Get better sound quality and convert your home into a theatre with the best soundbars. Soundbars offer great fidelity for music and your favorite movies. It is possible to find the best soundbars under $200 only. However, the functioning and quality might be affected when we select a cheaper option, but we tried our best to find out the perfect soundbars which are budget-friendly. All the enlisted products are tried and tested and promise to serve you with the best quality sound.

Best Soundbars Under 200

1. Polk Audio Signa S3 Sound Bar – Best Budget Sound Bar

The Polk Audio Signa S3 is the best soundbar under $200 that offers an exceptional 2.1 channel performance. Its powerful audio delivery is one of the reasons behind its popularity that provides benefits to the company. In this soundbar, designing is all that you are paying for. It has two speakers that are built to produce an extraordinary front soundstage with impressive stereo-imaging and effects. This is one of the solid soundbars that is good for music as well as movies.

This soundbar is rich in features, for example, Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI port, different sound modes or effects, dialogue enhancement ability, Google assistance, and much more. These features are hard to see in the price range of below $200 but, Signa S3 has surprised all of us. So let’s dig into some more details.

In nature, this is a two-channel soundbar that is responsible for handling the sound quality properly. The two-channel soundbar has two drivers i.e., left channel and right channel. Both drivers make audio combined and as result, you will hear a more accurate and louder sound. Moreover, this is a subwoofer-integrated soundbar. In general, a soundbar doesn’t require any subwoofer to generate good audio because there are many internal speakers equipped in it. However, the integration of a good subwoofer assists in producing low-frequency sounds.

  • Great front sound-stage
  • Best for music and movies
  • Supports Google assistant
  • Included subwoofer
  • Lacks center speaker

Overall, this well-designed soundbar provides great sound in a competitive price range which makes it an all-rounder. It comes recommended because it offers a range of specifications and high-quality sound which is undeniable. In today’s market, this is the best soundbar under $200 only.

2. JBL Soundbar – Top Rated Sound Bar

JBL soundbar is another trendy option in today’s market. This best budget-friendly sound features a lot for the price. Before discussing the detailed specifications, we like to mention that this soundbar is great in performance, powerful, and comes in a signature look. The layout is one of the reasons behind its greatness. When you look at it, you can’t imagine this product in the range of $200 only.

The JBL soundbar comes with a powerful and wireless subwoofer that helps it with better sound quality. It is a remote control gadget that is easy to operate. It automatically regulates sound, which is called deep lows and crisp highs. This helps in creating stronger audio. It is suggested to purchase a JBL soundbar for watching your favorite movies because it provides distortion-free audio.

Not only performance but the design of this soundbar has impressed us differently. It comes in the following proportions: 2.3 x 38 x 2.7 inches (H X W X D). The product weighs only 4.2 pounds so it is easier to carry and could be mounted on the wall. It also has rubber feet to prevent movement and scratches on your table. On the top side, there is a control panel from where you can regulate volume and switch audio sources. The rest of the top surface is made of metallic material which provides an aesthetic look. Beneath this grill, there are drivers and tweeters. Overall, this is a good-looking soundbar that is best suited for music and movies.

  • Offers Powerful audio
  • Convenient Remote
  • Multiple sound modes
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Unstable optical cable

High quality and Powerful audio delivery make this product the best soundbar. The JBL Bar 2.1 is another great choice that converts your home into a mini theatre and lets you enjoy watching movies with your family at home. Due to the pandemic situation, it will be a great idea to purchase this amazing product rather than visiting cinemas.

3. Bestisan Soundbar – Best Inexpensive Soundbar

The high-end performance of the Bestisan single soundbar has amazed us. It is an 80-watt powerful soundbar that does its job for multiple applications like movies, music, tv shows, and more. It features bass adjustment that will make your home a mini theatre or club. For the performance experiment, we connect the soundbar and play audio of different artists on the same volume. The soundbar itself adjusts the sound quality, bass, and volume for each audio. If you want the best performing soundbar under $200 then this would be a great choice.

Coming to the design of the Bestisan soundbar, we like to mention that this is something really comprehensive. It has a range of different ports on its body. You can have access through USB, AUX, optical cable, RCA, HDMI, Bluetooth, and more. This is a complete package for audiophiles.

In a budget-friendly range, this item is giving you unbeatable high-quality audio. Once you get your eyes on this device, you won’t be able to resist yourself by purchasing it. It is best suited for those who need a soundbar to turn their Netflix-oriented Sundays into something amazing.

