Buying your first phone or flat-screen TV can be a daunting experience requiring a lot of research and new terminologies. The same goes for sound systems. And while there are so many choices for speakers like soundbars, the choices only paralyze us, making it more difficult to choose the right one.

What about compatibility? Should you get one with a smart assistant? What is the difference between an active soundbar and a passive soundbar? How much should you invest in a soundbar?

We understand why you have these questions, which is why we at Speakers Daily have the best speaker reviews and advice for you. 

Read on for the ultimate beginner’s guide to soundbars: 

Why Do You Need A Soundbar?

So you are watching a movie on a 4K HDR display, but the sound quality is ‘meh’. You plug in an active soundbar  with built-in amplifiers, and now the picture matches the sound. That’s why you need a soundbar.

How Much Should You Invest In A Soundbar?

Not only can you find the best soundbars under $50, but soundbars are often less expensive overall. They are also easier to install than a pair of speakers. Many come with wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity options so that they can be linked to your phone or laptop. 

Installation Of A Soundbar 

Installation of a soundbar is easy. Simply use an HDMI cable. One end will go in the HDMI IN port on your TV, while the other will connect to the ARC port on your soundbar.

A Soundbar With A Smart Assistant

Need to connect your Alexa or Google Assistant? Many soundbars, like Yamaha’s YAS-209 which is sold for just under $300 come with Alexa voice control built-in. 

Review Of Best Soundbars Under $50 

A little tight on the budget? No problem. A sound bar is still within reach. GPX HTB017B 18″ Bluetooth Soundbar is not only in your budget of under $50 but also comes with a TV remote and is easy to install via a USB port. 

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