I don’t know about you but I sure need background music with me most of the time, especially while working out or in the shower. If you’re the same, you probably want portable, durable speakers that offer high-quality sound. But due to the plethora of options available it can be a bit of a headache to find the right item. Well, on that condition, this is the article for you. The JBL Clip 3 sure won’t disappoint you as it’s a reasonably priced portable speaker with a lot to offer.


When it comes to speakers, there is no way you haven’t heard of JBL. JBL is an American brand that manufactures top-tier audio equipment, including headphones and speakers. Their portable speaker lines like the Clip and Flip are high-selling because they give good value products. Just like that, the Clip 3 is no exception! These portable Bluetooth speakers are waterproof and come with a built-in carabiner clip. Just clip this lightweight speaker and play music on the go.

Product Specifications

Looking at the product specifications of an item can be extremely helpful in deciding whether you should buy that product. A quick glance at the specs can instantly tell you if it fulfills your requirements and if the rest of the review is worth reading. That’s why we have provided the specs below.

Brand Name: JBL
Weight : 0.22 kg / 0.49 lb
Dimensions : 13.7×9.7×4.6 cm / 5.4×3.8×1.8 in
Bluetooth Version: 4.1
Bluetooth Range: 10m / 32.8 ft
Battery : 1000mAh Li-ion Battery
Battery Life: 10 hrs
Wired/wireless: Both
Output (W): 3.3
Power Source: Micro USB chargeable
Water Resistance: IPX 7
Built-in Microphone: Available
Warranty : 1 year

What’s in the Box?

When you receive your order of JBL Clip 3, you get your speakers (obviously) in a single safety sheet. With that, you get a signature orange micro USB cable. When it comes to the literature, you get a quick start guide and a warranty card. There’s not much to the accessories, but there’s not much to complain about in this price range.


JBL Clip 3 are ultra-portable speakers with a dense feel. They come in a wide range of colors and even patterns. What’s more, you can even customize them to have your name or favorite emoji printed on them. There’s no way you’re mixing your Clip 3 with anyone else. Furthermore, the carabiner clip is built into the form of the speakers, unlike being placed on top like Clip 2.

This gives the speakers a sleek look. This feature also makes Clip 3 more durable as there are lesser movable parts, so fewer chances of tearing. The front of the speakers has a durable mesh grille, while the back is made of a rubber material. The back also has a full coverage clear rubber to give it a grip keeping in place. This is a design change from Clip 2, which had a 3.5mm cord placed in the back. People who liked that feature might miss it, but personally, this gives the speakers a cleaner look.

As for the buttons, there are a total of five buttons. The volume increase and decrease buttons are at the front with the play/pause button between them. These buttons are clicky and extremely easy to use. Additionally, you have the Bluetooth pairing button along with the power button on the side of the speakers. Next to these, concealed under the rubber flap, are the ports. These include the 3.5mm IN-JACK and the micro USB port.

Even though the 3.5mm cord has been removed, making a wired connection is still possible. Another thing to note is that there’s no JBL+ button on these speakers. JBL+ is a feature in JBL speakers that allow 100+ JBL speakers to connect seamlessly in sync. As this feature is lacking in these speakers, you can only go solo with Clip 3.

Battery Life

These speakers offer you an astounding 10 hours of uninterrupted fun. This is a tremendous improvement from Clip 2 that offered only 8 hours. Although this is what JBL claims, when put to the test, 10 hours is accurate only when you use it at 50% volume. But if you’re thinking of using these outdoors, you’ll probably need louder volume, so be ready for a drop in the battery life.

In addition to that, the 1000mAh Li-ion battery is rechargeable. All you need is a micro USB port to plug it in. As the micro USB is slower compared to a USB-C port, it’ll take about 3 hours for your speakers to fully charge. But on the bright side, at least the micro USB comes included in the packaging!


The Clip 3 has the 4.1 version of Bluetooth, so you can easily use them at a distance of 10 meters. This claim is on point, and you will have no interruptions at this distance. I mean, it’s not the latest version of Bluetooth (5.1), but at this price and in this size, it’s pretty darn good. What’s more, there’s a 3.5mm IN-JACK, so you can even use these speakers with non-Bluetooth devices. Furthermore, these speakers have a built-in mic, so you can even take incoming calls.


It’s very easy to pair your Clip 3. All you have to do is press the Bluetooth button and connect it to your phone via the Bluetooth Setting. If you experience any issues, you might have to reset the factory settings. This is a slightly lengthier process. For this, firstly power on your speakers by pressing the power button. You’ll hear a sound that will indicate that your speakers are ON.

After that, simultaneously hold the play/pause and volume up (+) button. When you do this, the indicating LED should flash from white to red, and your speakers will turn off. This ends the process of resetting the factory setting. Afterward, simply power on your speakers and pair them with your device like you would a new one.

Water Resistance

The JBL Clip 3 is rated IPX 7 when it comes to substance resistance. This means that they can effortlessly handle a dip in 1m water for up to 30 minutes. Furthermore, they even float! So if you were to lose them in a lake or pool accidentally, you could retrieve them without a hassle. Just make sure that if you drop them in seawater, rinse them in clean water for extra measure.

Sound Quality

Coming to the sound quality, the most important feature, these speakers will impress you. Being on the smaller side, Clip 3 doesn’t sound small at all. The audio isn’t muddy and is relatively clear. It’s louder and fuller than the previous model. Moreover, it does a pretty decent job with the mids. The acoustics and vocals come very clear and loud, making them perfect for listening to podcasts.

Additionally, you have to beware that these speakers aren’t bass-heavy. Well, looking at the size, you won’t be shocked to hear this. Moreover, the highs tend to lose detail and clarity as you increase the volume. The audio quality is good for mid ranges but a bit lacking when it comes to the highs and lows. If you’re looking for portability, these are the speakers for you. For audio quality, you should go for other options.

Other Options

If the JBL Clip 3 wasn’t your cup of tea, you could choose from some of these options. In the JBL line, the JBL Flip 4 is a great portable speaker to consider. It is waterproof with a battery life of 12 hours. As it’s bigger compared to Clip 3, it has a better sound quality as well. Anker Soundcore Flare is also a notable alternative. It has an IPX 7 rating and gives a 360° sound. The UE Wonderboom 2 is IP67 rated, with a battery life of 13 hours and increased bass.

Wrapping Up

With life getting more and more fast-paced, we need good equipment to keep up with it. That’s why high-quality speakers are essential. The JBL Clip 3 is the perfect option for you as they offer you so much without breaking the bank. The speakers come in a variety of designs and colors. The carabiner clip makes them ultra-portable. Just clip them to your clothes, belt loop, or backpack. What’s more, they’re lightweight, so you won’t even feel them.

These speakers are perfect to take on hikes and bike rides due to the ease of portability. You can even hang them on your flimsy shower handle as they’re 100% waterproof. They even float, so you have no worries if you lose them in a lake. Furthermore, the crystal clear mids and vocals make these speakers ideal for listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

They’re not bass-heavy, and the highs get a bit unclear at high volumes. So if you want speakers with supreme quality audio, you should reconsider buying them. All in all, these speakers are of great value for their price. They’re IPX 7 rated, ultra-light and portable, and have a battery life of 10 hours. You won’t be disappointed with the purchase of JBL Clip 3!

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