  • Delivers Best quality sound
  • Offer Bluetooth connectivity
  • Right price
  • Best suited for TVs
  • No HDMI port

Conclusively, this soundbar is a solid user-friendly, and budget-friendly option in 2022. It produces crystal clear sound with adjustment options. The sound is transferred through wireless connectivity. However, it may lack some extra features but it is compensated with its fairest price. It is an absolute value for money.

4. VIZIO 2.1 Sound Bar – Best Soundbar For The Money

The Vizio is a great sounding gadget which is also one of the user’s most favorite products. It has received numerous positive reviews because of its affordability and sound quality. The performance of this 2.1-soundbar has given competition to many expensive models in the market. It is based on smart technology and offers a range of features which attract the majority audience.

This soundbar was initially manufactured about three years ago, but its processing and high demand is the reason why it is the best soundbar under $200. Let’s start with the key features of the Vizio soundbar. It presents different connectivity options like HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, and more. HDMI is required to connect your home theatre device with your television.

In terms of design, it is not a lavish product. It comes in a simple layout but gives out all the features that one can expect from the best soundbar in this price range. We highly recommend this soundbar to those who want to upgrade their TV’s audio with a budget-friendly audio device.

  • Best performing soundbar
  • Sleek design
  • Multiple features
  • Features HDMI port
  • Only available in black color

It offers a range of latest features and updated impressive specifications like wireless connectivity, multiple ports, remote, etc. We must say that you can’t buy anything better than this for under $200 only.

5. Sony S200F 2.1ch Soundbar – Best Value Soundbar

The Sony S200-F is a soundbar with neutral reviews in the market. Some people appreciate its performance while others consider its competitors as a better gadget. We are here to provide you a detailed analysis which tells “who should buy this soundbar?”. It is never a good idea to purchase a device without knowing your requirements. The best soundbar could be used for different applications like to enhance your television’s audio, to watch movies, listen to your favorite music, for some office-related presentations or formal purposes, etc. Based on certain features, we suggest using the Sony soundbar for dialogue-oriented applications.

This best soundbar under $200 is featuring dialogue enhancement ability, connectivity ports, wireless Bluetooth, and an integrated subwoofer. The 2.1 sound system is installed which means that it lacks the center speaker but has left and right speakers that produce sound at the center. But, the sound produced by the speakers is less discrete than usual.

The build quality is great. It is made of sturdy materials and offers high durability which is beyond expectations. If you want to have a cheap model with a longer life-time, then this would be a great option from our list. Overall, the performance is good in this price tag. It is best suited for home theatres because it works great at maximum volume rather than low.

  • Best suited for dialogue content
  • Performs great at the highest volume
  • Provides clear sound
  • Integrated subwoofer
  • Lacks DTS support feature

It’s one of the finest by Sony and if you can’t afford it and want something slightly cheaper then have a look at our guide on soundbars under $150. It also has an integrated subwoofer which is responsible for great sound quality especially at maximum volume. If you are more likely to watch and hear dialogue-oriented content, then this soundbar is a perfect choice.

6. Polk Audio Signa S2 – Best Bluetooth Soundbar

The Polk Audio Signa S2 is another soundbar with a 2.1 sound system. This straightforward design comes with a subwoofer that contributes to deal with low-frequency music. Visually, it is an attractive V-shaped signature piece that offers multiple specifications. Before getting into more details, we like to revise that we have already reviewed its upgraded version called “Signa S3” in this blog.

The build quality of this soundbar is very decent and durable. It is made of premium materials, like metal grills, good quality fabric, and plastic materials. The drivers are covered with a metallic grill and on the front side, there is a mesh fabric. Overall, the bar is composed of a good and rigid plastic material. Most of us don’t consider durability as a major factor before purchasing a soundbar, but it is actually important because the durability comes from good design and quality. The surface material is also responsible for producing good sound from bars.

Besides building, the SIGNA-S2 offers different ports for connectivity options. It also has Bluetooth wireless connectivity. We must say that this soundbar with a subwoofer is best for television. If your TV’s sound is not good then you should try this soundbar because it comes with a dialogue enhancement feature. However, the quality of the subwoofer is not too good, but it’s a side option.

  • Decent building
  • Best suited for TV shows
  • Features dialogue enhancement
  • User friendly
  • Less Durable

We suggest this soundbar for your TV because of its design and dialogue enhancement feature. It is best suited for watching TV shows or movies on your smart TV. Moreover, it comes with a beautiful shiny design that looks perfect in your TV lounge. However, you need to take a little extra care of this soundbar to increase its lifetime.

7. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

If you are eagerly searching for the best soundbar under $200, but running low on space then the Bose Solo 5 would be a perfect choice for you. This bar comes in a small and compact design that will not take up a lot of space for setup. Don’t get confused with its mini size, because this gadget is light in size, but heavy in performance. It gives you the best sound experience especially if you connect it with your TV and binge-watch your favorite series.

The sound profile of Solo 5 is balanced and very neutral. You can call it a mid-range and affordable best soundbar under $200. It comes with multiple connectivity options including wireless Bluetooth. It is compatible with television and other electronic devices. The simplicity and compactness make it a very user-friendly device. It also has an integrated subwoofer which is embedded inside the soundbar. The port of that subwoofer is on the backside. Overall, it is a whole deal in a compact design. But, we cannot consider it for big setups as its sound is not very immersive or lost. It is comparatively a low-bass soundbar.

Meanwhile, Solo5 is all black in color. It is made of good quality solid plastic material that resists external pressure so cannot be easily broken. The drivers are protected with a metal grill from the front side. Getting durability, compactness and best performance are unbeatable under $200.

  • Premium build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful design
  • Offers multiple ports
  • Not too loud

We must say that this best soundbar under $200 is popular due to its perfect sound profile. It is overall designed with premium quality materials which make it more durable and elegant. However, this soundbar is not recommended for movies because it is less loud than other options on our list.

8. LG SK1 Sound Bar

How do we get better sound quality for $200 only? Customers asked and LG responded! The LG SK1 sound bar provides the best quality audio because it is a 2.0 channel soundbar. It is best suited for those who want a good bass sound. This model is far better than its market competitors just because of its audio quality. People like us, when visiting markets or checking the soundbars they consider nothing but the quality of sound it provides because this is actually what we are paying for. Under the price tag of $200 only, SK1 is an extraordinary bar.

This worth-buying soundbar offers you a great performance level. It features the dialogue enhancement ability that makes it perfect for podcasts, Tv shows, etc. It is designed to work on low, extended, or deep bass. Manufacturers didn’t install any extra features in this model to keep the design simple and user friendly. There is no rocket science involved in the setup of this basic soundbar.

As we mentioned the design is very simple and all black in color. It is made of good quality plastic material that is solid and resistant. The bar is also covered with fabric material that avoids external damages. Overall, the sound profile, as well as the composition of the soundbar, is appreciable. However, it is not compatible with DTS which is quite disappointing for some. But, at this price tag, the specifications are already enough.

  • Compact
  • Compatible
  • Durable
  • It has EQ presets
  • No bass

This best soundbar enables you to customize the sound of your choice. Moreover, it is a good performing soundbar that comes in an elegant design. Overall, it’s one of the most budget-friendly soundbars you can get.

9. Sound Bar Model S18

This soundbar model is different from others because developers claimed that this is an upgraded device that is designed by considering the public remarks and demands. You can call it a “Combined Customer Reviews Model”. The engineers adjusted the sound quality, specifications, build and design strategy according to what customers want just under $200. Summarily, this is the best soundbar under $200 which offers a powerful audio profile, good design, and a vast range of connectivity options. This is a compatible product to have at your place.

It is equipped with a 2.1 channel sound system. This surround sound system is designed for the home theatre because it promised to provide a clear and loud sound. Unlike a typical speaker, the built-in speakers of this soundbar produce an impressive sound that has powerful bass which is also adjustable. The surround sound performance is great and will let you enjoy the theatre environment at your place.

Meanwhile, it is compatible with many electronic gadgets like TV, smartphones, Computers, PS4, tablets, etc. You can connect your device easily via Bluetooth. However, if your device lacks Bluetooth, then you can connect it via HDMI, AUX, Optical cable, USB, etc. The high range compatibility makes this best soundbar under $200, great and user’s favorite.

Moreover, the S18 model also offers different modes and additional features. The modes are movie mode, normal mode, music mode, etc. The movie mode enables the dialogue-oriented features, while the music mode brings up the bass. On normal mode, you can simply watch television shows as this mode offers DSP technology which is good for hearing news, etc. Along with that, this soundbar comes with a mounting kit, technical support, user manual, etc. Overall, this best soundbar gives a heavy competition to other expensive products in the market.

