DAC is a device that is used to convert the direct signal sound from a source and convert it into an analog signal which is amplified to sound better and louder. The DACs are expensive if you want a better experience but for starters here is a list of best dacs under 30 which can be bought online.

They can connect with headphones as well as speakers and can be used with a number of devices to be used as audio sources for example televisions, laptops and even mobile phones if they have the necessary ports and connectivity options. There are many companies that make them in different price brackets.

The digital to analog converters come in different sizes, shapes, and designs which all have their own prices and specifications. Here are a few that are below 30 and can be used if a person is on a budget.

Best DACs Under 30 In 2022

1. Best Overall Under 30: Signstek HiFi DAC

Key Features

  • It has a widely used and acclaimed fever chip
  • It has many connectivity options
  • It is very compact and easy to carry
  • It has high data speeds

The Signstek DAC claims to amplify and enhance the audio experience of the device to which it is connected. This is not exactly a DAC that adds surround experience to the device, rather it amplifies 2.0 sound which is via it is an equivalent to a USB sound card.

  • Its chip is very efficient and has good data speed without much lag
  • It is easy to carry around because of its compact size
  • Provides great improvement in sound clarity and is very good at separating high and low sounds
  • The entire build is of plastic which can be a risk to durability
  • The DAC works more like a USB soundcard than a DAC
  • Not good at when background noise is high and becomes quite unusable

Due to good connection points, this device provides a secure and good speed data pass through. It has a Fever chip which has very high popularity and can efficiently transform audio from a normal source into a better amplifies listening experience

2. Best USB: XtremPro X1-1 High Performance DAC

Key Features

  • It has Sabre ESS chip used in Blu-ray and CD players
  • It has a 64 position volume control system
  • Comes in an OTG design, so you just plug and play

The XtremPro is one of the best dac under 30 you can get yourself. It is very compact and is the size of a USB pen drive and can be carried around inside a pocket. It can play all kinds of music from mp3 to 24-bit/96kHz. It attaches to the USB port of whatever you are using as a source which is very convenient.

It uses a very good quality chip for audio conversion that is called ESS Sabre and it is used in high quality Blu-ray and CD players. It also has very good controllable options and can also be used with mobile phones as it has an OTG connection built into it.

  • It can convert almost all kinds of audio sources
  • It has a very compact size and can be easily carried around in a pocket
  • No drivers are required, just plug and play by enabling the OTG option in the mobile phone
  • It has very good audio level control options
  • Provides 1 year warranty
  • Durability can be a problem as the build quality is not that good
  • The connectivity is limited as it has an OTG and does not support any coaxial cable

3. Best Budget: PROZOR 192KHz Digital to Analog Converter

Key Features

  • It has many sampling rates for conversion that are 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz, and 192 kHz
  • It can be connected via a coaxial cable which converts to an analog signal and also can be used through a 3.5mm audio jack
  • The signal transmission in electromagnetic noise free

The PROZOR can be a great buy in its price segment as it provides a ton of connectivity and signals conversion from different sources. It has many sampling rates so it provides a great sound experience at different frequencies. It is easy to connect to every device.

This  DAC can only stream on two sides that are left and right side audio and does not support 5.1 surround audio. It can be used with many devices as well and has no limit to its connectivity. It also has a solid aluminum construction for higher durability. Overall, its one of the best DAC in the budget.

  • Due to high sampling rates, it provides crystal clear and very good amplified sound
  • The signal is electromagnetic free which provides a sound experience without any stutter or lag
  • It has an aluminum construction which makes its build quality very impressive and durable
  • It has very good audio level control options
  • Provides 18 months warranty
  • Can only be used with a plug of 5 amps and 1 Volt
  • It does not support 5.1 surround due to which it lacks an immersive experience
  • Can cause connectivity issues with some widely used streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube
  • You can’t control the volume on various brands of televisions using their remote

4. Syba Sonic 24bit 96KHz USB DAC

Key Features

  • It has a CM6533 chip which helps in noise cancellation to provide a better listening experience
  • It supports headphones as well as a microphone
  • It has a max sampling rate of 96 kHz/ 24-Bit sound

Syba Sonic is a DAC that provides many options but it is certainly not the best dac under 30. Syba Sonic has an eye-catching design, it has quite useful connectivity options and also has an on board equalizer option for ease of access. It has a sampling rate of up to 96 kHz.

This DAC also has a microphone control option which lacks many other DACs in this price range. It has a stereo sound effect but only works on 2 way sound and does not come with Dolby surround sound.

  • It has an equalizer that can help in easy sound control
  • It has many connectivity options with many ports
  • It has support for both headphones and mic
  • It has very good audio level control options
  • Can be connected to consoles as well
  • Build quality is not up to the mark
  • Only has two way sound without any support for 5.1 sound

Buyer’s Guide

DACs are made by many companies in different sizes, shapes and price ranges but to choose the best dac under 30 here is some info on DACs

Portable DACs

Some DACs are very small in size and can be carried in pockets. These are very convenient for travelling and to use with laptops


These DACs are in the form factor of a USB drive and are best for use with mobiles.

Conventional DACs

These are the DACs that are mostly used, they have many connectivity options so they are good to use at home or studios for a professional experience.

Professional DACs

Professional DACs are very hard to find under 30 but these are the DACs that are used in professional levels in studios where a crisp and clear sound is required

Frequently Asked Questions

What to keep in mind when buying a DAC?

When buying a DAC the main point that should be kept in mind is that what is the source you want to connect it to and what is your price range

What does a DAC do?

The DAC takes the digital signal from a source and converts it into an amplified analog signal for a better listening experience

How does a DAC connect with TV?

It depends upon the connectivity options of the DAC mostly it is connected by using a coaxial cable

Can Dolby sound be achieved using a DAC

It too depends upon the DAC mostly cheap DACs don’t support Dolby sound but some do have the support

How to operate a DAC

Most DACs are plug and play, you just plug in the necessary cables and it starts working. There are some DACs that require drivers or a software to work, which although can be downloaded but can be a really difficult job sometimes.

So, here was a guide on how you can select the best dac under 30. Although the options for DACs under 30 are limited because DACs from bigger companies tend to be at higher prices, the DACs that are mentioned above can be helpful for people who are not very audiophile and don’t require the DAC for professional purposes.

In this way, through the above given list of DACs under 30, you can select the best one that can fit your needs and is suitable for you.

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