Bluetooth speakers are amazing in the sense that you don’t have to worry about jangling wired when listening to your favorite track. You also don’t have to worry about the power supply, making them the best companions to take with you for hiking, camping, or even the beach. You can even put them in your car or office desk. All in all, Bluetooth speakers are a fantastic invention!

But at the end of the day, we all know how great Bluetooth speakers are. So how do you decide which is the best option for you? You can easily select a budget portable Bluetooth speaker by reading or watching reviews about them, bringing us to this review. This review talks about the iconic JBL Flip 4 portable speakers that’s still a steal in 2021. Standing strong with its fellow competitors, this speaker is robust, waterproof, and offers high-quality sound output at an exceptionally reasonable price.


One thing that can easily help you distinguish if a product is for you or not is going over its specifications. Product specs are the key qualities described in a few words in a tabular form. This makes perfect because, in today’s fast-paced world, people are short on time. The specifications for JBL Flip 4 are mentioned below:

Product Specifications

Brand Name: JBL
Weight : 0.51 kg
Dimensions : 6.8×17.5×7.0 cm
Bluetooth Version: 4.2
Bluetooth Range: 20 ft
Battery : 3000mAh Li-ion Battery
Battery Life: 12 hrs
Wired/wireless: Both
Output: 2W x 8
Power Source: USB chargeable
Water Resistance: IPX 7
Voice Assistant Integration: Available
Warranty : 1 year

What Comes in the Box?

The box arrives with your JBL Flip 4 portable speaker, of course, with a few more things. With your speakers, you receive a micro USB charger for charging your speakers and two safety sheets. Along with that, you also get the warranty card that gives you a whole year’s warranty for your speakers. In addition to that, you will also get a guidebook so you can start using your speakers as soon as you get them.


The JBL Flip 4 has the classic cylindrical design of portable speakers. These speakers look similar to their predecessors in looks, but almost everything has improved. Flip 4 is slightly larger and heavier than Flip 3 and is slightly smaller and lighter compared to Flip 5. But the design is still compact, and the portability of these speakers very easy. The body of these speakers feels very robust. Furthermore, the base radiators are highly durable and will leave you without complaints.

Additionally, you can see the passive radiators pulsing with your music. The main 40mm drivers are concealed behind a nylon grill. The main controls have an easy-to distinguish, minimalistic design. They are present on the top and include the Bluetooth button, the play/pause button, and the volume controls. Moving around the back, you will notice a line for easy carrying. Using this, you can easily sling it to your bag or even add personalized charms for some personality.

Next to the line, there is the power button which has five LED lights for battery life indication. Over here, you also have the JBL+ button. This feature was a first in the JBL line, and JBL Flip 4 was the first JBL product to feature it. This feature allows you to connect 100+ JBL products together, all of which will play in sync. You will find the waterproof flap below the power button, battery indicating LEDs, and JBL+ button. This flap conceals the 3.5 mm analog IN JACK and the micro USB port.

Battery Life

These speakers have a remarkable battery life of 12 hours, or at least that is what the company claims. When put to the test, these speakers last up to 14 hours at 50% volume. This is exceptional battery life and will be sufficient for you if you don’t like to blast your music. If you’re one of those people that listen to music at 100% volume, then these speakers will last you about 4 hours. Not that amazing, but still good enough.


Most electronics have ratings like IPX to show their resistance against substances. But what does IPX mean, you ask? IPX is the acronym used for Ingress Protection, and the X is a stand-in for the number. These amazing Bluetooth speakers are rated at IPX 7. This means that these speakers are 100% waterproof. Moreover, they can be submerged in 1m or 3.3ft of water for up to 30 minutes. This increase in their water resistance is astounding because Flip 3 was only at IPX 5.

A rating of IPX 5 means that Flip 3 was only resistant to water sprays. Because of this achievement, you can take these speakers with you to the beach, the pool, even the bathroom for a nice bath. One thing you should note, these speakers don’t float. Hence, if you were to lose your speakers in a lake or murky waters, there’s a good chance they’re gone forever. So make sure you don’t lose them in water.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of these speakers is superb, considering that they’re under $100. Because they are “small” Bluetooth speakers, they will effortlessly fill out a small bedroom or even dorm room. Additionally, they should be able to do the job just fine, even in a medium-size room. For a large room, they surprisingly don’t sound small, that is, if you’re using them for personal use. If you want to use them for entertaining, a medium or large speaker will do a better job.

The bass of these speakers doesn’t sound raspy or distorted, although it’s not so great in higher volumes. At increased volumes, the midranges and the highs become more emphasized. The mid-range is clear and distinguishable. The vocals and instruments get pushed forward when the volume is increased, but they start to lose resolution and detail at high volume. The high frequencies tend to get jumbled up at high volume as well.


When it comes to connectivity, these speakers have an astonishing range of 20ft where they stay connected flawlessly. You can go ahead and roam around your house. But even through the walls, the connection remains strong. In addition to that, these speakers come with a 3.5mm IN-JACK, so you can easily connect them with non-Bluetooth devices. This feature is excellent for people who like to connect their portable speakers with TVs and stuff.

What’s more, you can connect these speakers with the JBL App for extra features. Using the app, you can change the play/pause button into making calls instead. This is an excellent feature in theory because it lets you use your speakers to make calls and receive them. But in practice, it’s not so great because then the play/pause button isn’t allowed to play or pause music. Furthermore, the audio quality for calls isn’t that great either.

Additionally, you can use these speakers to command your phone’s voice assistant through the app. You will have access to tell Siri or google assistant to do what you want them to without the hassle of getting your phone. Furthermore, the JBL+ feature lets you connect not two or three but over 100 JBL devices with the same feature. But this isn’t very exciting because it’s only compatible with other Flip 4s. After all, JBL came out with Party Booste with their Flip 5.

In Conclusion

In today’s day and age, when superior sound is something everyone desires, the right speakers are essential. The JBL Flip series is one of the most popular portable speaker lines and not without reason. That’s the reason why even though JBL Flip 4 came out many years ago, it still stands strongly next to its competitors. The JBL Flip 4 is an excellent portable Bluetooth speaker for you if you’re looking for a speaker that gives you high-quality sound, durability, water resistance, and all less than a hundred bucks.

These speakers offer you a robust and chic exterior. They’re IPX 7 rated, so you can easily take them for a swim but make sure not to lose them as they can’t float. They easily fill a small to medium size room. Additionally, they have a seamless Bluetooth connection of 20ft. Just because these speakers are old doesn’t mean they’re outdated. Due to their many features, these speakers are still a steal in 2021!

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