you with a clear sound without any distortion.

You will always get smooth and accurate mids and highs, even at maximum volume. This quality makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. To put it simply, you can use these speakers to listen to music by yourself, watch a movie at your home theater, or party with your friends.

Long Distance

Another remarkable feature these Oontz Angle 3 speakers boast is the range they have to offer you. These speakers have a 30m range for Bluetooth 4.2 connection. Furthermore, with its wide range, it also connects with your device almost instantly. You can connect these speakers with an extensive range of devices like Echo, Echo Dot/ Plus, iPhone6/7/8/X, Samsung Galaxy 8/9, laptop, computer, etc.

Apart from Bluetooth, they also offer you a wired connection. This way, you can connect them with your laptop, computer, etc., by connecting a 3.5 audio cable to Oontz Angle 3 AUX-IN jack. This gives these speakers a dual function, and you can use them however you want as a Bluetooth speaker or a non-Bluetooth, wired speaker.

Splash Proof

Even though these speakers might not be 100% waterproof, they are splashproof, showerproof, and rainproof. They are IPX5 certified. IP means Ingress Protection and indicates the level of protection a product has against solid objects and liquids. IPX5 specifies that these speakers can withstand a low-pressure water spray.

This means that you can sing in the shower with excellent background music offered to you by the Oontz Angle 3. You also will not have to worry too much if you forget them outside in the rain. But all of this also doesn’t mean that you can submerge these speakers in the water.

Battery Life

Cambridge Soundworks equipped these speakers with an astonishing battery life of 14 hours. This is amazing considering the size and sound quality these speakers offer. Also, these come with a 2500mAh rechargeable battery. This kind of battery is generally used in cellphones and makes them last throughout the day. So you can imagine their battery life.

You can simply recharge your speakers with the USB cord, provided with the speakers in the packaging. You can connect them to the USB socket on your wall or laptop/computer to charge the speakers. Another added benefit of these speakers is that they come with a built-in mic. This means that you can attend calls on these speakers if you want to.

Sum it up

Finding a good quality speaker can be very hard because some features might be available in one but not in the other. But you don’t have to look any further! Cambridge Soundworks offers you a portable Bluetooth speaker, which provides you exceptional quality at a very reasonable price.

The Oontz Angle 3 speakers are small, lightweight, but high-quality. They have a smooth rectangular design with rubber on the edges and plastic in the center. These speakers offer you accurate mids and clear highs with an enhanced bass due to the passive bass radiators. They give you a loud sound without any distortion, even on maximum volume.

On top of that, they have a Bluetooth range of 30m which connects to any device instantly. These speakers can also be used as non-Bluetooth by simply connecting them to your device using an AUX cable. They come with a built-in mic giving you a hands-free experience, so you can take calls on these speakers if you want to.

Furthermore, these speakers are splash, shower, and rainproof. Meaning that although they can’t be partially or fully submerged in water, they can withstand a low-pressure jet of water. In addition to that, these speakers have a battery life of 14 hours so that you can enjoy an excellent sound experience for longer.

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