Are you striving how to reset your Altec Lansing speaker? Worry not, we’ve got you covered! The Altec Lansing VersA Smart stereo speaker has an average sound quality. Its sound output is adequate for a small to medium-sized space. The wireless Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, as well as speech recognition, add to its versatility. The sound quality of WiFi and Bluetooth is comparable.

How to Reset Altec Lansing Speaker

This article provides a guide on how to reset the speaker and how to troubleshoot some of the commonly occurring problems of the speaker. The problems addressed are regarding the wireless features that the speaker offers, Bluetooth, WiFi, and voice command. Go through it to find out the potential reasons behind the issues and the solutions to them.

1. Unable to Connect to Bluetooth

Activate the Bluetooth

Make sure that your phone and the speaker both have Bluetooth turned on, so they can be discoverable by the other device. To turn on the Bluetooth on the speakers, find the Bluetooth button on the side and press and hold it to activate the discoverable mode. Ensure that the speaker is discoverable by a blue light blinking at the center of the speaker.

On your phone, which should have also had the Bluetooth turned on and discoverable, go to the Bluetooth settings and choose the speaker, which should have the name “VersA Speaker” from the available devices. When both devices are successfully connected via Bluetooth, the blinking blue light should stop blinking and will be still.

Device Connected to Another Smartphone

This can also be a reason behind your speaker’s failure to connect to a phone via Bluetooth; the speakers can already be connected to a different phone. Make sure that is not the case since the speakers can be connected to only one phone at one time. Check whether there is still blue light glowing on the speaker or not. If it’s there, disconnect the speaker from the paired-up device and pair it with the other phone.

2. Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi

Activate the Wi-Fi Connection

For a successful Wi-Fi connection, firstly, make sure that the Wi-Fi is activated on the speakers and is in the discoverable mode. Your phone should also be connected to the Wi-Fi network available. To activate the Wi-Fi on the speakers, press the Bluetooth button at the side of the device shortly; the Bluetooth mode will be changed to Wi-Fi mode.

After turning on the Wi-Fi, to enter the Wi-Fi discoverable mode, press and hold the Bluetooth button for about 3 seconds. After that, there should be a white light blinking on the speaker. On your smartphone, you need to install the App “Altec Lansing VersA Bridge”. Open that app on your phone, from the main menu, choose “Set Up New Speaker,” a list of available devices/speakers will appear, from that list, choose “VersA Speaker.” The successful connection of the speaker with the Wi-Fi will be indicated by the white blinking light gone still.

A problem in the Connection

If the above two are not the causes and your speakers still fail to connect to the Wi-Fi, there can be a fault in the connection. Try restarting the speaker; for that, find the volume buttons at the top of the speakers and press both volumes up and down buttons together, and hold for 5 to 7 seconds. That way, the speaker will be reset to the factory settings, then try connecting again. This option also applies to the failure in Bluetooth connection.

Outdated Lansing App

One of the reasons the Lansing speakers fail to connect to your smartphone is the Lansing App is not updated to the latest version. So, make sure that the latest version of the App is downloaded to your phone and the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network or the Bluetooth is turned on.

3. Distorted Sound Quality

Obstructed Radio Signal

Check if there are any large objects placed between the speaker and the other connected device which can be blocking the signal between them. Remove those objects to make sure that the signal is unobstructed and strong. For ideal results, place the speaker and the connected device at a distance of 10 meters from each other.

External Speaker

Check that your speaker is clean. If you’re going to use your speaker near sand, seawater, or a pool, make sure it’s clean of debris or residue by rinsing it with fresh water.

4. Speaker not Responding

Unresponsive Volume and Power Buttons

If the speaker is not responding, restart the device. For that, press and hold the volume up and down buttons, both together, for about 5 to 7 seconds. That way, the speaker will be reset to the factory settings and will be responding again if there isn’t any internal fault.

