Did you drop your speaker or phone in water, and now your speakers are not working well? So you are searching the internet to find a quick fix to repair water damaged speakers? Well, worry no more; we are here to solve the problem. In this guide we’ll be taking care of the scenarios if you’ve dropped your phone and it’s speaker got affected or in case you’ve dropped your Bluetooth speaker which isn’t working properly. So pay attention to all the steps mentioned below.

Mobile phone speakers or your daily life speaker damaged by water can cause great trouble. Whether they are dropped in the sink or used in the rain, the speakers go out of order. Since these mobile phones connect us to the digital world, all the components must be working properly, and if speakers are damaged, that means a huge problem.

What to Do if Speaker Drops In Water

So, these are the steps you have to do when you drop your speaker in the water.

  • Switch it off immediately.
  • Clean and dry it with a soft dry towel
  • Remove the components if possible.

Avoid doing the following:

  • Plugging it in the socket to charge
  • Using a blow dryer to dry the phone or speaker cabinet.
  • Don’t blow in the speakers.
  • Don’t even think about keeping it in the microwave.

So that was a little guide for rescuing your speaker immediately to prevent more damage. Remember that neglecting the phone when the water has penetrated might force you to replace your phone, and you might lose your important data.

Another hack to dry your phone, and fix your speakers is dry rice. You can keep your phone in a jar of dry rice, or silica gel packets for a period of 24 hours. They are perfect absorbents and can absorb all the moisture from your phone. People from around the globe have been trying out this and are astonished by the results. So do try and give us your feedback.

As the technology advances on its way to find solutions to recurring problems among smartphone users, thankfully there are free softwares present on the internet that can help you out easily.

Fix My Speakers app

This amazing web app serves to remove moisture from your mobile phone. All you have to do is open your web browser and search the “Fix My Speaker” Application. This application generates particular tones to create waves, thus resulting in the ejection of water from the mobile phone.

There is a button located on the screen; when you tap it, it starts to generate the sound and effectively removes water from your phone.

Speaker Cleaner App

This is another application for fixing water damaged speakers. All you have to do is open the play store and search for “Speaker Cleaner App” if you have an android phone. If you are an iPhone user, search for Sonic V app from the app store.

Make sure that your speaker is facing down, set the toggle button to the speaker, and set the volume to maximum. Now, select the “Start Cleaning” option, and you will experience better sound quality, as water is being expelled from the phone. Repeat the procedure if required.

So this was another method we explained to fix the water damaged speakers. In case you still find effectiveness in the functioning of the speaker, do contact an expert.

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Wrap Up

Damaged phone speakers can result in huge inconvenience when not taken into consideration on time. In this article, we presented the effective and the best solutions you can opt for to get the speakers back in their optimum condition. This How-to guide will definitely be of maximum advantage for you, and we anticipate your response. Stay tuned for more content. Lastly, you can also weatherproof your speaker easily if you don’t want it to get damaged in Rain etc.

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