Many people are already familiar with Alexa speakers, however, not everyone has enough understanding about what these devices are. Some may have a bit of idea, but they are not completely knowledgeable about the entire capabilities of Alexa. That is why it is a good thing to learn everything about this speaker so you could be updated on this latest trend.

Alexa is an AI service that is created to simulate an actual conversation. But what is quite impressive about it is that it does more than just the talking. It comes with the ability to perform several things.

Alexa speaker is a voice-controlled assistant that processes commands by understanding and processing the voice. Its line-up of compatible smart devices is unmatched, although it can be a little tough to interact with.

Alexa anticipates and processes only explicit syntax, particularly if you are trying to manage your smart devices. Good thing that there is Google Assistant is more adaptable with the common language. Alexa functions through the online service operated by Amazon to process voice commands. Yes, you will think that it performs complicated functions. However, you do not have to dwell with the technicalities of the device so you can use it as designed.

What do Alexa Speakers Do?

Alexa Speakers answers questions and responds to commands by understanding the voice of the user.

This virtual voice assistant can execute several chores at home such as controlling the smart home devices, reading the weather, telling the time, setting timers, playing music, and even telling jokes if you want to be amused. Alexa can also perform an online research to answer knowledge-based questions.

However, Alexa can only function based on its design if you can capture its attention. You need to utter the “wake word” which is “Alexa”. Through voice recognition, Alexa can communicate with the devices attached to it. Simply speak with a clear voice and Alexa will prompt you with a response.

Alexa works efficiently that you do not have to worry that it might do things it is not supposed to do. Alexa will only function and determine a command if you say the wake word “Alexa”. There can be random accidental commands, though.

Although Alexa’s ability to control the audio source of the Bluetooth is limited, it is fair to say that this ability exists in Alexa. Typically, Alexa can play, stop, pause, skip backward and forward, and reduce or increase the volume.

Amazon, being the mind of Alexa, continues to innovate the technology of the device, making it more reliable for daily use.

These are the things Alexa can do:

  • Smart Home Automation – Use Alexa to control the devices in your household such as your televisions, lighting, and smart thermostats while you are lying comfortably on your couch.
  • Improve Productivity – Maximize the use of Alexa to improve productivity. From reminders to timers, you can keep your tasks and schedules organized so you can do things smoothly.
  • Organizing Shopping Lists – This is particularly useful if you want to make an urgent purchase. Just instruct Alexa to include the item on your shopping list. The list will instantly sync to the smartphone app.
  • Sending Messages and Making Calls – You can send messages or call your friends or relatives who have an Echo speaker or through Skype to contacts with no Echo.
  • Using Alexa Skills – Incorporate add-ons from a third party to the profile of Alexa including workouts, kid’s stories, recipes, and games.
  •  Making Announcements – Make an announcement within the household through other Alexa devices.
  • News Updates – Be updated with what is currently happening by saying the words, “Alexa, tell me the news”.
  • Answer Questions – You can ask Alexa any question that is on your mind. You can ask Alexa about the weather. You can even ask about mathematics.

What is the difference between Alexa and Echo?

You might wonder – what is the difference between Alexa and Echo? These two are actually the same thing. The Echo speaker has a built-in Alexa virtual assistant.

Alexa is the specific name to the ghostly voice you ask questions with or utter commands with. Echo, on the other hand, is the physical product itself – the speakers where Alexa is installed. In other words, it is Alexa that powers the Echo.

Echo, just like other Bluetooth speakers, can play podcasts, music, and other audio from a tablet, smartphone, and other devices with Bluetooth ability.

Yes, you need to say the wake word “Alexa” each time you get Echo to work. This is the reason why people call the device “Alexa”.

Hence, when you buy Echo, you also get Alexa.

What Speakers are Compatible with Alexa?

Alexa has set the direction for smart products, creating a path to affordable and efficient speakers. There are plenty of speakers that are compatible with Alexa. You just have to be specific with your preferences.

Would you want something that does not consume big space and is unobtrusive? Or would you rather want to get a hefty wireless speaker that boots nicely? The following speakers are compatible with Alexa:

  • Echo Show 10 (3rd gen)

This speaker is a beast. Choosing this speaker would require you to secure a space to give it enough room for rotation. But what is impressive about it is that it can track around, giving its owner a permanent view of the screen.

  • Echo Dot (4th gen)

Echo Dot (4th gen) is made to secure your privacy. It comes with numerous layers of privacy controls.

  • Echo (4th gen)

Echo (4th gen) is smaller built. However, its tweeters and woofer are bigger which means that this device can provide more power.

  • Echo Dot (3rd gen)

You will also love this Alexa-compatible speaker. It functions well and can be smoothly unified into numerous smartphone devices and AV products.

  • Sonos One

Sonos One is also a reliable speaker for Alexa. It is compact and quality.

  • Audio Pro Addon C5A

Available in three shades – grey, white, and black. All controls are placed on the metal panel located at the top portion. It comes with the main feature which is voice control. The Alexa feature in this speaker also allows it to work as an internet radio.

  • Echo Show 5

Echo Show 5 is so far the most compact model of Echo Show. It is already given that a smart virtual assistant attached with a screen is generally more engaging. Being Alexa-compatible, this speaker impresses with its versatility.

  • Ultimate Ears Megablast

This is an incredible device for voice assistants. It is compatible with Alexa. Alexa can still process your voice even if you are quite distant from the speaker. It also performs an adequate job detecting your voice in a noisy environment.

  • Echo Spot

Echo Spot is a versatile, Alexa-compatible device that is ideally placed in a bedroom, office, kitchen, or anywhere else.

  • Echo Studio

The speaker features the same Alexa. Simply say the wake word “Alexa” and start saying your command.

As long as you have an available mobile hotspot or access to the internet, you can choose to bring Alexa wherever you want to go. However, you should know that some Alexa speakers come with a wired design. Hence, these speakers aren’t very portable because they require a power outlet to get them to work.

What is the Cost for Alexa?

People are very interested in learning about Alexa. Knowing how it works, it is not surprising why more and more people are aiming to get their own Alexa. But the common question is – how much will it cost to get Alexa?

Alexa actually comes free from its smartphone app or through Echo or any third-party smart device that is over $40. Per standard, monthly fees are not implemented. You may also choose to enhance the functionality of Alexa by subscribing to premium services such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, and Audible.

Although you do not have to spend a monthly fee for an Alexa subscription, some features can only be unlocked if you get premium accounts. For instance, to get unlimited access to ad-free music, you should link your premium account in Spotify to Alexa and this will cost you $9.99 each month. You can use Spotify free plan to listen to music, however, there will be advertisements and you are only allowed to make a few skips each day.

Last Words

If you are searching for a cool thing that could give you unique and advanced experiences, you should get Alexa speakers. Whether you want to know the forecast of the weather, want to know the ingredients of a specific recipe, or control your smart devices, Alexa’s ability as a smart virtual assistant can help you with these things.

The good thing about using Alexa is that you do not have to be technically equipped or knowledgeable. Alexa works with a voice command, so you can only expect how easy it is to make it respond to your command.

With this list of things that Alexa can do, you know that it is a good thing to buy.

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