  • Offers wireless connectivity
  • Upgraded model
  • Powerful
  • Heavy surround sound
  • No bass

In summary, this model is a powerful soundbar that comes with a 60 watts wired-subwoofer. The good quality of the subwoofer enhances the sound quality. It also has built-in speakers that overall produce heavy bass audio. For a mini-theatre system, this audio gadget is recommended.

10. Yamaha SR-C20A

Yamaha SR-C20A is the most compacted soundbar on our list. It is the smallest in size but offers a range of specifications and performs really well. It is only 23 inches in width and comes in an all-black decent look. When it comes to performance overall, it is better than many small-sized best soundbars under $200. It streams like an expensive soundbar and has much more to discuss.

Starting from the external design, C20-A is smooth in look. It is made of good quality materials. The drivers are covered by a metallic grill. The body of this best soundbar is made of plastic material which is hard to break. On the front side of Yamaha C20, there is a display panel from where you can regulate the volume or other settings. This panel is the newest feature by Yamaha in this price tag, and it made C-20 very convenient for users.

The C20 model by Yamaha sounds better than its market competitors because it works on clarity and quality of audio. It comes with bigger drivers and prominent bass. The major reason why people should buy this product is that it features great-sounding options in an affordable price range. Moreover, you can get compatibility with various electronic gadgets like TV, phones, laptops, etc. You can connect this bar through Bluetooth and other wired connectivity options. Overall, it is best recommended for listening to music and for movies.

  • Compact design
  • Best for movies
  • Easy to use
  • Variety of connectivity options
  • Lacks DTS playback

This Yamaha soundbar may look small, but it offers extensive sound. This device comes in a very sophisticated layout with multiple features. It works great for watching action movies or for gaming sessions. Meanwhile, C20-A also features dialogue rendering ability which makes it best for television series.

11. ZVOX Soundbar

This best soundbar under $200 is the newest product manufactured by a Massachusetts-based company called ZVOX. In this sound-producing device, ZVOX has incorporated an “AccuVoice” firm’s technology. This advancement is made to boost up the sound clarity and enhance the dialogue elements in audio. This feature is highly appreciable in this price tag. It is the least expensive item on our list if you consider the price and specifications ratio. It offers a range of features which makes it great. But if we have to mention that one feature or application which makes it outstanding, then we must write about its AccuVoice feature and its use for movies.

From the perspective of design, this bar is simple or has basic geometry. Proportionally, the apparatus is 17 inches in length, 3.375 inches in depth, and 2.875 inches in height. In this unit, if you put off the metallic grill from the top, you can see a trio of drivers. On the front side, there is an LCD panel. The LCD is not typically offered by companies in low budget products, so it is a major benefit you get in this sound machine. On the backside of this appliance, you can see some screw sockets for convenient wall mounting. Along with that, there are input jacks for power supply and other connectivity options.

It is not bad to call the ZVOX soundbar a detailed sound device. It is compatible with many electronic devices like phones, television, laptops, PCs, etc. You can connect it through optical digital cable, USB, Bluetooth, etc., easily. Moreover, there are two mini jacks available for audio input and headphones or subwoofer. ZVOX comes with all the needed specifications and accessories so that you don’t need to pay any extra in the future. It is the best user-friendly and budget-friendly soundbar you can have in 2021.

  • Versatile
  • Immersive sound effect
  • User friendly
  • Well designed
  • Lacks dialogue enhancement

All-inclusive, this best soundbar under $200 is a detailed item that offers you plenty of characteristics. You would not need any other thing if you have this one, to enjoy your favorite music or movies. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab one!

12. Soundbar TaoTronics

TaoTronics Sound Bar is one of the most selling soundbars on Amazon. It is extremely lightweight and weighs only 3.8 pounds. Dimensionally, the soundbar is 40 inches in width, 2.5 inches in height, and 3 inches in depth. It is considered as a compact and user-friendly soundbar under $200. But, don’t get fooled by its small size. It can provide support to your 40 inches or larger TVs. Altogether, it is a plastic soundbar which is well made. It also has a small-sized display over the front which has all basic controls. In the middle area, you can see a grill over drivers. The layout looks great on the countertop, but could also be mounted on the wall.

By seeing the pictures only, you may not consider it that great. But, trust me when you’ve got your hands on it then you will be totally surprised with its classy look and high-end performance. In the main, it is manufactured to give you a louder and clearer sound than its competitors. For this purpose, there are the best built-in speakers installed in it. Due to clarity, it is the best product for television shows, movies, etc. However, you may find a better driver in other bars, but the combination with high-end speakers is unbeatable. It will give you a remarkable experience with your television.

