Are you satisfied with the settings of your Ultimate Ears boom speaker? If not, you must be looking for different ways to reset them. Resetting these speakers means changing the speaker’s setting back to the factory’s real setting. I have successfully reset my own UE boom speakers many times by following these easy steps mentioned below. Also, in case you are looking for budget Bluetooth speakers, then check our guides. Now, there is no need for you to take your speakers to some professional for resetting because you can do it yourself.

How To Reset UE Boom 2 & 3 Blast

Boom 2 and blast 3 speakers are two slightly different versions of UE speakers. But the resetting of both of them does not differ a lot. Some of the easy steps for these speakers are as follow;


Step 1: In the first step, you must locate the power button and the volume buttons present on the UE speaker.

Step 2: Turn on the power button of your speaker.

Step 3: Press both the power button and volume (plus and minus) buttons for at least six to seven minutes. At this step, your speaker would successfully get reset.

Step 4: You will see the LED light go off and the speaker will be turned off.

Step 5: Turn on your UE boom speakers to check whether it has gone back to its factory settings or not.

Hence, to confirm that your speaker has been reset or not, you must check whether your speaker is in Bluetooth discovery mode or not. If yes, it means that you have successfully achieved your goal. Both the 2 and 3 blast versions of this speaker have slight differences in size, color, and performance. But the resetting of both of these speakers would be the same.

Comparison Between Boom 2 and Blast 3

Both of these speakers have a lot in common. The clarity, loudness, strong bass, portability, pairing, etc. Both have an option to connect with Siri or Amazon Alexa for voice commanding. You do not need to do manual labor but with the help of your voice command, you can easily order your speaker according to your will.

With all these similarities, you should not consider them completely alike. Both have different specifications that separate them from each other. Both of their batteries have slight differences. Boom 2 has a 15 hours battery life while blast 3 has 12 hours of battery life. A little size difference can also be noticed. If you listen to the sound quality you will not be able to find any great difference but you cannot consider them identical as well.

Ultimate Ears Boom App

After resetting your UE boom speaker, if you turn on the speaker you will hear the voice from it to download the UE boom application. This application is helpful for you to pair the speaker with your mobile phone. In the settings box, you can enter the name of your speaker and pair up your mobile phone with your speaker. It will help you to easily listen to your favorite selection of music anytime.

Features of UE Boom Speakers

You can find lots of features of this UE speaker that will make it your first choice. These features are as follow;

1. Waterproof

These speakers are highly resistant to the harsh environment. Their waterproof material makes it more desirable for clumsy users who drop things all the time. If you are forgetful and forget your speaker on the lawn while enjoying music on a rainy day, you need not worry about the working of this speaker. It can be immersed in 1m of water for almost 30 minutes. The waterproof quality of these speakers increases their durability.

2. Bluetooth System

One of the best features of this UE boom speaker is its wireless capability. With the help of this speaker’s Bluetooth feature, you can pair up at least 8 devices with it at the same time. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone it is not compulsory to sit beside the speaker for a better connection. Within the range of 33 meters, you can easily get the best wireless functions.

3. Battery Life

These boom speakers have got the best battery life. If you have charged it properly, you can use it for more than 10 hours a day. With the package of this speaker, you will get a charging wire which can easily be connected to the bottom of your speaker. The battery life of your speaker depends upon the use of them. If you are not using it continuously, it would work perfectly. But if you are overusing it, then its battery life can decrease over time.

4. Audio Quality

A speaker is all about the audio quality. If it is performing all the functions but unable to produce loud and clear audio, it is of no use. As the name of this speaker is UE “boom” speaker, it clearly shows the boom or roaring music of it. Its maximum sound level is about 90 dBc, 90 Hz of the frequency range, and two 45mm active drivers that help in the smooth music flow. Hence, it is perfect for large parties and trips with your friends to energize your adventures.


Why are my Ultimate Ears not working?

One of the best features of this speaker is its pairing with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can face this issue of your UE speakers not working properly. This can be a reason for the interference of all the devices with each other while working. To troubleshoot this issue, take your device away from other devices or separate all the devices from each other. To decrease the pressure on the UE speaker. This will help in the solution of this issue.

How can you check the battery life of your boom speaker?

Most of the devices have the issue that you cannot check the battery life beforehand and it eventually stops working because of a dead battery. You will not face this issue of battery life if you are using this speaker. You just need to push the volume up and volume down button for almost 3 seconds. You will get different sound signals that show the battery limit of your speaker. If you have a full speaker’s battery you will hear different beeps unlike the beep for the half battery.

Why does my boom 2 keep deactivating?

If you are facing a disconnection issue of your boom 2 with the paired devices, there must be a reason for it. Make sure that your device is paired up with your speaker. Bluetooth connection can be the issue of the deactivation of your boom 2 speakers. Your Bluetooth must be active on both devices. If not active on even one device, you can face the deactivation issue of your speaker. You must solve this issue immediately so as not to ruin your party or gathering.

Wrapping It Up

Resetting your UE boom speaker has not been an issue now. There is no big difference between boom 2 and blast 3 speakers, which makes their resetting almost similar. You need not know about different methods for different speaker resetting. With the help of these easy steps, you can easily reset your speaker by yourself without bothering to take it to some professional or spending more money on getting a newer one.

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