Are you wondering about buying a portable wireless touch speaker, but you don’t know how it will work? Well, you are on the right page to know about it. This will help you with all your queries about how touch speakers work?

Everyone likes to enjoy music, and at parties, music is a must, and you would never want inaudible music at a party. There is always one thing which helps this problem that is speakers. We have varieties of speakers, wired and wireless both. But with this new technology, you don’t need any wire. You are ready to enjoy your music with one touch.

As the touch speakers claim, you need no wire, cable, or Bluetooth. You drop your phone on the flat surface of the speaker, and boom, it works. The voice is amplified and your room is bursting with music. This makes you wonder what this magic is? And how does this even work?

How does it Work?

The product comes with a USB cable and a mini-jack cable. You charge the speaker before using it. You have to switch on the speaker. Then line your phone on top of the speaker’s flat surface and you will instantly listen to an amplified sound. That’s it. Yes, this is all you need to know to use this device. You get a handy small, portable, lightweight device with no hazards of plugging wires or connecting Bluetooth.

How could magic like this even happen? What goes inside the speaker to do this magic? The answer is the inbuilt induction technology in the phone. The phone speaker plays the sound and it generates electromagnetic signals in the coil of the phone’s speaker.

Once the phone lines up right at the speaker’s speaker units, these electromagnetic signals are picked by the touch speaker’s upper surface and the sound is all loud and increased.

One thing you need to keep in mind is to line the phone on the device surface properly so that it is right at the place where the speaker unit of the speaker lines. That is why it will catch the signals properly and give the desired volume.

Why Touch Speakers?

The question arrives: why do I need a touch speaker when other portable speakers work as fine as they do? So there are some advantages which touch speakers provide.

Easy to Use

You must have faced this problem when you went on a trip or picnic and forgot your speaker cable. Now that’s a hazard, but with this product, you don’t have to worry about packing your wires on time, charging your touch speaker anymore.

No Connectivity Issue

Think you are in a conference meeting you have to present next and you couldn’t connect your Bluetooth speaker. There are many devices connected to Bluetooth and the speaker also gets confused about which one to pick. A whole mess is created.

Similarly, if you are at a party and everyone tries to pair up and link their phones to the speaker to play their favorite music, this is a big hassle. What do you do in that situation/ maybe this is the solution to all these issues. Maybe you need this high-end technology.

You have your touch speaker. You take out your speaker, place it on the table, put your phone on it, and have a smooth presentation.


The other advantage is that the device is compatible with ios and android or any other phone with inbuilt speakers. A versatile speaker in a small size which you can take with you anywhere and enjoy music

Low Power Consumption

Turning to its battery life. It has 3 AA batteries which last longer. It gives 10 to 15 hours of use time. After a full day of use, it will still work on what you need besides this feature. It’s perfect to use. It will really ruin your mood if you are on a trip or at a party and your device battery does not even last 3 hours.

No Sound Distortion

In particular, the touch speaker tested by many people gives a review that there is no distortion in these speakers, like many other speakers, which also increases the sound but distorts the sound. These speakers are exceptional. Its lightweight helps in reducing the distortion and greatly increases the sound of the device.


There are some cons to the product too; if you are a multitasker and enjoy scrolling down your phone or doing other activities on the phone while using a speaker, this is a bit of a problem because the speaker will only work if the device is put above it. If you are one of those people, you may not like the device.


What is a touch speaker?

A touch speaker is a device that uses interactive wireless technology to amplify the sound of your device. Giving out 2.5W x 2 RMS output.

How does a touch speaker work?

When we say that a touch speaker is a wireless device, people think it might be another name for a Bluetooth device, but they both are different devices. The touch speakers are battery-powered devices that you use to amplify the sound by simply lying down the phone on top of the speaker.

What is an induction speaker?

Your phone generates magnetic signals, induced and picked by the induction speaker producing and amplified audio. In other words, we can say touch speakers are induction speakers as they work on the same phenomenon.

Wrapping Up

In short, a device where you don’t need a wire, you don’t need Bluetooth, you have one step to do to enjoy the loud and audible volume of your phone, iPods, or other external sound devices. The touch speaker has all qualities in one pack. It’s small, light, and easy to use. So why not get your device right now?

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