On balance, the TaoTronics soundbar has improved sound quality and is best suited for modern ultra-high display televisions. If you have recently bought a new smart TV, then you should spend money on this low budget device to avail the best home theatre experience. In the end, we must say that if you compare the price with specifications then you get to know why it is the best soundbar.

  • Best suited for modern TVs
  • Immersive sound effect
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient
  • Drivers can be improved

Comprehensively, if you already have a smart TV at your home but you’re not so happy with your TV’s built-in speakers, then you should give TaoTronics a try which you can get from Amazon easily, under the price of $200 only. You will be going to have an amazing experience of hearing through this soundbar.

13. VIZIO SB3621n-H8

The VIZIO SB3621n-E8 is a balanced soundbar that comes with a complete package. It has an integrated subwoofer. Subwoofers are very important as they play a part in sound extension and produce full and rich audio. It controls the volume and adjusts the bass through the remote. These balances make it an accurate audio-device for music and movies. However, the heavy bass movies or content is not too good to hear on this soundbar as it is not an expensive premium product.

When it comes to sound, this product is amazing. It is a game-changer as it has three speakers inside it. Collectively, speakers produce a louder sound which makes it the best soundbar for home-based theatres. Conclusively, these speakers are responsible for generating clearer and more powerful sounds.

Along with that, it is also a compatible soundbar. For wired connectivity options, it has multiple ports, and for wireless connectivity, it has a BlueTooth facility. These options make it easy to use and set up with almost all local devices.

  • Compatible
  • Easy setupeffect
  • Multiple built-in speakers
  • Powerful
  • Not luxury

In the category of low budget soundbars, this best soundbar offers a lot. If you are not so interested in building and premium looks, then this soundbar is perfect for you. It produces powerful and loud audio with adjustable bass.

14. Soundbar BESTISAN

This is another Bestisan soundbar which is based on advanced design and technology. It comes in a very slim layout which looks astonishing when placed in your TV lounge. This soundbar also has a wired subwoofer that is responsible for adjusting the low-frequency sounds and will overall give you a more remarkable experience than usual.

This soundbar has covered all the basic elements that everyone looks for when they want to purchase a soundbar or subwoofer. From connectivity to the audio quality, this product has it all. It is a powerful soundbar (i.e., up to 120 watts) that can connect with all local devices. It comes with noise-free technology which enables it to feature heavy bass and totally enhanced performance than typical soundbars.

Moreover, in this Bestisan soundbar “DSP technology” is installed. This is also called Digital Signal Processing. This advancement features a better sound quality as it automatically maintains the audio depending upon the content. It makes this sound bar great for movies, news, broadcast, TV shows, sports, or any other media content because of clarity and loudness.

  • Powerful
  • Clear sound
  • Bass adjustments
  • Subwoofer
  • Basic design

This soundbar and subwoofer duo is great for any type of application. If you want to have a device which is based on advanced technology then this would be a great option under $200 only. Besides multiple features, this best soundbar under $200 is user-friendly and convenient.


Can you add a subwoofer to a soundbar?

Some soundbars are shipped along with a subwoofer which helps in providing low-frequency sound. However, integration of a subwoofer is not necessary because the soundbar has internal drivers.

What are Dolby Atmos soundbars?

Dolby Atmos is a technology that is responsible for generating ceiling off audio that creates a “surround sound” effect. It is quite the latest and good.

Can a soundbar be used as a center speaker?

It totally depends on the model of soundbar you have. However, we don’t suggest this idea because soundbars are simply not designed to serve this purpose.


If you want to buy the best soundbar, but you are worried because of your budget then we have it fixed for you. Because we have gathered the amazing products under this category which are readily available on Amazon. All these options are tried and tested and have been chosen fairly by considering the specifications, design, technology, and of course price tag. If you are in hurry and got no time for reading all the blog, then you can pick one from below:

  • Polk Audio Signa S3 because it is an all-rounder. It offers all the specifications and qualities which you can expect from the best soundbar under this range.
  • VIZIO 2.1 Sound Bar because of its popularity and clear sound production. It is best suited for home theatre systems.
  • Yamaha SR-C20A because of its multiple connectivity options. It is the most compatible and convenient soundbar.

All-inclusive, these best soundbars under $200 are the best-performing products. However, every product is best on its own. So you have to consider your preference before you decide on purchasing one. We hope that this article will help you in doing that.

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