About Us

Speakers Daily is a group of experts (music lovers, audiophiles, speaker fans) who tell you about the best speakers, so you don’t have to spend your precious time on research.

We’re a bunch of geeks who like speakers a bit too much. We research, read, and test for hours (thousands of hours by now) for the best speakers in each category that seems relevant. We show it to you in our guides with reviews and comparison tables for easy choice making.

Our Team

Our team consists of three people & here’s some quick insights.

John Colbert

John has developed interest in audio gadgets such as Bluetooth Speakers etc while doing his Computer Science degree from Bucknell University. He knows his stuff around and has been a major contributor in the success of SpeakersDaily.

Angela Cerone

Angela is the angel who handles most of the gadget reviews because of her interest in the field along with the experience she’s got. She was interested in the audio gadgets such as DACs, Subwoofers & other Home Theater stuff from a very young age due to her interest in music and technology. She has worked in the retail as well as has been an avid learner and always keep something going on along with the smiles on our faces.

Capri Jones

Capri handles the marketing and maintainace side of SpeakersDaily, she’s very active on social platforms and it helps keep the our audience engaged as well as she knows how to promote stuff smartly which has helped us a lot with our projects. She’s a gem!

How we do reviews?

We’re trying to be as objective as possible.

We do our testing of speakers while at the same time look at what others are saying as well. (it always takes us hours just to do proper research)

We are trying to avoid what other websites are doing.  Very often we see great rated speakers that we know are just mediocre.

Somebody might like bass-heavy speakers and rate them as great sounding, but some other person might like neutral sounding more. Our personal opinions are too subjective.

It’s why we just tell you what kind of sound certain speakers have and you can decide for yourself. An educated buying decision is the best you can make.

We are independent.

There’s no big website or company behind us to tell us what to do and which speakers to promote. We’re a small group who do all the work ourselves as we don’t want to be influenced by the corporate world.

Let’s be honest, a lot of the bigger websites aren’t objective in all their reviews. They have relationships to uphold and shareholders to satisfy. They need to make bigger claims so they sell more.

There’s none of that on our website. On the other hand, to be honest, we are a bit slower and less flashy than many other sites. Everything comes with a price tag.


How can I persuade you to review my speakers?

You can’t.

We don’t accept any types of compensation or “bribes” for reviews.

We only review the speakers we want. And decide which on our own research and nothing else.

In case we want to review your model we will contact you for possible samples.

You can still contact us and tell us more about your speakers, but there is no guarantee we’ll do the reviews.

Why are we better than the competition?

The ultimate judge of who’s better is you of course.

But we tend to follow specific guidelines.

  • We tell you if products are bad (all good products come with some problems)
  • Strive to make reviews easy to read, concise and still covering all the questions (which can get quite long)
  • Trying to avoid empty fluff and subjective opinions we see on other websites
  • We never accept payments or compensation for reviews
  • We’re 100% independent (no big company behind us telling us what to do and say)

Combining our own and other people’s experiences into one information-rich review is, in our opinion, the most objective way to review speakers and provide accurate information you can rely on.

How do we finance this website?

We finance all costs via Amazon. You can read more about that on our Affiliate Disclosure page.

With no additional cost to you, we get funds from the Amazon affiliate program. It’s Amazon saying thanks to us for recommending their website.

Our goal is to make the ultimate speakers guides.

We hate reading a dozen of reviews just to get to the good stuff. It’s such a waste of time.

This is why we made this website. To make it easy for you to pick and review the best speaker models. (and everything else related)

We do the thorough research ourselves and choose only the most suited options. Then we review them and make an in-depth guide about it.

How to use this website…

Everybody wants “the best,” but “best” might mean a lot of different things for different people. This is why we made different categories of speaker guides. Check the categories in the top menu.

Whether you’re looking for the best, the cheapest, the best value for money or any other type of speakers, we have you covered.

Since there are hundreds of different speakers out there, it’s tough for you to make an educated buying decision alone.

This is where we come to help.

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General Enquiries: contact@speakersdaily.com
Marketing Concerns: help@headphonesaholic.com
Reviews: suggestions@headphonesaholic.com

Where is SpeakersDaily Based?
USA: 2011 Hinkle St SE, Albuquerque, NM, 87102, USA
UK: 21 Spreadbury Street, Manchester, M40 9DR, UK

We’re always open to recommendations… share them in the comments or contact us directly at contact@speakersdaily.com.