Have you purchased Harman Kardon speakers, but you do not know the procedure of how to connect Harman Kardon speakers with your computer, tv, and wifi connection? Here is a review that will guide you to follow these wise step procedures to enjoy high-quality sound.

Harman Kardon speakers have different versions of speakers like Citation, SoundSticks, Onyx Studio, Aura, and Wireless speakers. The process of setting up these speakers with computers, tv, and wifi is somewhat similar. So you can easily apply these steps if you own any one of these Harman Kardon speakers.

These speakers are made with premium material and a unique, stylish design, yet they are reasonably priced Bluetooth speakers. The ambient lighting effect gives you a great experience while listening to your favorite music. Its 360 degrees sound with powerful subwoofers offers you a more dynamic and clear sound experience. These wireless speakers can easily be connected to Bluetooth, so you don’t hinder listening to your favorite music.

Here’s How To Connect Harman Kardon Speakers

People purchase these uniquely designed wireless speakers to achieve a great listening experience. Still, it is only possible when you know how to connect it properly with external devices like a tv, computer, phone, and wifi connection. This is a one-time setup and takes only a few seconds.

1. How To Connect Harman Kardon Speakers To Computer

connect harman kardon to computer

Connecting Harman Kardon speakers with your computer is an easy method. You do not need any extra tools or software while setting these speakers. These speakers allow you to experience clear audio capacity and enhance the capability of your computer sound card.

Its powerful subwoofers offer you a vast listening experience. Once you set up these speakers with your computer, you can listen to your favorite songs through the speaker system.

  • To set up a Harmon Kardon Speaker, you need to put these speakers on the side of your computer.
  • Now put one end of the cable from a speaker to a dual subwoofer cable connector and the other end of the cable from the speaker to an open port of this dual subwoofer cable connector.
  • Check a headphone jack on the computer, which you can easily recognize by a headphone icon designed on it.
  • Now connect one side of an audio cable to the headphone jack.
  • Put the other end of the cable in the input of your subwoofer. You can now insert the power adaptor into the plug and then insert a power cable from the adapter to the subwoofer port.
  • To complete the entire circuit, press the power button on the subwoofer and play your favorite song to check the connection, and you are good to go.

2. How To Connect Harman Kardon Speakers To TV

connect harman kardon to TV

You can connect Harman Kardon speakers with your TV to watch your favorite movies by following simple steps. There are two ways to connect these speakers. One way is to connect through an AUX cable, and the other way is to connect these speakers wirelessly.

Method 1: Connect Through AUX Cable

  • To connect a Harman Kardon speaker via AUX cable, you need a cable of length 3.5mm.
  • Look at the backside of your smart TV and identify the headphone jack. You can easily recognize it with a headphone icon designed on it.
  • Put one end of the cable in the headphone jack and the other end in the Auxiliary port.
  • Play a song or a movie to check the connection, and you are done with the successful set-up of your Harman Kardon speakers with TV.

Method 2: Connect Speakers Wirelessly

  • You can also connect a Harman Kardon speaker to your TV wirelessly.
  • It will be easier if your smart TV supports an external Bluetooth connection.
  • Place the speaker on either side of the smart Tv, start the procedure by turning on the speaker, and get hold of the TV remote.
  • Click on the TV settings and locate the option of sound setting on your TV remote.
  • Now click the option of speaker output. You will see three options. From these options, select Bluetooth Audio.

Make sure that the Bluetooth option of the Harman Kardon speaker is turned on. If not, you can turn it on by pressing the side button on the speaker. After that, you will notice that your smart TV will search for Bluetooth devices. Click on the Harmon Kardon name and connect it to pair the speakers with your smart TV successfully.

3. How To Connect Harman Kardon Speakers To Wi-Fi

connecting harman kardon to Wi-Fi

You can connect your speaker to the desired device via Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

  • To check the WPS setting on your router, look for the logo or simply the name “WPS.”
  • Press the button on your router and the Harman Kardon speakers for 30 seconds.
  • You will notice both devices will share their Wi-Fi settings. You can get more help through your router manual.
  • For Apple device users, you can connect the speaker via Bluetooth. It is noted that your iPhone and iPod are connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Press the Wi-Fi button on the Harmon Kardon speaker for 30 seconds.
  • You will see a message will appear stating, “Allow WiFi Sharing Setting”?
  • Press Allow and both devices will share their WiFi settings.
  • A white LED light will appear that will assure you that your speakers are connected to Wi-Fi.

You can also connect your speakers with a Wi-Fi connection by using The Harman Kardon remote app.

  • For that, you need to install the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • On the home screen, press the plus button to add a new device.
  • Choose the Harman Kardon speaker from the list and start the setup with the help of the instructions mentioned in the app.
  • You will get a successful Wi-Fi connection at the end of the setup.

4. How To Pair Harman Kardon Speakers Together

How To Pair Harman Kardon Speakers Together

Ensure that the Harman Kardon speakers you want to pair are compatible with each other. Some Harman Kardon models support wireless connectivity for easy pairing, while others may require additional accessories or cables.

  • Make sure both speakers are powered on and in close proximity to each other.
  • Determine which speaker will serve as the primary speaker and which one will be the secondary speaker. The primary speaker will be the one that connects directly to your audio source or device.
  • Refer to the user manual or documentation of your Harman Kardon speakers to learn how to activate the pairing mode.
  • Usually, this involves pressing a designated button or a combination of buttons on the speakers.
  • Once the pairing mode is activated on the primary speaker, the secondary speaker(s) should automatically detect and connect to the primary speaker.
  • The specific pairing process may vary depending on the model of your Harman Kardon speakers.
  • Check the LED indicators or any display on the speakers to ensure that the connection between the primary and secondary speakers is established successfully.

Play some audio from your source device to test if the paired speakers are working correctly. The sound should be played through both speakers simultaneously, providing a stereo or multi-room audio experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many speakers can I pair together?

The number of speakers you can pair together depends on the specific Harman Kardon model and its capabilities. Some models allow you to connect two speakers for stereo sound, while others support multi-room audio with the ability to pair multiple speakers throughout your home. Review the user manual or product documentation to determine the pairing capabilities of your Harman Kardon speakers.

What if my Harman Kardon speakers don’t automatically pair?

If your Harman Kardon speakers don’t automatically pair, ensure that both speakers are in pairing mode and that they are within close proximity to each other. Additionally, double-check that the speakers are compatible with pairing and that you are following the correct pairing procedure outlined in the user manual.

Is it possible to connect Harman Kardon speakers to each other without using wireless or Bluetooth connections?

Yes, if your Harman Kardon speakers have the necessary input/output ports, you can connect them together using wired connections. For example, some models may have an auxiliary (AUX) input/output or an audio line-in port that allows you to physically connect the speakers using an appropriate audio cable.

Is it possible to listen to music from Harman Kardon while charging?

Is listening to music while charging a bad idea? The charging process has no effect on the speaker’s performance. Your speaker will function properly with no issues with sound quality. The only issue is that you must charge the battery while the speaker is in use.


Purchasing a Harman Kardon Speaker will give a better experience of audio capabilities. Setting up these speakers is a quick method, and you do not need any skills or specialties. You just have to follow simple steps to get a successful connection. Here is a review to guide you about connecting the Harman Kardon speakers to your electronic devices like computers and TV, also how you will be able to get a Wi-Fi connection on the speakers.

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