You already know how to tune a subwoofer, but have you considered getting to the crux of the problem by adjusting the amplifiers? Most subwoofers, whether low-frequency car speakers or home audio systems, haven’t had their amps tuned right, leading to a poor audio experience.

On this week’s blog, Speakers Daily tells you how to properly adjust your subwoofer amps to optimize the music to your ears.

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Turn it Up

Put some music and set the amp gain to a low setting. Then keep turning up the volume right up to the point where the music sounds clear and undistorted. Once you encounter distortion, go back to the precise range where it sounds clean and mark that spot. 

Next, turn up the amp gain until the music sounds nice and clear. Follow the same drill and adjust the volume to a lower, more comfortable level. Now, you know the extent of amp gain and receiver volume.

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Adjust Your Bass Controls

Turn down your amp gain as low as it would go. Turn on the low-pass filter and go high as you can without compromising the sound, and turn off the bass boost because it’s counterproductive to the amp gain.

Turn down the bass tone to zero or flat, as it’s called in some subwoofers, and double-check that all the low-pass filters, crossovers, and bass boost buttons are switched off.

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A Closeup of a Black Subwoofer’s Cone

Play Some Music (Again)

Play some music again, but don’t turn up the volume. Keep it at about 25% and turn up the amp gain instead. Keep going higher until the subs have completely drowned out other speakers, but don’t let them distort the sound.

Next, let your low-pass filter remove all but low frequencies from your subs. You can do this by turning down the low-pass filter.

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Be Careful with the Bass Boost

Be gentle with the bass boost. A little bit would kick up the beat of the drums, but a lot would introduce distortion into your audio system. If you encounter audio distortion despite being careful, leave the boost alone and turn down the amp gain until it goes away.

Once you have your desired setting, turn down the volume again, as low as you can, and bop to the low-frequency sounds of the drums.

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