Nothing keeps you as hooked as listening to music with amplified and good quality sound. Also, a movie never engages you if your speakers don’t produce loud and clear sound output. Not everyone can get their hands on good quality speakers but don’t worry; we have got you covered. You can easily enhance the performance of your external speakers and PC speakers by changing some settings.

Besides, you can also alter the settings of your external Bluetooth speakers to amplify the sound output. Some of the external speakers come configured by the company, but fortunately, you can always configure them according to your taste. This article is all about enhancing the performance of your external speakers, inbuilt PC speakers, and your external speakers.

How To Make Your Speaker Louder

Since a lot of people love experimenting with their external bought speakers and in-built speakers, here are some of the safe and clever hacks that you can carry out to louden your speakers. A lot of you might not know that your PCs allow you to change the configurations of your speakers to amplify the sound. Here is how you can do that!

Loudening the Speakers in Windows Computer

If you don’t already know, here is to add to your information, your windows PCs come with audio enhancement settings. From there, you can alter the settings regarding your audio to arrange it according to your preference. For that matter, you need to right-click on the Audio/Volume icon. You will find the Audio/Volume icon in the system tray located on the right side of the taskbar.

A pop-up menu will appear, after which you need to click on the playback devices. Select the speaker option and click on the properties of speakers. Once you have opened the speaker’s properties in the window’s PC, click on the enhancement option. After that, you will see loudness equalization; click on that, adjust and click okay. This will make the speakers give off loud sound output.

Using VLC Media Player For Enhanced Sound Output

The VLC media player is free software you can download to have good quality video as well as audio. VLC media players can play music and videos and allow you to increase the volume to 125 percent. Besides, it provides good quality graphics and sound if you are in the mood to watch a movie or listen to your favorite jam.

Software/Applications For Audio Enhancement

The Internet is loaded with sound-amplifying apps that allow you to enhance the sound of your PC according to your liking. Most of these applications are paid and come with some amazing features. Not only do these apps boost your system’s sound, but they also enhance some other features. For instance, you can have better quality videos on youtube with crystal clear and amplified sound output. Some of the apps you can find on the internet are as follows; soundPimp, DFX Audio Enhancer, and so on.

Get Yourself a Pair of Speakers For even Better Quality Sound

External speakers have undergone constant upgrades over the years to bring the best quality sound output to you. If you need theater-quality sound to watch movies or listen to music, you can always purchase external speakers. Some of the leading tech companies manufacture top-of-the-line speakers that will enhance your overall experience. For instance, Logitech, Sony, LG, and Razor are some of the top-ranking brands known for their top-quality products. The next section discusses a few ways that will help you louden up your Bluetooth or wired speaker.

Putting Your Speakers On the Floor

First of all, you should always buy your speakers according to the size of your room you want to install your speakers in. Now that you have the right speakers for your room to enhance its loudness you should keep them on the floor. In doing so, your speakers will produce better bass, and the sound clarity will be better. Moreover, keep the speakers at a correct angle for better sound production and loudness. If you don’t want to put your speakers on the floor, you can try installing them on the wall close to your ears. This will give you a surround sound effect, and you will hear everything more clearly.

Placing The Speakers In the Corner of The Room

Putting your speakers in the corner of the room will increase the loudness and amplification of the sound. It happens because the sound waves will bounce back after hitting the two walls amplifying it 40 percent. Moreover, doing so, your speakers will also create a surround sound effect giving you an overall captivating experience.

Putting Up Multiple Speakers

Installing multiple speakers will also generate amplified and loud sounds. If you want to set up a home theater, you should always go for multiple speakers set up at different places in the room. Not only will it give you a surround sound enriched with fidelity, but it also generates loud sounds akin to real theaters. You can also get your hands on a soundbar that consists of more than one speaker giving you the same effects.

Redesigning Your Speakers

You can also do some experiments with your newly bought speaker by adding a few things here and a few things there. You can redesign your speakers only if you are an expert in this field. For that matter, you need to put horns in front of the sound drivers. This results in better coupling efficiency between the sound driver and air. The horn works like a megaphone which results in greater and louder sound output.


How do I make my external speakers louder?

To make the speakers of your system louder, simply go to the taskbar, right-click on the Audio/Volume icon. After that, a menu will appear where you will click on playback devices. A window will pop up where you need to click on the speaker option. Click on the properties of sound and then the enhancement tab. Lastly, tick the loudness equalization by clicking on it.

Why does my speaker sound very low?

If your speaker is producing a low sound, check for the setting. You should check for the volume; if it’s low, turn it up. You can also check for the setting if your speakers make sure they are baking playback files. Also, you can try placing your speakers on the floor that will increase the loudness of your speakers.

How do you fix low volume?

There are several ways with which you can fix the low volume issues of your speakers. For instance, you can try cleaning the speakers by brushing off the dust and lint while they are turned off. Moreover, you can try redesigning them by installing horns in front of the sound drivers. Moreover, you can also install sound boosting apps such as DFX sound enhancers to make the sound louder.

Why isn’t my Bluetooth speaker loud?

If your Bluetooth speaker isn’t generating loud sounds, check the settings and change according to your preferences. Also, change the settings from the source device and increase the loudness up to your taste. You can freely move your Bluetooth speakers; therefore, try placing them close to the walls. As a result, the sound waves will bounce back and louder up to 40 percent.

Final Thoughts

Good quality speakers can elevate your screen time and offer mesmeric sound effects; a little issue with the sound may cause agitation. Some people like listening to music with amplified sound output. They don’t settle for low-quality speakers that give off a low-volume sound. There are a lot of tricks and hacks that help you increase the loudness of your speakers. We hope this article provides helpful information on how to make your speaker louder.

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