They say that music is the food for your soul. So how do you enjoy your music with good sound quality with your phones? Cell phones and computers are nice and all. They provide you with so many features, but a high-quality sound and increased volume aren’t one of them. For that, they need the aid of speakers.

Speakers have become a necessary device in today’s day and age. They give you fantastic and increased sound quality. This is why they are ideal for your parties, home theater, or even for simply enjoying music. Furthermore, Bluetooth speakers are the cherry on top! They make it possible for you to enjoy the excellent sound without the hassle of tangled wires.

Anker is a world-renowned Chinese electronic brand that has helped you step up your electronic game since 2011. They are well known for their portable chargers, power strips, hubs, and docks, but their portable Bluetooth speakers are up to mark—one of their most popular models is Soundcore 2.

Anker Soundcore 2 Specifications Table

Anker Soundcore 2 is a lightweight, small, yet strong portable Bluetooth speaker and has been listed among top picks for 50 dollars. It is relatively inexpensive, but that does not mean that it’s cheaply built. This speaker is built rather sturdily with high-quality rubber and metal. In addition to that, the rubber coating gives these speakers a grip without making them crumply.

In today’s fast-paced world, we don’t have time to scan every product review to check the product out. You have a basic idea of a product, and you can simply scan the product’s specifications. In this way, you can learn about the basics of the product effortlessly.

Type: Bluetooth Speakers
Bluetooth Range: 20m
Power Output: 4W x 2
Input: 5V = 2A
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Battery Life: ≈24Hr
Weight: ≈414g
Waterproof: IPX7
Power Source: USB Chargeable
Manufacturer: Anker
Battery: 5200mAh Li-ion
Dimensions: 6.6×1.9ix2.2in
Warranty: 18 Months


These speakers, Anker Soundcore 2, have a generic rectangular design. The outer is ¾ high-quality rubber, while the speaker grills are made of a metallic mesh. You can tell that these speakers aren’t cheaply made because the top-notch rubber gives them a soft feeling. This rubber also gives these speakers a grippy characteristic.

There is a rubber seal to keep the AUX-IN jack and charging port safe. Also, these speakers have Anker written on them on the speaker grills as well as the back of the speakers. Additionally, they are available in black, blue, and bright red. This breaks the monotony of having a basic black speaker.

Moreover, these speakers are impact resistant. This makes these speakers highly durable and can withstand falls. But that doesn’t mean you should go throwing them around. Take good care of them as you would of your other devices. This will make them last longer.

Furthermore, they have the controls on the top in a tactile and self-explanatory design. This feature makes them easy to use due to their simple user interface. On the top of these speakers, there also exists an LED light. The LED light gives you the charging status.

If your speakers are running low on battery, the LED light will flash a bright red to indicate that they need charging. While plugged-in to the charger, they will show a steady red light. A steady white will show that your speakers are fully charged. Additionally, these speakers will glow a blue light while connected via Bluetooth.

Battery Life

The prominent feature which sets these speakers apart from all the other options is their extended battery life. These speakers have a battery life of 24 hours. This is astonishing for this size of portable speakers. Moreover, 24-hour battery life means that you can listen to music for longer without worrying about charging them.

This extended battery life makes these speakers ideal to take with you for camping and road trips. When tested at 100% volume, these speakers last for 19+ hours. This is quite impressive when we look into the fact that some speakers don’t even last that long with half volume.

When played at 80% volume, these speakers will last for up to 21 hours, while at 50% volume, they will give you good-quality sound for 24 hours. That is the reason why these speakers are ideal for you if you want a long-lasting speaker.

Furthermore, these speakers are rechargeable with a micro USB cable. Thich cable comes with the packaging and can plug into any USB charger or laptop. Although you can play audio on them while charging, it’s not advisable. Moreover, you should fully charge your speakers after every 45 days to preserve battery life.


Another feature that makes these speakers desirable is that they are IPX7 certified. Ingress Protection or IP measures the protective quality of a product against substances like dust or water. IPX7 specifies that your speakers can survive being submerged in 1ft of water for 30 minutes.

Just because these speakers are waterproof, it doesn’t mean that you should submerge them in water. But yes, these speakers are resistant to water, snow, rain, and dust. This means that you can take them to the pool, beach, shower, road trips, etc., with you without the fear of ruining them.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Anker Soundcore 2 gives excellent Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity for an impressive distance of 20m / 66ft. They instantly connect with your device via Bluetooth, and you can enjoy exceptional sound quality across your room. They connect to one device at a time. Thus, you can’t connect more than one device at one instance.

So if you want to connect a device, simply disconnect the previously connected device and connect the new one. You can do this by pressing the Bluetooth icon on the speakers. The speakers give a blue light to indicate that they’re connected to a device via Bluetooth. Furthermore, if you don’t have Bluetooth, there’s no problem. These speakers also come with an AUX-IN jack.

You can form a non-Bluetooth, wired connection with any device using a 3.5mm audio cable. Anker Soundcore 2 also comes with built-in microphones. This characteristic makes it easy for you to make and take calls while also giving you a hands-free option. You can easily communicate with Siri or your Google assistant because of this feature as well which makes life easier.


These speakers provide you with some of the best sounds for a speaker in this price range. They might not offer you the best sound, but it’s still excellent considering that these are small portable speakers. These speakers give you clarity even at high volume.

Their digital signal processors give you a pounding bass. In addition to that, the dual neodymium drivers provide you with clarity. The bass is relatively light compared to other speakers, so it might leave hip hop and EDM listeners wanting more.

These speakers might not be the best of crowded outdoor parties and gatherings. Still, they are more than enough to provide you with outstanding sound in a small to medium-sized room. This feature makes them ideal for your home theater and house parties.

Wrapping Up

Anker Soundcore 2 is one of the best available Bluetooth speakers in the market. These speakers are lightweight and small, so you can easily take them wherever you want. Additionally, these speakers are waterproof, making them an ideal sound device to use for pool parties and beaches.

Furthermore, Sundcore 2 can last up to 24 hours which means that you can use them for extended periods without the hassle of having to charge them. They give amazing sound for their size and can be connected with non-Bluetooth devices via an audio cable.

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