Are you a newbie who is new to sound systems and trying to understand the different terms?

Well, you have come to the right place because at Speakers Daily, that is all we know! And that is what we love to talk about! If you are to understand the difference between full-range and mid-range speakers, we can break it down for you.

Full-Range Speakers

First up are full-range loudspeakers like the Rockford R168X2. When we say full range, we mean that these drive units can replicate almost the entire audible frequency range. They do this by using a Whizzer cone and other techniques.

The reason they are referred to as “Full-Range” is that these speakers can reproduce the complete range of the human voice. 

The low frequency of most full-range speakers is roughly 60-70 Hz. It is important to note that while the larger units with 15” speakers will achieve low frequencies, smaller units with 10” or less LF drivers will roll off closer to 100 Hz.

While ‘full-range’ may sound like a complicated term, it informs buyers and consumers that the speaker can reproduce all – or almost all – of the audio frequencies that humans hear. Hence all the sounds in the frequency range! 

One great full-range speaker we liked is the Rockford Fosgate P1650 Punch which is a 2 pair speaker and comes with an impressive, easy-to-install package.

How Do I Know If My Current Speakers Are Full Range Or Not?

If your speakers are not rated for at least 20Hz, they are not, as you are now equipped to tell, full-range speakers. 

Another tip is that if your speakers come with a subwoofer, chances are, they are most likely not full-range speakers.

A big negative of full-range speakers is that they struggle with higher frequencies.

Mid-Range Speakers 

When we say mid-range speaker, we refer to a speaker driver that makes sounds in the 250 to 2000 Hz frequency range. It also has another name: the “squawker.”

Mid-range drivers are often cones or, less commonly, domes or compression horns.

Mid-range speakers are designed to handle the middle region of the spectrum, which spans 500 Hz to 4 kHz. 

Because most audible noises, such as stringed instruments like the piano, violin, and even the human voice, are created here, this is likely the most significant range of frequencies.

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