If you’ve been following Speakers Daily, you may know more about Bluetooth Speakers That You Must Invest In than what speakers you should be looking at in the first place. There’s no one type of speaker in the market. There’re a dozen speakers out there, but a dime, they’re certainly not

Here are some speaker types and what they can do for your audio experience.

1. Tower Speakers

Tower speakers, such as the Polk Signature Elite ES50, stand tall in more ways than one because their dimensions run high but not wide. Most tower speakers are four feet tall, but some can be even taller to accommodate tall users.

Their svelte appearance has no bearing on the sounds they emit. If anything, they’re better at producing bass than any other speaker on this list. You can always buy one or two of these for a larger yet minimalistic room.

2. Bookshelf Speakers

There’s always a running debate between users who prefer bookshelf speakers and users who prefer tower speakers. Those partial to bookshelf speakers believe that they’re usually a better fit for homes

Unlike tower speakers, bookshelf speakers are short and narrow, and they come with an inbuilt woofer and tweeter. When placed at a height, they allegedly provide a better sound quality than their ‘towering’ counterparts.

Bass is the only area where they fall short of tower speakers. If you don’t prioritize bass, bookshelf speakers under $500are a no-brainer.

A Smart Bluetooth Speaker Against a Neon Purple Light

3. Center-Channel Speakers

What you see is what you get where center-channel speakers are concerned. Instead of specializing in low or high frequencies, they’ve found a niche in mid-range frequencies.

While every TV, computer, mobile, and any other electronic device that offers sound has this speaker, you can always turn up the mid-range frequency with an extra center-channel speaker like Klipsch RC42IIBL and hear the dialogue that much better.

4. Subwoofers

Subwoofers specialize in low-frequency notes, especially drum beats. Most of them have a built-in amp and crossover feature that lets you integrate the subwoofer’s high frequency into the built-in speakers in your system.

As they deal in low frequency, you’ll have to dig deeper to find the perfect place for subwoofers. The corners are usually the best places for subwoofers, but you’ll still have to undergo a lot of trial and error by placing the subwoofer in one corner, sitting yourself down, and playing the audio to see how the bass comes out.

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