Internal Fault

If resetting the speaker doesn’t solve the issue and the device is still unresponsive, there might be some internal fault with the speaker. In that case, you would need to replace the daughterboards inside the speaker related to the volume and power buttons. To do that, refer to the Altec Lansing VersA Smart Bluetooth board replacement guide for the power button, and for volume buttons, the speakers’ volume button board replacement guide.

5. Speaker Fails to Recognize Voice

Update the Apps

To enable voice recognition on the speaker, you need to have two apps on your smartphone; Altec Lansing VersA Bridge and Amazon Alexa. Not just that, but make sure that you have the most up-to-date versions of both of these apps for the voice command feature to work.

Power on the speaker and connect the speaker and the phone to the Wi-Fi network. Open the Altec Lansing VersA Bridge on the phone and select the ‘Alexa Voice Services’ option from the main menu. You will be asked to log in to the Amazon account or create one; after logging into the account or creating one, you will be brought back to the App.

Then connect the speaker to the Wi-Fi through the app. From the main menu, select ‘Set Up New Speaker,’ and from the list, select ‘VersA Speaker.’ Ensure a stable connection to the Wi-Fi and the App by the stable white light on the speaker. On the side of the speaker, find the Multi-Mode Button and press it shortly to turn on the microphone, the stable red light emitted by the speaker will ensure the activation.

6. Device not Charging

Power Cord/Power Source Failure

Check that the micro USB cord is still in good working order. To rule out a power problem, try other power outlets. Replace your cable if necessary.

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Pairing Altec Lansing Speaker to iPhone

You may connect your Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker while listening to music on your iPhone in a matter of seconds.

All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Ascertain that your Altec Lansing speaker is in pairing mode.
  2. Open the ‘Settings’ icon on your iPhone.
  3. Select ‘Bluetooth’.
  4. Locate your Altec Lansing speaker in the device list and press the connect button.

Following these instructions is another quick and straightforward approach to finishing this process:

  1. Make sure that your Altec Lansing speaker is in pairing mode.
  2. Swipe down from your iPhone’s upper right corner.
  3. Keep your finger on the Bluetooth sign.
  4. Hold down the Bluetooth sign once again when the next menu appears.
  5. To access the Bluetooth menu, select ‘Bluetooth Settings’ and then pick your Altec Lansing speaker.

Pairing Altec Lansing Speaker to Android

Connecting speakers and headphones over Bluetooth is really simple on Android smartphones.

All you have to do if you’re an Android user is follow these steps:

  1. Ascertain that your Altec Lansing speaker is in pairing mode.
  2. ‘Settings’ on your Android device
  3. Tap ‘Bluetooth’ (or ‘Other Connections’, then ‘Bluetooth’)
  4. Find your Altec Lansing speakers.
  5. Tap on them to connect them.


Why would I need to reset my Altec Lansing speaker?

There are a few reasons why you might need to reset your Altec Lansing speaker. It can help resolve issues like connectivity problems, unresponsiveness, or if the speaker is not functioning properly. Resetting the speaker can restore it to its default settings and potentially fix any software-related issues.

Will resetting my Altec Lansing speaker delete my Bluetooth pairing information?

No, resetting your Altec Lansing speaker will not automatically delete the Bluetooth pairing information. However, it’s a good practice to disconnect and forget the speaker from your Bluetooth device before resetting it. After the reset, you can pair your device again to establish a new connection.

Will resetting my Altec Lansing speaker delete any personalized settings or saved presets?

Yes, resetting your Altec Lansing speaker will restore it to its default settings, which means any personalized settings or saved presets will be erased. Make sure to note down or remember any customized settings before performing a reset to easily reconfigure them after the reset process is complete.


This article will help you resolve the most frequently causing problems in the Altec Lansing VersA Smart. The speaker is easy to use and allows Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection, and Amazon Alexa voice command feature. This troubleshooting guide addresses the issues concerning all these features on the speaker and the problems with their possible solutions.

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