Are you going on a long trip listening to your favorite music, but you hear some sounds like your car is breaking apart? Or you are a party thrower and love to listen to loud music, but a neighbor calls you again and again that the sound’s vibration is disturbing them? If it happens to you every time, then reducing subwoofer vibration is the foremost important work, also here are some of the best car subwoofers of the year. This article will tell you how to reduce subwoofer vibration in no time by the following steps mentioned below.

How To Reduce Subwoofer Vibration

Here are some of the most easy and quick steps you can take to reduce the vibration in your subwoofers.

1. Place The Subwoofer Near

The easiest way to control and reduce subwoofer vibration is to place the subwoofer near to you to control the level of music with a specific song. One of the best rules is that the lower the volume is, the less the subwoofer vibrates, which will make the number of vibrations that can make the car unbalanced and escape the room through the wall.

2. Install Bass Traps

The most common and effective way to reduce subwoofer vibration is to install bass traps in the music room’s corners to absorb much of the sound. The ideal thickness is 6- inches to trap a lot of vibrations. One of the disadvantages of bass traps is that if the speakers are lying on the floor, they might not reduce the vibrations for the people living in an apartment lower than yours. But you can try adding more traps to see whether the vibrations reduce or not.

3. Lift The Subwoofer From Floor

The next effective step to reduce subwoofer vibrations is to lift the subwoofer from the floor to a few inches. This will ensure that the vibrations transferred to the floor are lessened through this way, and the car no longer produces loud breaking sounds as well the neighbors will not get disturbed anymore.

Also, the perfect spot to place the subwoofer is on an isolated pad. There are a number of isolated pads available on Amazon and online sites that sell in many different shapes. So, look for the shape that matches your subwoofers’ shape to avoid the vibrations hitting the floor.

4. Set A Balanced Bass Level

One of the ways is to set up your bass level. Switching and turning the level up and down greatly affects the sound produced by the subwoofers. First, lower the subwoofer volume to 0 and then increase it slowly to the level where the subwoofers start to fill in the base.

You can turn the phase switch from 0 to 180. Listen to the music clearly and start turning the switch from 0 to 180 stop at the point where the subwoofer starts producing clear sounds.

5. Look for The Cause Of Vibration In Car

For cars, the ideal way is to play music in your car first on a lower volume and after sometimes start increasing it until you get to the spot that causes a large number of vibrations. Once the area is identified, it will get a lot easier to fix it up.

6. Secure Your Subs Screws

If your car has a breaking sound while playing loud music, one way to reduce the subwoofer vibrations is to secure the subs screws by tightening them properly. To be on the safe side, check your car and look for loose parts if the ratling continues after tightening your sub screws.

7. Recheck The Sounds

Once you go through all the steps, you should start playing the music on loud to recheck the sound produces vibration and disturbance. Also, play a heavy bass song to see if the ratling effect is still there or not. If not, then you are ready to party or go on a long drive stress-free.


Why is my subwoofer vibrating?

In most cases, the subwoofer vibrates when they have loose compartments.

Why does my subwoofer sound weak?

The first thing to know about why your subwoofer produces weak sound is to check the battery fuses, and the motor is working properly or not.

How do you stop your house from vibrating because of the subwoofers?

The best way is to install bass traps to stop your house from vibrating because of subwoofers.

How do I stop my speakers from vibrating?

You can stop my speakers from vibrating and decouple the subwoofers from the floors.

What does a blown subwoofer sound like?

A blown subwoofer sounds like a partial distorted sound.

Wrapping Up

With the above-mentioned methods, you can enjoy listening to music without bothering your neighbors and also being stress-free while driving on a long route. Follow the above step-to-step processes and share your feedback with us. Also, keep visiting us for more content.

Thank you!

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