How to Fix a Bluetooth Speaker not Charging Issue – [ DIY ]

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Technology is evolving day-by-day through emerging wireless advancements in every gadget. A trendy example is wireless Bluetooth speakers. These days, people are addressing a general problem in Bluetooth Speaker that is the charging issue. Mainly, there are three reasons which prevent the portable Bluetooth speaker from charging. Firstly, the solder joint on the charging socket of the Bluetooth speaker may not be working fine. Secondly, the Bluetooth speaker may be equipped with a low voltage lithium-ion battery. Thirdly, there might be a fault in the micro-USB cable.

How to Fix Bluetooth Speaker not Charging Problem

The most common complications which can prevent your Bluetooth speaker from charging include:

  • Before tearing apart your device, try with basics, a simple Bluetooth speaker factory reset can fix most of the “technical problems”. So, go ahead and reset your speaker & see if it resolves the charging issue.
  • The problem can arise due to a bad solder joint on the USB port, for which you’ll have to take apart your device and fix it.
  • The third reason could be the battery, sometimes it’s not the charger or the port but the battery which needs replacement.
  • Lastly, the problem can occur due to a faulty charging cable, usually multiple devices come with common charging cables now, so try another cable available at your place or borrow it from your friend, and it should fix your Bluetooth speaker’s not charging problem.

Here are these steps explained in detail.

1. Solder Joint not Working

We consider the Solder joint as the first main reason why your Bluetooth speaker is not charging. Before taking a look at the main steps, we will like to mention the brands on which this procedure works. You can repair the JBL and Aqua sports speakers through this process, but it also works on Bose, UE, Sony, Beats, and other similar manufacturers.

In the first step, you have to open your portable Bluetooth speaker. The purpose is to determine if there is an easy or basic fix or not. In most cases, the USB charging socket is loose or does not fit the cable properly. It means that the solder joint is either cracked or broken and needs re-soldering.

People mostly get frustrated while opening up the speaker because it is a tricky part. But, once you know the minor details, it would be easier for you. You have to open the hidden screws placed under stickers, sound grills, or plugs. After removing all the screws, you can find the fault by using a magnifier. For example, the micro USB port was loose, or you found a bad solder joint. Additionally, if your portable speaker is waterproof, then do this step precisely to avoid damage.

The next step is soldering up the USB charging plug. Locate the USB port first to perform this task. At this spot, try to use a clean tip and dob of solder for soldering. Quickly touch the cracked solder to melt it again. If the soldering tip is large, you can file the tip down to get a nice solder tip. Once you’re done with resoldering positive and negative terminals, test the charge circuit to check whether it is working or not.

2. Low Voltage Lithium-ion Battery

The wireless Bluetooth speakers are equipped with a rechargeable battery. Sometimes, the issue is not in the charger or port but the battery because your speakers are not charging. This problem usually arises in old Bluetooth speakers. To fix the low voltage lithium-ion battery, you need to replace it with a new one. This repair can be done by finding a new battery of a similar size to the older one. We have mentioned lithium-ion batteries because many Bluetooth speakers come with this battery in today’s market.

3. Fault in Micro USB Cable

In most cases, when the micro USB cable stops working if you see that the wire and cable are still intact then it means that the USB connector is broken. In this condition, you have to explore the connectors to see if the connector is loose or not. Once you get to know that problem in the connector, you need to buy a replacement connector kit. This kit includes plugs, placement sockets, and tails. It is easily available in the market in different colors and lengths.

However, the second case is when this procedure doesn’t work. It is a rare case that your cable or wire is not working. You have to purchase a new cable or wire, which is not so expensive in this situation. If you don’t want to, you can also replace it by attaching the connector with a new wire.

Other Things to Consider

Once you are done fixing your problem, it is important to take good care of your favorite speakers to resist the faults. In this section, we will like to mention the things related to charging, which you need to consider while using a portable Bluetooth speaker. Charging duration typically varies depending upon different situations of use of the battery. Always charge your Bluetooth speaker in ambient temperature conditions, for example, between 41 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Speakers will get warm during or after charging. This is not a signal of malfunction. So don’t unplug the charger before the device gets fully charged. Even if you don’t use your Bluetooth speakers for a long time, charge the battery to its fullest capacity at least once every six months. Doing this can maintain the better performance of your portable Bluetooth speakers.

It is a fact that if you don’t use your speakers for a long time, then it may take a long time to charge the battery. This is because it is always preferred to use your gadgets often. It is necessary to keep those in good condition and increase their lifetime, especially the ones with charging batteries.

Try your best to avoid external exposures. The external pressures include extreme temperature conditions, direct exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet rays, high moisture content, sand, mechanical shocks, or dust particles. Never leave your Bluetooth speakers in your car if it is parked in the sun.

Lastly, in case even after doing everything you can’t fix the problem, then it’s the right time to buy a new Bluetooth speaker under 100 dollars.


How do I know if my Bluetooth speaker is charging?

The Bluetooth speakers are installed with RGB lightning, mostly red or blue light. Once you plug in the charger and cable, a red light turns on. This red light indicates the charging signal. When it turns off, it means that charging is done.

How do I reset my Bluetooth speaker?

Reset a Bluetooth speaker is typically meant to remove the paired devices from the portable speaker. To reset press and hold the power button and Bluetooth button simultaneously for at least three seconds. This resets the factory data of the speaker. After that, your Bluetooth speaker will be ready to pair when you switch it on.

How do you change the batteries in a Bluetooth speaker?

For changing the batteries, you have to unscrew the Bluetooth speaker. Then, with a soldering iron, heat the battery and make it drop off on the motherboard. In the final step, solder the new cables and plugs together.

Why is my Bluetooth not connecting?

If you’re using an android device, open the phone settings. Click on the system, then choose the advanced setting. Now click on the reset options and reset Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity option. On the other side, if you are using an iOS device, you will have to unpair all recent devices from your device’s Bluetooth settings. After clicking on the forget option, restart the mobile and connect your Bluetooth speakers.

What is the latest Bluetooth version?

The latest version of Bluetooth is 5.0 standard wireless communication. It is commonly installed in wireless headphones, speakers, or other audio hardware like wireless keyboards, game controllers, mice, etc. The latest version is better because it is faster in speed and also offers a better range.

Why is my Bluetooth speaker blinking blue?

The Bluetooth device comes with a lighting system that shows different actions. For example, Red light shows the charging option. At the same time, Blue light shows that the speaker or any Bluetooth hardware is connected to a Bluetooth device.


We have provided our best ways to fix your portable Bluetooth speaker charging problem. Before fixing the faults, it is always important to recognize the issue first. For this purpose, you have to study your gadget, which is a Bluetooth speaker. After finding the issue, solve it with gentle moves. Fixing the charging issue will be easier if you keep the necessary tips in your mind. We hope that the information given in this article would be enough to fix the Bluetooth speaker that is not charging.

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